Saying Goodbye to the Past - Video

Mar 17, 2016
by SRAM  

To move forward, we’re saying goodbye to the past.

Our 1x drivetrains have simplified shifting and improved mountain biking for riders of every level of skill and experience, everywhere they ride. Because of 1x, frame and suspension designs are restricted only by imagination. With 1x, the future of mountain biking is limitless.

This is the future, from the company that lives 1x.

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 Seriously we have too many other memories to carry right now Sram.Nobody cares for your dumb marketing videos.
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 Too true. Also ironic that 1x drivetrains arose largely from SRAM's inability to make a front mech that wasn't a floppy, vague mess. Is it big or clever to claim some kind of victory over something you couldn't crack yourself? Wink
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 I thought it was pretty funny considering that i'm still trying to convince fellow riders that they do not need their front derailleurs.
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 They just changed the title of the video
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 og title not so classy
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 I've been without a front for over 12 years & absolutely nobody cared and or noticed then or now.
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 I still like my front derailleur...
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 what was the og title
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 Both my bikes have 3 chainring cranks. If it ain't broken don't fix it, right?

Also SRAM still sell their X5, X7, X9 and X0 drivetrains with a front derailleur. So they didn't completely say good-bye.
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 og title was "In loving memory"
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flag Gilmarques (Mar 17, 2016 at 12:57) (Below Threshold)
 But it was a Damn great marketing video tho....
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 Shimano says "thank you SRAM. We'll take over from here"
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 Exactly @EnduroriderPL, I just picked up a process 111 and I'll be selling the x1 derailleur, cassette and shifter as soon as I can afford the XT equivalent for a fraction of the price
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 I don't know, I'm kinda feeling that new Zerode trail bike is going to be my next purchase. I'm liking the gearbox Wink
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 @diggerandrider when they make a dh bike with a similar or updated platform in carbon, sign me up for 2!
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 Just lost a little respect for SRAM...
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 gearbox is the future!! Sram will have a 12x rear then a 13 and so on. used to respect sram but after they told their entire customer base that boost 148 was for this and that when it was really for their new 12 speed cassettes I can no longer respect them. They lied to their potential customers and that tells me they think we are fools and don't respect us. We all knew something was retarted about 148 standard but couldn't exactly pin point it.
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 Does it even matter if it makes riding more fun?
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 Yeah me too.
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 So many rider deaths this year... And you then you release this?! What are you? Complete f*cking morons?!

Shame on you SRAM
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 Wow fucking 12 spd. That's ridiculous rolling down the trail with a metal Frisbee back there. Just make a front derailuer that works.
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 I use a 2 x 10 setup here in Ozzy, when I lived in the UK a one-by setup was ideal, but here the hills are steeper, where you are borderline-for-traction-steep, people with 1x setups are at a disadvantage, this elimination of the front mech in exchange for ridiculous looking dinner plates on your rear wheel and 20 cogs with 200mm axle spacing isn't the answer, gearbox's are!
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 Disagree if u can clear the climbs in whistler , pemberton and squamish on a 1x u dont need a 2x anywhere else BOOM
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 Boom, whatever. I run a double on my specialized enduro 29er. Yeah I may not be cool, but when I am climbing most of the day, that 22 x 42 low gear is pretty sweet. Yeah you want to push your bike uphill go right ahead. What's wrong with the front derailleur? Not cool looking. Whatever.
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 well if i have a 28 x46 why do i need front derailleur then?
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 RIP front derailleur. Now move over all remaining derailleurs and make way for the GEARBOX!
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 YES Please! I want more gearboxes, and it can not be done too fast!
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 Yeah RIP massive cassettes please they are so ugly. Let's go zerode!
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 Yes, yes, than thrice yes.
Fast forward 10 years and we can all be laughing at these silly big cassettes with rock prone rear mechs. If the heads of R&D at Sram and Shimano are not secretly developing gearboxes or at least budgeting to acquire a company that is already doing so, they need firing immediately.
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 Yep Sram and Shimano can both stop with the bullshit and get on with it. Shimano developed an e drive and already has several IGH so its a matter of will not ability. On the other hand when Shimano says something as stupid as "there is no demand for wireless gear systems" one has to wonder are they really that out of touch? What world is Shimano living in?
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 If anyone of the big dogs can pull off the gearbox, it's Shimano. They have expertise in metallurgy and forging that SRAM can't touch.
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 This can only go so far.. I do think gearboxes one day will be the way to go. I wonder if we will see some sort of hybrid system like SRAM does for their commuter bikes with an internal geared hub paired with a standard cassette on the outside, but for mtn bikes. I picture a nice reliable ten speed cassette with a simple two speed internal geared hub with a direct drive and either a step-down or overdrive. Then you've got twenty speeds back there. But keep the IGH simple enough to be light and reliable..
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 I've never been as stoked for anything as I am for reviews for the zerode, that bike is the future
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 I heard Shimano makes brakes for trains.....they have the ability to make a gearbox
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 Shimano is one of the most sophisticated and advanced forging and casting companies in the world. Years ago managers from Norco where I worked told me Shimano does castings like transmission casings, engine blocks and heads and fuel injection manifolds. The Pinion gearbox and interface is beautiful and Shimano already has the workings of a proven gearbox in their internal hubs. Now that they have developed the steps e drive a gearbox that uses that frame interface seems more likely. Its all there they just have to put it together.

There is no reason for a Dual Drive combo once the gearbox gains traction. Now that we have mid drive e bikes many more companies have the tooling or buy the forged BB for that configuration. That opens the market for Pinion who will either adapt their gearbox mount or more likely make an adapter to build their OEM sales. I agree the Zerode is beautiful and its the future. We can only hope with the wheel/tire size and 1x bullshit out of the way we can move on to gearboxes. They are will be game changers like disc brakes, suspension and dropper posts have been.
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 fuck off sram
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flag barzaka (Mar 17, 2016 at 8:48) (Below Threshold)
 I understand you, but the narrow-wide rings are very, very cool and I would like to avoid the use of chain guide. Smile
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flag BrightBulbPhoto (Mar 17, 2016 at 8:48) (Below Threshold)
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 Shimano should do an "in loving memory to Boost" video once it's gone.
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 Listen, I really like vintage pinup girls and cars from the '60s too, but this video isn't wrong. Yeah, the video is a bit cheeky, I get it, but honestly, it's inevitable, even shimano is getting in on the big cassette 1x game, and they dragged their feet for ages. It's just a matter of time my man.
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 So much hate haha, I hope you guys won't be switching back to triple cranksets just to piss Sram off.
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 no but i'll be continuing to not purchase sram products. i still don't get why people do. it's overpriced and mediocre.
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 funny, I don't like all the shimano products I bought. most recently a slx brake... and I thought everybody loves shimano brakes?
ok, I like their cranksets, but only until you land on the crankarm and they bend waaay too easily...
also funny everbody hates sram for boost... didn't shimano and fox do pretty much the exact same thing with the (completely and utterly useless) 15x100 standard?
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 The 15x100 is pretty much ok, sice you can convert every hub by just putting two caps. The 148 was already here and was called a 150. If you cannot work out how to make a 150mm hub work, then you are fooling yourself my friend. A 73mm bearing always needs at least 5-8mm of spacing on a 142 rear hub, which makes it at least a 78mm BB, so the reasons for the 148 are bull. Also, making the new Pike 15x110 is also utter bull, it is not as stiff as a 20mm axle and I do not believe it is that much lighter or any other reason for introducing such a standard.
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 But, but, but I love my 2 x 10....... Hello other S company, here I come.
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 nobody ever said shimano was perfect. far from it. i'm just arguing that sram is further from it.
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 @barzaka Sram had nothing to do with the narrow wide concept. This has been used in farming equipment and pretty much all things using a chain when the chain was invented.
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 @KUNTHER nice to know that, thanks.
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 "In Loving Memory" what a callous statement considering all of the tragedy in the MTB world lately. No one gives a f*ck about your advertising sram.
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 pinkbike could've just as easily said to sram that it wasn't best timing and not posted it...
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 Indeed. Poor timing at the very least. What has mountain biking promotion video come to? I wish it wasn't this kind of crap.
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 Might have been fun at another time, but when you consider all the recent passings of real people associated with our sport, this is incredibly bad timing on the part of the SRAM marketing department. I wonder who the dumb-a$$/clueless marketing VP is who approved the release of this.
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 they obviously don't have their finger on the pulse of the mtb community. that finger is stuck up inside somewhere else Big Grin
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flag BrownestBiker (Mar 17, 2016 at 22:24) (Below Threshold)
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 Why stop there? We're better off ditching SRAM all together.
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 Best idea yet.
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 My XT 11-34 needed replacing. I found a SRAM PG-1030 locally for $20 that came off a new bike, was not used, and the owner had installed the XT cassette I'm going to buy SOON.

The shifting with my XT+ clutch mech on the 1030 is good, but the design of the splines that hold the cogs to the freehub WILL damage the aluminum freehub body after extended use of the cassette. Terribad cassette design SRAM!
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 Wow you could supply a Lay's factory with all the salt in these comments...
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 I'd rather keep my FD and say goodbye to boost Smile
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 Have you tried a boost wheelset?
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 No butt I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night... And even after sleeping there, I still couldn't come up with a good reason for boost..
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 There were no butts?
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 Boost = Shorter rear end, stiffer wheels and fork. Not just marketing BS however much people want it to be.
Also... poor timing from SRAM, really poor timing.
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 and they couldn't just use a current standard 150mm to achieve that why again??

it's ONE millimeter on each side.........

sorry it is marketing BS IMO
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 No that's incorrect, not trying to plug boost, but you should know.. 148mm includes the 7mm overlap extensions to the endcaps, the same that was used when converting 135mm to 142mm. The same was done to 150mm, making it 157mm, so Boost is almost exactly in between the two existing standards. The reason they didn't go any bigger was to stop crankset manufacturers needing to change q-factors, the rings could be moved only.
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 Why do all these people need short short stays? Give me a longer rear end and it can still manny but also be super stable
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 Yeah, cause we need a standard in between the standards... its bullshit. Be more skeptical of bike industry motives. What makes for a difference on paper doesn't make for an equivalent real world change. It does however drive up costs to everyone.
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 Yes @kleinbike! Why do we need short chainstays!? They ride like crap. Fine on a DJ bike or maybe even 'park' bike but if you actually wanna ride trail then longer is better. Can anybody tell me why short chainstays are better?
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 I'm not anti boost, I honestly think it's going to be a pretty finalized rear standard, but I wouldn't doubt that boost is being pushed partially because of a 12 speed drivetrain
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 A finalized standard? The only standard finalized in this industry is the lack of any standards.
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 People seem to want short chainstays like they want wide bars, tiny gears - personally I don't see the need for it. It's cool if that's what you prefer but it just seems like there's a constant pursuit of short chainstays and everyone 'knows' it's better than long ones but nobody can say why? Im not necessarily against boost either (well I am tbh but that's not the point) but to say we need boost because we need short chainstays and no explaination...? I don't get any of it.
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 Sorry for the incorrect tag @kleinblake! My bad
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 Shorter chain stays create a more playful feeling bike, but according to pro DH riders it does add seconds to your run, even though it feels like you're going faster, but youre not. Short stays are for people who ride for fun and care more about pleasure than lap times. Longer stays are for dedicated racers who'll sacrifice some of the fun factor of the bike to be a couple of seconds faster.
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 I know the theory, I'm just not sure anyone else does when all I see is talk of shorter and shorter chainstays.
And I don't think theyre just for dedicated racers, if you're buying a bike with 160mm of travel why then cripple it with teeny little chainstays? You can get playful on longer chainstays, you just have to increase your velocity, bikes with a boat load of travel aren't designed to go slow so, yeah whyyy!?
Just to make perfectly clear I'm not against short chainstays, I see the merits of them but I think it's another cliche that we could do without. I wish I could see more mid-long travel trail bikes with moderately sized chainstays instead of them all trying to be a dirt jump bike with suspension. These days with super long front centres the short rear end is even worse, bikes just feel so imbalanced and just...wrong.
But I don't mind if you're a rider that prefers short chainstays - Josh Bryceland and some of the other riders out of his area like smaller bikes and they're insane - I'm just saying that short chainstays aren't always the best way to build a bike, not necessary for playfulness and you can still manual them. I think designers are restrained by the need to deliver shorter and shorter chainstays as well. Let's just all remember that SRAM are the bad guys here :-P
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 this video is fucking stupid
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 It's already been said, but the headline is in pretty bad taste considering the recent turn of events.
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 looks like they changed the title.
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 I can just see it: Ten to twenty years from now, SRAM will have a new video titled, "The Triple: Experience what you've been missing"
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 this is the best comment I've ever read
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 So much hate today
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 I bet you 10 years from now companies will reintroduce front derailleurs as something awesome that completely extends your gear range. Hey, even biopace made its way back Big Grin
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 Probably won't take that long. The next step is going to be wireless internal gear changing. Derailleurs are from the horse and buggy era.
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 I thought somebody else died... nope, just a useless marketing video
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 SRAM makes worst front derailleurs ever;
Anyway gearboxes(with front shifting) looks like future rather than wheel size cassettes
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 Bad timing sram...
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 Come on PB and Sram this is bullshit ad...
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 Sram's marketing team have been producing what they think is punk rebellous and rock star cool type adverts for some time now, but when I see these ads, my innards do a kind of inner groan. It really makes the company seem classless, clueless and with a juvenile arrogance that I don't feel does them any favors. They need a whole new marketing strategy...after meditating on the word 'class'.
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 SRAM could also say goodbye to the major income which is OEM speccing low-end bikes
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 they are coming out with a super low end 11 and 12 speed soon. lower than GX.
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 You mean more dipshit than GX…
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 No, more dipshits will have GX...
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 No thank you. 1-by isn't enough for me. And call me stupid, but I STILL can't figure out why a 1-by groupset is MORE expensive than a double ring setup.
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 oh you know a thing called technology.... i mean like why is a 3x cheaper than a 2x
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 Since when is a n/w chain ring more expensive than a front shifter, front derailleur, inner and outer cables and 3 geared chain rings? Even with a cheap Altus front derailleur, a front derailleur set up is more expensive.

The only difference at the moment is that wide range cassettes only excist in higher and middle class parts. But if you compare wide range cassettes only to normal 10/11 speed cassettes, the difference is very minimal.
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 *with a Sram steel chain ring and a SunRace cassette it actually is cheap.
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 cheapest SRAM 11-Spd cassette: 105€
Same website, XT 10-Spd cassette: 41€
cheapest SRAM 11-Spd derailleur: 90€
Shimano XT M8000 derailleur: 63€
Complete GX 1x11 group: 345€
Complete GX 2x10 group: 320€
Complete XT (M785) group: 320€
You get the picture: Even the cheapest SRAM 11-Spd pieces are more expensive than XT - which is far, far better quality than the cheap SRAM groups. SRAM's 11 Speed is just a blatant ripoff.
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 It's indeed weird they sell the multi ring group for less. But if you'd buy all the parts loose a single ring set up should be cheaper (with SunRace cassette and steel sram n/w chain ring)
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 pretty funny, considering sram just released one of the most expensive front derailleurs on the market.
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 Goodbye SRAM. Done buying your stuff.
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 Done ten years ago. Remember the 990 cassette ? Had two, one the lock ring failed under the lightest, just snug pressure. The other had a tooth with a bit of a hook in it , nice chain skip every turn of the cranks.
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 Shimano did FD better, shimano does no FD better.
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 Until the end I thought they were talking about avid brakes
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 lol, this video should really be about that.
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 SRAM go to hell. Take Specialized with you.
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 Meanwhile they're still pumping out a stupid quantity of front derailleurs.....
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 I agree with SRAM. Their FDs are made from garbage infused with high modulus jello.

I do, however, admire the jab at Shimano - as the guy struggling with his drivetrain has XTR 960 Smile

Intrestingly, I am going to ride 35/21 front and 11-46 rear. I like my low gears.
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 Nice. Low gears are sweet and don't necessarily make you any weaker IMO. Just allow you to pedal up stupidly steep chunky stuff, and climb with downhill tires + heavy bike too. Running 20t front /36t rear for my lowest gear right now... and it's pretty low... but yours must allow some really steep climbing Smile
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 I don't know it was made from shit or not, my 26" bike still working with sram 2x10 and twist shifter. I think i shold buy a stock from them for my next 40 years... For me the trigger shifter not comfortable.
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 Okay SRAM we get it, you hate front derailleurs... But there are so many bikes that still use a front derailleur, the cheap low end of mountain bikes from big companies like trek and specialized, among others still use 2x and even 3x front ring setup and most XC race bikes still use 2x set up's, so effectively the front derailleur isn't dead, SRAM just wants you to think it is. Not to mention this video also had awful timing considering the recent passing of many bike riding heroes.
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 So, Sram - when are you going to say goodbye to the rear deraileur and give us a lightweight gearbox and belt drive?
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 thats why a sram front derailleur comes stock on bikes still. right?
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 This was a big f*ck you to Shimano! Less shifters, less cables and less chain drops is all okay with me! 1x is here to stay!!!
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 If you're dropping chains you are either using worn components, mis-matched components, mis-adjusted components and/or not using your drive train properly and quite often all of the above. Any competent bike mechanic can set up an FDR properly so to eliminate it is to throw out the baby with the bath water.
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 @davemud that may be true if everything is perfectly tuned, but things fluctuate, especially when you ride hard. I used to drop chains all the time on a 2x system...granted it would usually just drop to granny, but still annoying. I've only dropped a chain once since I went 1x...and I have to say it is generally nice not having to even think about an FDR.

I know it isn't for everyone, but there are some annoying downsides to a 2x setup. Certainly the opposite point could be made that it's annoying to have less gear range, but quite frankly I do some relatively steep climbing and I haven't had any issues. Now if my steep climbs for more than 20-30minutes, maybe I would have a different tone....and I am sure there are guys here doing longer steep climbs.
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 Bikes do require more maintenance than most get. Chains need to be replaced a lot more often due to the lousy chain lines on 10 and 11 speed systems of any type. Cables stretch, housings compress and H/L stops seat in. All need to be checked regularly front and back to prevent dropped chains. Chain wear is a bigger contributor though. If you ride 3x a week or more or cross chain a lot, no way around that, and you don't use a chain checker every time you lube your chain your chain probably is the sloppy culprit.

Gear selection and shifting habits are also major causes of dropped chains. The only time my XT 2x10 ever dropped the chain was when I tried a SRAM 1071 chain on it out of curiosity. My 3x8 also used to drop the chain if I tried to do a poorly timed shift under high load because I had 3 different brand rings on my crank.In these cases and most I see as a mechanic the FDR is not the problem in the system.
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 I don't make valid points. But why not save the hassle and run a 1x...admittedly I probably don't give my xx1 enough attention, but it always works flawlessly so I don't feel the need to be OCD about it.
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 Lol, I'm not overly OCD about my bike either since I work on other people's bikes all day. I just keep mine clean, lube the chain and check the chain wear regularly. 2x works well for me and since I commute on my 29r trail bike 1x isn't an option due to the lack of range.
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 right on, makes sense!
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 too bad the chainline on 1x sucks so hard on either end of the cogset
  • 7 1
 Tell me about it. And how it affects suspensions too.
  • 4 2
 I always wondered about that. I haven't gone wide range, but remember having 3 rings up front and each ring completely changed the suspensions characteristics. How bad does it get as far as suspension performance goes?

Does the chainline kill chainrings/chains/cassettes alot faster?
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 It depends on the offset of the chainring too. Was using a RF Turbine which uses a 51mm and it felt like it was working against the suspension by stiffening it(how it felt to me). Switched to a Wolftooth which went to a 49 and took out one 2mm spacer on it and it felt somewhat better, but not how it was with a 2x10 I had before.
  • 11 2
 It will wear chains and cassettes faster. Chains aren't meant to be loaded at an angle under any circumstances. In fact bikes are pretty much the only application where a chain sits at these angles as part of it's function, which loads the plates against the pin/roller and starts to deform the hole that the pin is pressed in. The loading against the cogs will also cause wear but not as much as on the chain itself. Chains have been designed to take some of this load, but it's not ideal. Imagine if your cars timing chain was expected to move 10 deg off center, and how much quicker you'd be replacing destroyed motors. This is why chains tend to last longer in SS applications even if the same chain type is used.
  • 4 1
 "Chain drives cannot accept much misalignment."

"Proper alignment of sprocket and shaft is necessary to provide long wear life of the drive unit. Increased wear results from misalignment, due to rubbing of chain parts against the sides of the sprocket teeth and excessive friction wear in the joints caused by whipping and twisting of the chain. Figure 44 shows the dimension for shafts and mounted sprockets."
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 @mikelevy How about a future article on this? How chainline affects drivetrain and suspensions?
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 maybe if there was a trimmable chainring so the chain doesn't derail when you ratchet or backpedal on long grindy tech climbs to avoid rocks and roots, and then maybe I'd consider 1x....but to be honest, I have zero problems with a 2x setup. sure, before clutch derailleurs chain drops were a problem, but not really since.
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 @flipfantasia i've never had a derail, but I don't use a wide range cassette. I had a clutch xt with a narrow wide on my xc hardtail, i wrecked the xt mech. replaced with non clutch that I found laying around. I haven't dropped a chain and have had no issues with it, even in teeth rattling tech sections.
  • 3 1
 I've had multiple derails, especially in muddy conditions when back pedaling slightly to set up for a corner, for instance. Running clutch and a hope NW ring. It happens, the system is hardly foolproof espec when the chain-line is out. And trust me, flipfantasia rides harder than you think. He's quick enough to be a pro at EWS events. Whistler is his playground.
  • 5 0
 @makripper I've ridden dedicated 1x11 setups on new demo bikes, and new bikes with 1x10 expander rings, and they've all had problems derailing off the biggest cog when ratcheting or back pedalling, pretty much stopping you dead in your tracks on technical climbs. it's a show stopper for me, frankly. I'm more than strong enough to run 1x, I even moonlight on stupid big rides on a SS occasionally to be dumb... @atrokz is kind to suggest I could race pro, I'd probably be struggling, but I have podium'd 2 out of the last 3 Crankworx EWS events in the 30-39 category, and both times on 2x10 equipped bikes. There are lots of other reasons I prefer 2x setups as well, a big one being that I really enjoy hard, technical, climbing, and 1x falls on it's face so hard in these situations for me that I just am not interested in it at all.
  • 2 0
 That's where i've heard your name before @flipfantasia I appreciate the advice and glad I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Keep up the good work in the races! I love a tech climb and sometimes you need to ratchet for clearance. That would be a piss off for sure! I don't blame you! Cheers and see you around at whis this season!
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 Pancake sized cassettes do not make the past laughable, they just suck less than front mechs. Gearboxes will hopefully make all derailleurs seem like a joke sooner than later.
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 seriously it's insane that sram actually paid to make this video
  • 18 4
 the market dept at sram has been waaaay off the back for many years now.
no originality and no real vision.
the marketing dept rips old marketing tag lines from other companies ads from 10-15 years ago, they seem outta touch with whats happening on the front line and in real time, and as this ad proves, they have no sense of timing or realizing events from the past month may effect the way the public views a certain ad campaign.

considering whats gone down in the last month(how many people has the cycling community lost?) or so in the cycling world, an eulogy video ad is probably THE worst thing they could have done to get their message across.
really shows how outta touch they are.
i don't care if this video was made last oct, with all the loss, the video should have never seen the light of day.

they don't seemed too concern with spending cash, so they should have banged together another ad campaign asap and sent that out instead.
but then i forgot, being original and rad takes talent, so maybe they couldn't have done the alternate campaign asap.
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 Bad marketing?? In the know, coastal crew, and steps to the top just to name a few.
  • 11 5
 What's next funeral? 26" ?
  • 3 2
 No in freeride or dirt.
  • 6 4
 Derailleurs front or rear have nothing to do with the furture of bikes.The future is wireless internal transmissions. If you think Sram and Shimano can't do it you need to be more skeptical of the bike industry. Imagine an electronic Alfine based 11 speed built around a 24mm Hollowtech BB axle. Weight in the middle of the bike at the lowest point of the bike.

Both big S can make lighter stronger boxes. Far lighter Kevlar belt. No cables, simpler frame design, new lighter batteries approaching mass production, more durable, less maintenance how can anyone disagree with these benefits?

It will be more expensive to buy but will have a far longer life and far less expensive to maintain. Over its life the maintenance savings will cover the added initial expense.
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 all i want is a flywheel. wanna hit the nitro button like on 'ivan stewarts offroad'...........
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 So now say goodbye to the rear derailleur and cassette; Taniwha looks hot. Maybe it needs a trigger shifter, but i see some bright future here.
And of course, main players in the game should follow some time.
  • 3 1
 A front mech with a trigger shifter is horrible. It requires a very delicate setup and if it catches too much mud on a ride (which it is in a good position for) it won't shift properly. A front mech with a grip shift is pretty much like a top guide on a single front ring. Only if you need to climb very steep technical stuff, you can drop to the smaller front ring. A grip shift gives you nine positions (or probably less as I've limited my FD range as I'm running two front rings and a bash guard) so you'll never have to readjust anything for it to work. Just twist until it goes. The smaller ring also helps dig the rear wheel into the ground when climbing with the full sus bike which feels like it helps with traction. Or "bob" as those like to call it who mostly care on pedaling efficiency on less technical climbs. Finally I believe two front rings allow for a smaller rear mech cage than a setup with a similar range and a single front ring (not including SRAM/Truvativ Hammerschmidt). In theory not maybe, in practice yes. You don't really want to risk breaking anything if you accidentally switch big-big, but there is no serious risk if you accidentally switch small-small and the chain goes slack. If you don't want that yes you need the bigger cage. But I don't mind so I can stick with the small cage. Obviously those 1x gearings don't allow you to go with the smaller cage if you want to be able to use the full range effectively. Those modern clutch systems already tackle the issue of those long cages flying around on rough terrain but won't really help against picking grass etc. Personally I think these long cages look horrible on those modern 1x gearing bikes. And as these cassettes are growing bigger, so are these cages.

Goodbye SRAM.
  • 10 7
 It is bad timing, but everyone should just chill on the outrage. You're just spitting into the wind. Take it out on some trails or jumps.
  • 4 1
 sram just never figured out how to make a good front derailleur.
I always used the XTR front,; sram xo rear with sram xo shifters.
  • 7 2
 50 tooth rear cassette? Have we lost our minds?
  • 2 1
 I've been running 1X7,8,&9 drivetrains for almost 20 years now. Front derailleur are the Bain of my existence, and I don't feel like that is an exaggeration. It's about time and sooooo nice to finally have some choice and industry support in components.
  • 2 1
 I agree in half. I also have been running 1x setups for years and years just doing it. I wasn't hard before and chaining was workable. For me the selection is no different as I have 1x my Shimano stuff for years. I do think nw rings are sweet though.
  • 2 1
 So if this is true, why don't you fully commit to a 1X Drive train business model?

seem's like a pretty stupid ad to call something you produce obsolete......

I am so tired of everyone saying that a front dérailleur was complicated as well, have you see forum postings on people trying to figure out there optimal 1X set-ups?! yeah pretty much just as much work.

now in saying all of this, please remember.... i think 2X and 1X both have a place, and its not as distinct as say an argument as 26" vs 29", so please everyone, who runs 1X... you don't need to argue your case.
  • 2 1
 I said goodbye the my front derailleur a long time ago and I just can't see myself ever owning a bike with one on. Unless they made a 2x system so bad ass it made me ride like a pro level athlete haha Anywho, Shimano still makes multi gear drive trains but yeah I wouldn't be surprised if the FD goes the way of the dodo bird with in a few years. MTB is evolving rapidly.
  • 2 1
 K, so it looks for me that instead of learning how to make sufficiently reliable front deralleur they promoted something else, lol. My XT performs today as good as LX 15 years ago. There are places to ride and moments when several front rings makes life much easier, just admit this.
  • 1 0
 Went to 1x10 on my epic, 34 x 11-36, and lost a pound or so and the HORRIBLE front shifting that never worked during a race. Loved it but missed the high end for all the towpath riding near my house. Went 38 x 11-42 with the expander cog and 16t, gained most of the weight back and now have HORRIBLE rear shifting that never works during a race. Don't want to go 11sp as I have 2 wheelsets to convert and shimano is heavy as hell. Trying to get my hands on a sun race 11-42 10sp in hopes that it shifts well. Still have 2x10 on my hardtail, it's sram and it sucks
  • 1 0
 SRAM marketing team:

'Hey guys we need a new ad to stick it to Shimano on the 1x and get even more buzz going on the 12s cassette we haven't got working yet. What's been trending on Pinkbike this year?'

'well Google analytics says that the most clinked on, shared AND commented on posts his year have all had "In memoriam" in the subject line'

'Cool let's do a tribute to 2x pretending it's like the death of an old riding buddy'

'Isn't that a bit insensitive?'

'Who cares?'

Dumbasses. Where do I claim the refund on my XO groupset?
  • 6 2
 Sram the company that lives 1x? when did their road groups go 1x?
  • 5 1
 RIP fixed length seatposts
  • 5 1
 What's the big deal? I got rid of both derailleur's and the cassette.
  • 2 2
 Push bikes are cool!
  • 1 1
 I am recovering from hernia surgery and am building a bike to help my mental health. Was just yesterday deciding which I was going with SRAM or SHMANO. This has just cemented the decision. I won't be getting a SRAM believe that
  • 6 3
 12 speed cassette coming soon!
  • 5 6
 Im overweight, unfit, dont ride as much as i should because of family and work , actually live somewhere with real hills and ride a 29'er ill be keeping my front mech thankyou very much.

Apart from the 29'er and hills recon im probably the same as 75% of mountain bikers so single front is clearly not for the majority despite all the marketing.
  • 3 3
 Maybe you should quit your day job & work in a shop your numbers are far off... I dont even remember the last time Ive sold a 2x10 set up to a customer...
  • 2 1

That's because people are buying online. Can you offer the consumer an XT 3x or 2x crank for $87?
  • 6 4
 You can have my front derailleur....when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.
  • 3 1
 i just started using a front derailleur 2 years ago when i started to get lazy, thank you slave labour.
  • 1 0
 If ShAM made their parts in the US they would cost the same. But they are marked way the hell up to cover advertising and sponsored rider gear.
  • 2 1
 Still can't make a f*cking front derailleur work? They aren't needed in many applications, but trying to turn your failures into an accomplishment... keep on underachieving..
  • 5 2
 freakin stupid
  • 3 1
 Dirty finger dual N-W for life!
  • 2 1
 (Hammerschmidt) 22 x 11-28 cassette, X9 short cage type 2. Heavy, complicated, high maintenance and awesome.
  • 2 0
 What about the Hammerschmidt?
  • 2 5
 sram X0 system goes in two variants one with front derailleur. It is one of the really not cheap systems. So the video is pointless. I don't need front derailleur either but I don't think that nobody does. So Sram you should better work to do cassettes with less chainrings and more gear than make pointless videos!
  • 6 6
 Nope, still using a triple on my Trek and 'Dale (except on my On one). But then they're 2009 and 2006.
  • 10 9
 why save like 100g so u gan have less of a gear range? f*ck of sram
  • 3 2
 There are many advantages to 1x Yes, the ad is controversial, pretty cheeky. Bad taste, not exactly taking the high road.
  • 3 4
 You never pushed a big ring front and back or small ring front and back. People spent 70% of their time in the mid ring. No one used all that gear range, that was the point of 1x. Only save 100 g? Retrofit a 10spd 2x10 to a 1x10 and you can save over 500g: shifter pod, cable, housing, granny, bolts, and steel fr derailleur, all gone. 100 grams? Please. Do it and you will see.
  • 4 2
 Um... no you did not get rid of the granny. Its on the cassette with twice as many teeth so also not lighter. Chain ring bolts? the 4 for the granny only right? 1x requires a longer chain than 2x9/10. Your 1x chain has to go around a 36 x 42, 44 46 or bigger. 2x only has to accommodate 36 x 36 maybe 38 x 36. Even XC ellite who run only 3 of 6 bolts in their rotors to save weight still run chain guides so you didn't loose most of the weight of an FDR. You only loose the weight of the shifter and cable... but wait... Shimano Di2 Syncros only needs one shifter... So where did all that weight loss you speak of come from?

The total range on 2x and 3x comes from the big small combos front and back btw. You can only get that range on 1x with a big enough low gear cog that you can run a 36 or 38 up front. That will take a cog at least as big as the largest outer rings found in 3x systems.
  • 1 1
 Dave, First, "Um... no you did not get rid of the granny" I had a 2x10 and now I have a 1x10. Yep, granny's long gone.
Hey, if you love that fr derailleur on that Spicy, go to town. But unless you know my bike better than I do, why would try to convince me I didn't save weight converting to a 1x?
  • 1 1
 You are right that the FDR on the Spicy was the wrong spec. Who knows why that one model of Lappierre had the obviously wrong configuration Shimano FDR instead of the same SRAM FDR on all of their other suspension bikes. It doesn't even make sense from an inventory management decision. So you did loose your granny going 1x10, my mistake. Going 1x11 you don't, neither big S sells a 1x10 group and both do not endorse using their 1x RDRs on extended range cassettes. Both tech departments said directly to me people do it but it will ruin the derailleurs quickly because it puts high stress on the springs. There is a lot of chatter around the forums about lousy 1x10 shifting even with the band aids like oneup have because the extender cogs are over the max size for the derailleurs. I found the discussions without even looking for them. Weight reduction is about improving efficiency and you don't get improved efficiency if you end up reducing your total range so much you have grind a taller low gear and spin out a hopelessly to low high gear. I had a 2015 Spicy for 3 weeks sorry about your luck getting stuck with such a poorly spedc'd bike for the money. I tookthe POS back for a refund.
  • 7 5
 Poor form sram....
  • 7 10
 I really believe folks that like 1x never learned how to shift: to back off the power for the 500ms it takes to shift to a larger front ring. I'm a wimp and am fine with 2x but 1x just doesn't have the range for the riding I do.

I am also really turned off by the price and weight of those new cassettes.

So far I've been pleased with sram. At least the X0 stuff is durable and very well made. Feels engineered to be worked on. I love being able to buy small parts for when something does break. Also their free pdf docs are fantastic.
  • 5 3
 I had a Fr deralleur on my MTB for two years. By dumping the front shifter, cable, housing, fr derailleur, granny, bolts and installing a NW chin ring and 42t on the casette, I dropped, I would guess, over 1 pound. It was physically noticeable. In two years I have dropped my chain 4x, without using a clutch derailleur. I won't be putting a Fr derailleur on again. If I feel the need to use a fr derailleur, I'll go for a road ride.
  • 6 9
 The 1x movement will end up supporting the pedal-assist e-bike movement in 20 years once we all have patellofemoral osteoarthritis in our knees from mashing up climbs we used to spin up with our "obsolete" front derailleurs

I like 1x for chain retention too but sometimes wonder about how this will pan out for my old guy knees? In 10 more years will I have to go back to 2x10 or 2x11 to keep on riding?
  • 3 11
flag dualsuspensiondave (Mar 17, 2016 at 13:27) (Below Threshold)
 Sound like a complete pussy. Go work on vastus medialis, the knee stabilizer muscle. You actually get a better knee stabilization from 1X making that muscle stronger. Almost 35 years old now with arthritis almost everywhere and a major knee operation under my belt.
  • 5 2
 Funny you read that much into it. I'm actually way fitter than I've ever been in my life by riding 4-5x/week and I love 1x and have very well defined vastus medialis muscles. I just mean that I wonder how things will be in 10 more years? I hope to ride into the 60's and longer and am 42 now.

There are lots of guys who shouldn't be on 1x bikes, i.e. do you need a 28T chainring?

I refuse to go down to a 30T as I don't like the pedal feel as much so have been working on strengthening to stick with 32T.
  • 4 2
 I run a 28 up front and 42 rear, great for some pretty big hills in N.Z and a lot easier than any other 1x or 3x I have had. Found the best saviour for knee's is correct bike fit and choosing the right gearing for your environment.
  • 2 2
 @deadbeat - "Found the best saviour for knee's is correct bike fit and choosing the right gearing for your environment."

I agree completely. I guess for me and the terrain I ride I prefer a higher top gear ratio than 2.8 as I like to be able to pedal going faster than a 28T sprocket (with a 10-42 cassette) would allow. I don't know your terrain though, stuff is wide open and fast in my neck of the woods, maybe it's not warranted where you're at.

Overall I love the simplicity of 1x, the weight savings, the chain retention, pretty much everything but the loss of range is real. For really big elevation days I will put the 30T on up front but with most of my rides being in the 2500 to 3500 feet of climbing I just push the 32T which is making me stronger.
  • 3 4
 Only on pinkbike do you get down voted after studying Physical Therapy and a BG fit tech. Haha
  • 6 2
 @dualsuspeniondave actually, my guess is the downvotes are from, and I'll mimick your phrasing here, sounding like a complete a*shole.
  • 1 3
 Yep, people want everyone to be worried about their feelings all the time. That's the real weak generation these days. Gotta be P.C. at work, but off work I'll tell ya straight.
  • 3 0
 @dualsuspensiondave straight up is always the best bet, but straight up doesn't have to be condescending. Also, your feelings seemed hurt or affected by the downvotes so...
  • 3 2
 About time. I said good bye to the front mech years ago; Maybe '97?
  • 1 1
 I agree with most posts here but just curious, what trail is shown at 0:36?!
  • 2 5
 30x36 is the "granny" I've used for years whether or not anyone was marketing it. If that isn't enough gear for you, I mean come on, do you even ride? It takes little effort to push that gear on anything that is meant to be rideable. Defense for the FD is just an excuse to defend a lack of fitness. Shimano makes good brakes, but I will continue to use X9 level Sram for everything else until it can't be sourced anymore.
  • 2 1
 Zee and saint are better! sram we always be a memory to me
  • 5 5
 Quick dig to shimano's ribs there...
  • 10 9
 1x for president
  • 4 6
 I like this vid. I'm a Sram guy too. Didn't see any disrespect either. Come on people you think Sram intended any. Like products or not but have a lil fun.
  • 2 1
 Gear Box!
  • 1 1
 So that means the 18 speed cassette is on its way eh?
  • 1 1
 i just don't like how the support of bike parts are over in 1 year.
  • 4 4
 that made me chuckle
  • 2 2
 Goodbye derailleur Frown
  • 1 1
 Even Sram doesn't "live" this.
  • 3 3
 makes me want to cry
  • 2 4
 I love 1x 'cause i always cross chain like a pleb, but this is a load of bollox
  • 1 0
 I pretty sure that there are no Romans here.
  • 3 4
 Happy Saint Patrick's day everyone. Have a Irish car bomb and relax.
  • 1 1
 way ahead of you.
  • 2 4
 Shimano needs to get rid of their new side swing front derail. it blows! big time!
  • 1 2
 funny concept and i'm into but WOW bad timing SRAM I mean come on...
  • 1 1
  • 1 1
 RIP SPAM components
  • 1 1
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