The 'Impassable' Route - Red Bull Rampage 2016

Oct 12, 2016
by Red Bull Bike  

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 Well damn. The drop each side is mental! Love the teams and riders working together just how I believe it should be. Exactly why I started mountain biking, friends and good times.
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 im sorry, they are fucking crazy
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 gotta love friends who have this much trust in each other. i guinea it for you! damn.
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 @plplplplplplplplplplplp: Nah, they just love what they do.
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 @fullbug: YES!! Love how they are working together. CRAZY amount of sand bags with a group effort. Bingelli making up for the past and Claw taking the 1st go. I met him a couple years ago chilling out at Highland. He wasn't the outgoing and excitable guy like the McCauls but appreciate his continuing stoke for the sport. This was a great vid and it seems like things are changing for a better event! Cheers guys!!
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 Exposure city baby , you in for the win of just making appearances?
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 Yeah this is messed up on so many levels and I'm stoked to see Red Bull listened to the athletes and made some awesome changes. It seems the community is so tight this year around. They did a good job of releasing a lot of the pressure on the riders this year. The best part is you will also see their best performances... well for most riders since maybe some perform better under other conditions.
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 I pooed a little watching that
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yeh its effing rad isn't it! Reminds me of "back in the day" with all the team building down at Woburn Sands and Luton in the quarries

So excited to see what happens at Rampage 2016
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 @hampsteadbandit: Anything still at quarries? looking for some new stuff and its only an hours drive from me
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 if this looks fking insane on the video... I don´t want to imagine in real life!!
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 I have the upmost respect for these guys. I cannot even fathom rolling into that on my bike. Just watching it alone gives me anxiety.
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 I got wet hands looking at them walking around...
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 apparently Fairclogh crashed.. fuck no
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 @Lagr1980: What? Evidence? Can he ride?
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 @Lagr1980: Thanks. That's terrible! Rampage needs the freeracer's vibe. Heal fast, Brendog!
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 Dang I'm not a fan of this media block... Now everything is media player!
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 I really miss Pinkbike photo epics from each day...
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 We're missing Paul Bas this year. Good luck on your recovery, man.
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 Let's not forget how much we are missing Kelly

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flag chyu (Oct 12, 2016 at 17:28) (Below Threshold)
 Gee too.
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 @chyu: WTF????
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 What world is it that these guys live in and what is going through their head during all this?

"That looks about right, the built up landing will probably hold, let me just guesstimate the speed to clear the gap and land perfectly on the ramp. It's no problem because if I fall on either of the two cliffs I'll just get up and brush off the dust. For I am indestructible!"
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 Do crazy things enough, and they become not so crazy. Like driving a car at highway speed.
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flag wiscobiker (Oct 12, 2016 at 17:14) (Below Threshold)
 @JamesBarton: that really isnt crazy though. its not like your at the limit of grip going around lazy sweeping corners on flat grades at 75 mph
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 @wiscobiker: You try going a buck sixty on the highway and let me know if its crazy or not. Maybe not Rampage level crazy, but it will still get the juices flowing.
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 @Rdot84: james implied highway speed (65-80mph) was crazy not 160. besides I have plenty of fun on twisty canyon roads.
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 @Rdot84: @wiscobiker: Depends on the car. Recently was in a big BMW going about that speed (thanks, German Autobahn), and it felt a lot closer to going 100mph in my own car. Not very exciting. Fast, yes, but no adrenaline rush or anything. I can't fathom what riding on Rampage terrain would do to my system (propably just die on the spot out of fear and things going crazy in my head)...

Now that I read my statement again, it illustrates what @JamesBarton was saying: First time I drove a car on the highway, doing 160 in ANY car would have felt stupefyingly fast. Now not so much, anymore.
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 Considering all the complaining that people did in past years about the wood features because they weren't "natural", can these lines that these guys are building even be called natural? Whats natural about landings that previously did not exist that are made out of hundreds of sandbags? Or these completely buffed out tracks and roll ins to the drops? Or these perfectly sculpted lips and landings that now litter the landscape of the new site? Does simply being made of dirt qualify it as natural, even if it was build by a team of 8 guys over 4 days?

I'm not knocking what is going on here, I love it. I just think its a bit ridiculous how everyone is completely cool with all this building taking place, yet had their panties in a bunch over a few wood features that they added over the years.
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 I think that the key difference here is that the features that these riders are sending off of or onto were envisioned and built by the riders. in previous competitions riders were under the "restriction" of going of key pre-built structures if they wanted to score big with the judges. The new (old) format of the rampage spurs vision, creativity, and the camaraderie that spurred the first Rampage. I can see where you may be coming from with regards to riding "natural" lines on an unscultped landscape like in other "freeride" events like snowboarding or skiing. however, the basic mechanics behind those sports is very different than mountain biking in that snow falling and dispersing over a slope gives you the "transitions" needed for landing large drops off of cliffs etc. However, that simply isn't possible with dirt and rock on a natural landscape unless you wanted to host the next Rampage in a gravel pit. This build here still has the rider coming off a natural take-off, but you cannot expect a bike to land from those heights on natural slope or even a slightly raked-out/buffed landing. Anyway, I get what you are saying there, but I would consider these features, built with finite resources, to be a good reflection of the "natural" landscape. Anyway, cheers bro. This Rampage is going to be awesome.
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 @DeepInTheForest: I realize why the riders have to build what they build, I'm just saying its silly to then criticize the event for putting in a few pre-build features which the riders could hit without having to worry about a massive undertaking to build. If we understand that the landscape as it is presented naturally just isn't rideable then we shouldnt be all that mad about a few pre-built features. I'm sure some of those big features helped out some of the lesser known riders who didn't have the budgets to show up with large build teams.
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 @DeepInTheForest: The funny thing is its easy to disassemble a wood ramp so there is no lasting environmental impact while the giant sand bag features are (presumably) there indefinitely.
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 @grgsmith: apparently they are using natural fiber sandbags, so they will eventually return to the Earth.
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 Word!! No more sandbags. Dont get me wrong I love Rampage, but I still miss the original spirit. Much respect for the riders btw!
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 That is just disturbing I'm going to be panic drinking on Friday
  • 4 0 too..."panic" drinking....In fact i think i might be having a panic attack right now.
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 I'm gonna be drinking on Friday too! It's always cool to have an excuse tho
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 Excuse me, I just shat my pants a bit.
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 So gnarly. It's gonna be interesting to see how scoring breaks down with so many dudes riding very very similar lines and these big big hits being ridden by multiple guys. But I do like the chances of 2 of the 4 guys taking that line ended up on podium.
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 Why? Do you have some kind of inside access where you have seen every other line?
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 @catalanfc: That format is sweet! talking over pictures gives you some time to appreciate each line
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 @j12j: Yeah - it's a pretty sweet way of doing things
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 @catalanfc: Hey Catala!! What do you think about Lacondeguy? Is he going to do good, bad...?
Hope you are well!!
Dani de l'Alt Penedes!!
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 Incredible to see how hard this guys work to give the best they can. They risk it to try it, they risk it to give it all!!!! I think this year will be massive!!!
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 Event Team is doing a great job! Props to the organizers! I Know its an never ending issue but... @RedBull Pls get your media player fixed. You spend millions on commercial and media coverage. I cant even switch to full size screen on galaxy S7
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 Because your battery catches on fire?
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 Is this a new video game? Awesome graphics
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 Sure the graphics look good, but the physics are completely unrealistic. None of that stuff is even remotely possible.
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 the exposure is the issue with this. The drop itself is not that big. Maybe 2/3rd or less what TMac's was last year.

I'm worried that with limited dig crews there will be so few features this year. Like TMac said, now that's open just something in the middle. So 2 'features' on the whole run? And obviously some steep crazy stuff in the middle. Lets hope they all get finished on time!
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 Claw put it best, " you know on the right you die, fall off on the left you die" Tthat's some insane exposure. Good to see people actually working together making it somewhat safe. It got a little greedy there for a while with all "quit poaching my line" bullshit.
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 I wouldn't even want to be digging there, so much respect for anyone who would actually ride those lines, the exposure is insane.
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 Goddamn! If the POV shot gives you goosebumps, it's gotta be one f@ckin' HUGE drop. Holy shit.
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 It also outlines the consequences of falling before the drop, ive rode skinnies wider than that. So fricken rad!
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 Is redbull the worst media player of all time?
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 This is pretty much Bloodsport level, how soon until someone dies in this event?
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 I'd pay to be in a 4D simulator with VR headset of all the rider's runs. I'm just not cleaning up the mess I might leave behind!
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 Crazy, its insane how they both made it look easy even though its probably one of the gnarliest drops I have even seen
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 Definitely a different vibe than last year. The media block is gonna make seeing these lines Friday so sick
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 I was shocked they didn't fade to black right before the drop and make us wait for the next teaser to see it... This is pure gnar!!!
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 True... but where is not?
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 My god. I can't wait to watch this.
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 So glad to see this stuff finally coming through. Can't wait for this year. Great to see everyone pitching it to make some gnarly lines
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 my palms were sweaty watching that.
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 Were your knees weak?
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 @joalst: Arms were probably heavy as well
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 knees weak, palms are sweaty, theres vomit on him already, moms spaghetti... but seriously... wowza!
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 A whole new level of gnar
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 Going to be the BEST Rampage ever!!!!
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 So much nope in one video.
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 This is why i buy the occasional Red Bull. Because these guys put their ass on the line , and Red Bull makes Rampage and so many other truly amazing sports possible. Rampage this year... Doesnt get any better than competing teams working together to physically build the most dangerous lines in any event out of any sport. I wish all the riders the best, and hope they all have great runs with no serious injuries. RIDE ETERNAL...SHINNY AND CHROME
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 Hahaha. A massive gap drop and it's the safest part of the move!
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 May sound dumb but will rebull be streaming this after its over? I can't leave work to watch it live. Frown
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 Yeah they always do a T.V. show later down the line and the live event is posted to the RedBull website right after Rampage is over
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 When I hear, 'Impassable' I am always like, "Oh really?" And I ride it. That would be awesome to ride that.
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 Wow!! SO MUCH RESPECT to all of the riders this year! I can't wait for tomorrow! Ride safe everyone!
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 my only question is... how can they ride a bike with balls that gigantic?
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 One to each side of the frame. Then lean to compensate for any ball asymmetry. And raise seat according to age and scrotum stretch.
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 @SithBike: but...wouldn't one ball end up getting caught in the chain, and the other burned by a rotor?
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 How can one with balls of such size, manage to put on their riding shorts? mind: blown
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 I would send that....yeah I would
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 rampage!! friday is so far away
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 jeeez my nerves are frayed ! pour me another shot!
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 DB your line choice is insane....I can not wait to watch this Friday.
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 Holy cow, I wish I could build that at my house. (joke)
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 I wish my balls were as big as these dudes wtf
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 is claw saying, you die if you fall off ??
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 Andreu Lecondeguy
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 God damn
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 no words.
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 Holy Shit

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