Ibis Shows Off Custom 40th Anniversay Ripmo EWS Race Bikes

Jun 22, 2021
by Ibis Cycles  

Forty. The big four oh. On April Fools, we officially hit the milestone. We're celebrating all year long. To honor our racing heritage, the Ibis EWS Team will be riding custom Ripmo frames painted in our throwback 88 SS (Super Sport) paint scheme. Over thirty years later, the iconic blue and purple livery still looks amazing.

Cole Lucas, pictured above, and the Ibis EWS Team will be racing these 40th Anniversary bikes this season.

These custom frames were built exclusively for the Ibis EWS Race team. Ibis has no immediate plans to offer this as a production colorway. If you're not a professional enduro racer, you're only chance to ride one of these limited edition team spec bikes is to donate to a forthcoming raffle. Ibis will be partnering with their local trail organization, Santa Cruz Mountain Trail Stewardship (SCMTS), to help raise funds for new trail development and maintenance. In 2020, Ibis Cycles partnered with SCMTS to raise nearly 300k for various causes, including Covid-19 relief and parks impacted by the CZU Lightning Complex Fires.

Thanks to those who make this all possible, our sponsors: Ibis Cycles, POC, Maxxis tires, Bike Yoke, Shimano, Fox, LizardSkins grips, One-Up components, Wilderness Trail Bikes, Dumonde Tech, Umara, Cush Core, Stages Cycling, Motion Instruments.


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 Custom paint those fork lowers and loose the 50 shades of Kashima and done.
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 Formula prototype Enduro dual crown or purple Selva!... And some gold Curas to highlight!
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 Was gonna come make a comment on that fork but looks like everyone has it covered.
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 God that fork is ugly. Give me a performance-level black fork.
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 Performance elite!
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 Thats exactly the reason why I have chosen the black Fox parts on my bike. It looks so much better.
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 would be sick to see a color-matched 38 on that rig.
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 Or an all black one; the orange is ugly
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flag ungod (Jun 22, 2021 at 14:42) (Below Threshold)
 Or even better, a good fork!
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flag dualsuspensiondave (Jun 22, 2021 at 14:45) (Below Threshold)
 @ungod: 38 Is one of if not the best fork on the market.
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 Should have put a hand job on it somewhere!
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 Yes, maybe a replacement bolt-on Fox fork front brake cable guide hand job. Along with paint-matched purple fork sliders, crown, and stem (like the original bike).
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 Ibis doesn't have that much soul left.
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 And a Hite-Rite
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 @james182: those IRD brakes tho on that old beast! I remember seeing those around town back in the day!
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 @nouseforaname: hall of fame comment.
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flag nouseforaname (Jun 23, 2021 at 14:48) (Below Threshold)
 @bonfire: Not everyone agrees, butthurt Ibis owners are downvoting it. I bet someone at Ibis said "hey let's put a handjob on it somewhere", and corporate shut them down so they don't offend.

Here's some more Ibis owners:

Ibis is the epitome of a brand trading off the coolness that they used to possess, and are now soulness bikes engineered by someone else (Weagle) made offshore (China) and only 'industrial designed' in the US (Roxy Lo). No innovation, riding on the coattails of the rest of the industry, and setting no trends or challenging any boundaries. Ideal for office cubicle dwellers. I'd ride a Pivot before I rode an Ibis.
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 @nouseforaname: I'd argue the opposite. The Ripmo AF was a thought leader in the return to affordable, high-performance, great spec trail bikes. Plus the DV9 as a high-value NICA bike is a great initiative that other companies have been following after Ibis' launch.
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 @nouseforaname: Are you upset because you tried to order an Ibis and they were back ordered a year? Is that's what's happening? Or do you just need to go on a bike ride and remind yourself about what matters?

To address your points:

The handjob is alive and well. It ships on every Hakka MX. We don't use it for a brake mount anymore, instead it's a fender mount. Designing a hand job a to replace the Fox bolt on cable guide is a great idea! Wish we had thought of that.

Unfortunately, our team of eight engineers was busy doing engineery stuff. Like, building a brand new US factory, testing new methods to build frames more efficiently here, and testing the ever living hell out of them. Stay tuned. PB "spy shots" and subsequent review dropping soon!

We collaborate with Dave on frame kinematics. After working through our design requirements, he delivers magical points on a blank page. Roxy works with our engineers to transform those dots into award winning products. We do make the majority of our bike overseas and we have incredible respect for our Asian vendors. They are amazing at what they do. We learn from them and they learn from us.

Happy Trails,
Saris Mercanti, Marketing Manager (aka our entire marketing team)
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 @ibiscycles: Hey Saris, nope, just a grumpy old man with opinions on lots of things. LOL at ordering an Ibis though! Riding tonight which'll be 5 in the last 8 days so I'm good there. I guess my opinion just stems from my feelings about your bikes. :shrugs:

Glad you've kept the handjob around on a bike. Shame you couldn't manage it on a bike that is supposed to showcase your brand heritage.
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 @ibiscycles: this is the most pathetic attempt of an edgy response. Trying to humblebrag at your ability to not fulfill orders in a timely manner, then trying insult someone for not riding enough? Pretty weak effort, can’t imagine ever owning an Ibis. Between brutal kinematics, aesthetically gross “design”, working on so many over the years and dealing with your terrible linkage layout and bearing/bushing nonsense.

Also could not care less how “busy” you are, trying make bikes in America. What a hilarious goal and mostly entirely a marketing ploy to appeal to your more racist dentists.
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 @bonfire: We get it, you have opinions and clearly they are more correct than anyone else’s. I bow to you sir. Not. Next time you want to completely demean an entire company and the people that give their blood, sweat, and tears making a living and trying to create stuff they’re proud of, maybe just go grab a beer and reflect on your own life instead.
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 @jmvcolorado: hahaha gold. Sucks to suck.
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 Get rid of that ugly orange fork
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 Whether you like the new paint job or not, It’s pretty awesome that Ibis has been around so long AND they’re going to be giving one away in a raffle for the local trail organization.
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 "88 SS" uhh...
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 Yeah that's not good at all
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 @ibiscycles you're using nazi symbols in your names
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 For anyone not in the know, 88 is a white supremacist numerical code for "Heil Hitler." H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, so 88 = HH = Heil Hitler. SS was the name for the nazi special forces responsible for the Holocaust. I'm gonna assume this is a coincidence, but "88 SS" really shouldn't be the name for a bike or paint scheme.
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 @mattg95: Thanks for pointing that out. That is an awful coincidence. Ibis uses variations of this color scheme throughout the 80s, but the 1988 Super Sport (frequently abbreviated to SS) was the first to feature the horizontal fade.
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 Mam, that 88 SS looks like the latest breed of new fancy "Gravel specific" bikes
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 Have they long stroked the shock? No space between the yoke and seat tube
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 Good observation there!
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 @LDG: 147mm is short for an enduro bike these days. New ibis enduro bike soon?
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 @coffeeme: Or they release it with a longer shock and fork since it seems like the already use it that way Wink
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 This would be real nice if so
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 @coffeeme looks like an 8.5x2.5 (216x63) Imperial sized shock that they quietly snuck in there. Maybe used an offset shock bushing at the rear mount?

Discussion on MTBR where someone tried exactly that: www.mtbr.com/threads/hairbrained-long-travel-ripmo-af-idea.1182090
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 @06hokiemtb: 63mm stroke would give the Ripmo 168mm travel. Huge difference. Proper enduro bike. With offset bushings both ends it wouldn’t change the geo too much
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 @LDG: They'd need to run offset bushings to avoid screwing the geo, so I highly doubt they'd release a production bike that includes offset bushings.
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 @mammal: I'd say this is their temporary fix to Robin Wallner wanting a Ripmo LT

The front mount on the frame could be modified to fit a 205 Trunnion shock and whatever stroke length Ibis prefers
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 @mammal: Depends on how much sag but the picture above most likely has a 8.5x2.5 (216x63) shock without offset bushings. Probably not a release no but who knows Wink
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 saddle needs to say "turbo"
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 I saw it above in the comments, I’ll say it again. It ain’t a retro Ibis without the handjob.
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 Ibis engineer buys a set of EE Wings Tie Dye cranks. . . .decides to paint bike to match.
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 You guys are hilarious, the colour scheme on this bike is list worthy! Kashmia looks sooo good! And come on, everyone knows that Ripmos rip harder than the next...
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 Would you call that color scheme blurple or sea grape?
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 It's just paint, and "Eye of the Beholder", and all that.

I know, I know, but...ee-yuck on that colorway!

(And this is from a total Ibis fanboy and owner of a beloved V1)
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 As a tangerine sky owner I say the same.
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 dude thats sweet!
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 Drool. Reminds me how much I LOVED my V1 Ripmo!
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 kind of wish they still made that but with the updated/fixed suspension design from the v2. Pivot basically copied that V1 and killed it. A buddy had both, and he really liked them both but for different reasons.
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 Probably brings a lot of memories back for the dentists that were riding the original in med school.
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 Lovely bike
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 whats the weight dif, 36 vs 38?
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 A tad too cute...
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 I hear ya — the original 1987 paint is just slightly less vibrant...but in a good way. The new paint pops a little more and gives the bike a slightly too-cute eye shadow makeup kind of look, in my opinion.
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 Dance: 10
Looks: 3
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