IFHT Ride Trek's eMTB in France - Video

Aug 22, 2017
by Pinkbike Staff  

Matt Dennison and Jason Lucas went to Corsica, France for an e-bike adventure with René Wildhaber and the Lupato Brothers

eMTB Week
Today Pinkbike is launching a week-long focus on eMTBs. We’ll be sharing reviews, news, and opinion pieces all week in addition to our unassisted coverage. Read our stance on eMTBs here.

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 Yep have yet so see any customer try one and not get an all out childish grin that just screams "FUNNNNNN"! Still I would give them 3-5 years to bring down the weight and up the reliability,
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 I can see the appeal of E-bikes for many people. Don't know why they have generated the hate.
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 For me,people may hate what they want,but i should be nice if they tried it first.Sometimes they behave like little children.Boehoe,i don't like carrots.Have you tried them.No,but i don't like them. I tried an Ebike for the first time 4 years ago at HappyBikeDays in the Ardennes.After a half day of testing normal MTBs,i was completely finished.That's when i changed to an Emtb.I still remember the smile that appeard on my face after litteraly 1 second.Ebikes are fun.I could continue riding trials for the rest of the day,and get a lot more descents.Fuck the people who say you have to earn your descents.That would mean that if you go to a bikepark like Vallnord for example,you would get 1 descent a day.Morrons! I don't own an Ebike,but please to all the haters.Try one with an open mind and be amazed.FunFunFun!
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 "More trails, more fun, whatever ...." - best marketing tag line yet.
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 Haha, people are all good with being shuttled to the top, and then say that e-bikes are for lazy people?????
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 I'm actually starting to think an e-bike might be a great thing. I mean...I wasn't against them to begin with but never thought I'd want one until I'm old or too ruined to ride a normal bike. But now I'm day dreaming about riding up a really big fuck off hill without dying and ripping a really big fuck off descent. Or just doing twice or thrice as many laps as I would normally....
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 OMG!!!! So much roost and trail damage!!!! BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN BAN!!!!!!
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 I can't afford two bikes.
Especially two trail bikes / one with a motor.

Id like to try one, or get one for free
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 Proof that IFHT was actually on that trip?
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 If you ignore it it will go away.
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 I can see the appeal of ebikes to all the paraplegics and obese dentists, can't understand all the hate.
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 I was going to watch this video except it's about ebikes so I chose to watch reruns of Bob Ross painting happy trees instead.
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 really funny!!

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