Industry Nine Announces Expanded Carbon Wheelset Lineup

Jun 4, 2020
by Industry Nine  

PRESS RELEASE: Industry Nine

We are excited to announce four new wheelsets that bring our reputation for feature-packed wheelsets delivering outstanding innovation and ride quality to even more riders. Focused on bringing legendary i9 performance to value-oriented carbon wheelsets, the introduction of the Hydra Enduro S Carbon, Hydra Trail S Carbon, 1/1 Enduro S Carbon and 1/1 Trail S Carbon present riders even more fantastic options for various riding preferences. Ride with confidence as the complete collection is backed by Industry Nine's lifetime warranty.

Hydra Enduro S Carbon and Hydra Trail S Carbon - One of our most requested products becomes a reality. The Enduro Carbon and Trail Carbon wheel models represent a long-standing call from riders seeking to combine the durable and lively Hydra S platform with a carbon rim boasting modern features such as hookless construction and widths that mesh perfectly with aggressive mountain bike rubber. The Enduro rim features a 30.5mm internal rim width, while the Trail wheelset is laced up to a 28mm rim. At the heart of the Hydra S Carbon family lies the insanely fast engaging Hydra freehub affording the rider 690 points of engagement, giving riders unparalleled control and confidence in the most demanding conditions.

Our straight-pull S-series hubs use 28 Sapim Race 2.0/1.8/2.0 steel spokes emphasizing a wide bracing angle translating into an agile yet solid foundation. The Hydra Trail S Wheels are available for 29" bikes, weighing in at 1615g, while the the Enduro option tips the scales at 1705g and 1765g for the 27.5" and 29" wheelsets, respectively. Whether looking for a bomber wheelset that stares unflinchingly at the most technical terrain, or a do-all wheelset that is at home as much on the climbs as it is in fast and rough, the Hydra S Carbon family awaits. MSRP: $1,825

1/1 Enduro Carbon and 1/1 Trail Carbon - Modern technology and features meet timeless design elements to bring riders a product line that performs well above its class. Wheelsets seldom achieve the intersection of value and performance the 1/1 Carbon range occupies. The wheels feature a responsive 4° engagement freehub mechanism - providing control during technical climbing, and instant acceleration. Relying on universally-serviceable and economical Sapim j-bend steel spokes laced to the classic flanged hub configuration, ease of ownership is a defining characteristic of the 1/1 Carbon family.

High tech continues to come into focus with the Trail Carbon and Enduro Carbon rims. Modern and hookless rim profiles keep impact strength high and repel pinch flats while the refined layup schedules place material where needed most, cutting unneeded mass. 1/1 Trail S Wheelsets are available for 29" bikes and weigh in at 1665g whereas the burlier Enduro option is available in both 27.5" and 29" at 1755g and 1815g, respectively. The end result is an emphasis on ride quality, all condition durability, and approachability that will elevate the rig and rider opting to mount a pair of 1/1 Carbon wheels. MSRP: $1,575


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 Picked up some We Are One Union wheels and they transformed my enduro pig into a playful, poppy, fun bike that still plows in the rough stuff. Huge weight savings over the stock wheels too. Their value is excellent compared to most other carbon wheelsets.
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 Yup. +1 I love my We Are One wheelset
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 Can someone point me to 29" carbon rims that are 33-35mm inner and weigh under 450g? Most of what I found weighs just 50-70g less than high end alloys and that's a tough sell... I'll save almost that using alloy nipples on alloy rims while I will never (again) use alloy nipples on carbon rims that I am planning to run tubeless in wet climate #galvaniccorrosion
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 @WAKIdesigns: show me an alloy rim with a lifetime warranty...
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 @WAKIdesigns: are you comparing against a 33-55mm inner alloy wheel? Oozy trail 29" 395+ weigh 590g according to their website. Ibis S35 29" weigh 445g according to their website.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Take a look at the Ibis S35, built up to 1650g with Hydras and CX-Rays and they have been bomber for me so far. Sub $2000 set too I believe.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I like you Waki, I really do. We even had a bro down about my old Canfield a while ago. But man I have to say going carbon wheels has been a game changer for me. I'm on WR1 laced to CK hubs. The biggest thing I've noticed for me is in the cornering, I'm a bigger guy and frequently rubbed my tire on my frame in hard turning. Tighten the spokes up but then the alu started to deform or even crack. I haven't touched these things in 2 years now and the stability on corners is intoxicating. I'll never go back.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Jun 4, 2020 at 9:24) (Below Threshold)
 @MorganBH: zero care about lifetime warranty on alloys. ZERO. Replacing alloy rim takes me max 48h and costs 60-100$ and I destroy alloys... once per 5 years.

@Tmackstab - I did a quick search and most of I found was that. I looked at XM481 vs LB. I see Newmen are damn light at 30mm. But then... the price...
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 @WAKIdesigns: Maybe Stan's Baron CB7 at 455 grams (I know a bit higher than you asked) in a 35mm inner width. Lightest, widest I found. I bought the whole wheelset and four months in, love them.
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 @WAKIdesigns: The weight argument for carbon is a lost one (though it is still made). The more realistic one is to tout its other characteristics. The biggest thing for me is there is a big difference in the way carbon 'feels' depending on layup. And you can't really go out and test 5 different pairs of carbon wheels like you can go out and test 5 different bikes. Or maybe you some magical city.
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 @foggnm: for me, ironically, it is just the weight. They feel too stiff for me and make horrific sounds when ridden onto obstacles. I don’t believe in their durability. I’ve seen too much. What I like though is tire stability that wide rims provide. Would use them for downcountry. Will never trust a carbon rim for Enduro/DH
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 @WAKIdesigns: down voted because of that Levy's horrific term
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 @WAKIdesigns: unless you are on 2.8 this width is overrated. Come in
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 @Lagr1980: Upvoted Waki due to Levy's innovative term
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 @WAKIdesigns: Order whatever width, layup, spoke holes, finish and otherwise from CarbonFan. He can build your complete wheels or just have your own build with your preferred hubs and spokes once the rims get to you.

My front 33mm ID All Mountain layup weighed about 415g as I recall and my rear 28mm ID Downhill layup weighed about 425 g I added my preferred hubs and spokes and ended up around 1430g in 29" wheels. They have taken a heck of a beating over the last year as well.
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 @SunsPSD: checked the page. that looks really good if they do hold up.
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 @Lagr1980: I do believe wide rims are overrated once one runs dd and dh casings. But for downcountry I use flimsy tires In 2.3-2.4 and like the change in roll over, grip and stability. Crankbros synthesis E in alu are wonderful rims. Floating sensation is wonderful. A bit luxurious feeling of plus tires, without downsides of running plus tires.
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 @WAKIdesigns: the weight savings is about 100 gm/wheel, regardless of the intended use. Also, the lateral stiffness is significant if you're big (I am). Also, you can run alloy nips, just have to be the right ones. Wao for example uses them almost exclusively while providing an awesome warranty and existing in a province that defines wet weather riding. I'm on rims (union) that save 100gm over the alloy enduro focused rims id be riding, and my wife is on some 385gm 28mm I'd rims from iei carbon that are 100gm lighter than the trail focused alloy shed be on. It is definitely an expense to drop 200gm, but I'd say it's the most impactful 200gm you could loose on a bike.
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 @WAKIdesigns: also, the Wao wheels are the first wheels I have ridden in 15 years that I didn't lace myself and have lasted this long (albeit only half a season thus far)
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 Your not even a hard rider lol. That’s funny you can you don’t trust it for dh but your riding at much lower level than most who don’t break them @WAKIdesigns:
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 @mgrantorser: right nipples, well, how are anodized prolocks not right? Perhaps WAO has some state of the art nipple bed shape. Maybe they lube everything when building the wheel, so anodizing doesn’t get stripped off when tensioning the wheel. I have seen several carbon rims with anodized alloy nipples and... cocaine around spoke holes. Once you get a major sealant leak into the rim cavity, like spoke going through the tape (did it twice on LBs) the things are in motion and cannot be undone. I am disgusted by alloy nipples in general. Works of satan
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 @WAKIdesigns: You're getting downvoted but you speak the truth. People obviously love to justify their expensive purchase. I have never seen or heard someone spend that much and then admit they don't like them. But I have personally seen two people ride carbon for a couple years, then end up back on aluminum. I'm of the same mind... expensive for no weight benefit and a worse, harsh ride. The only way I can see the argument is if you happen to destroy multiple wheels a year. I don't and I use CushCore for much more than just the wheel saving benefits. I also race 5 to 7 enduros a year... and yes it's just for fun, but destroying a wheel mid race, ruins my whole race, flushes the work and entry down the tube... and will I get a new wheel in time for the next race? Or at least in time to pre-ride and train for it? I'll stick with aluminum. I also ride a bike with a 157 rear end which allows you to build a bomb proof aluminum wheel as well.
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 No doubt great wheels, but those 30mm rims are either 485g or 580g depending on model for 27.5 size, a tiny weight savings over aluminum.
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ENVE M635 29 - 35mm - 446g
Ibis S35 29 - 35mm - 445g
Stans Barron 29 - 35mm - 455g
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 we are one for life!
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 I found I9 wheels in clearance from Jenson, the best dollar spent. Period. Full retail price hurts a little. I do have some 3 year old carbon NOBL 27mm rims built with hope and triple b race spokes, good compliance 1650 G wheelset, that's pre WAO if you know what I mean. Ride good, game changer after riding stans.. Used this wheelsset exclusively on alloy bikes.... Then grabbed a mixed I9 set, I9 trail 32h torch rear ( id)+I9 enduro S front (30mm ID, SP steel spokes) and this wheelsset its very light, stiff enough and bombproof.. 750usd in discount.. So there is that. Both are light, stiff enough before being harsh, just alloy I9s won't explode if you happen to screw up hard enough mid race
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 @MorganBH: exactly. Never going back to alloy for this reason alone.
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 best wheels out there!
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 @islandforlife: How about those of us that don't pay for wheels? I don't, and I won't use anything but carbon if I have a choice. I'm not justifying anything, they just perform better.
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 @Hayek: yep. Especially for a rear wheel. I was going through about two rims a year. Adds up quick. Now, if you're changing bikes super regularly, it probably doesn't make sense, as your wheels might not fit, but if you're hard on wheels, and hold onto a bike for more than a couple years, it can be cheaper.
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 @hardcore-hardtail: I have broken two Santa Cruz Reserve rims doing really stupid riding. They were replaced and I like the warranty process. On the same stupid riding spots I have been running the S35’s with exo casing front, DD rear. 20psi F, 22psi R. Never had a ding so far, and they are lighter. Ibis wheels are legit.
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 Would you say it's worth a $500 upgrade for WAO Faction vs I9 trail S wheelset?
Building a Ibis Ripley for Michigan singletrack and machine built flow trails with tech features. I'm 220 rider weight so the 28 spoke I9 is close to the limit (230)
Both discounted the WAO is $500 premium, I can swing but is it worth the $$$? Thanks
1) WAO Faction w I9 101, 32spoke 1740gm
2) I9 Trail S w/I9 101, 28spoke 1700gm
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 @no1000: are they worth $500 premium over a good I9 alum Trail S wheelset?
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 What is a value-oriented carbon wheelset? For only $1600US you can find out now!
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 A corvette is just a poor mans Ferrari - it’s all relative
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 I bought a pair of i9 enduro/hydra alloy wheels with a coupon over the holidays for $750. I'd definitely rather have 2 pairs of them than 1 of the carbon version. But then again, I am a practical person.
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 @foggnm: most people (not mtb’ers) would argue $750 is not practical for a set of bicycle wheels - and their not wrong but not necessarily right either
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: and then There you are in your Corvette or some lower Ferrari model, waiting for green light and a Tesla dual motor filled with 4 young a*sholes stops by and you really don’t want to look any of them in the eyes... that’s what DT Swiss or Newmen alloy rims are...yes you are kind of on the upside here but...
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 @WAKIdesigns: I drive a 09 xterra....
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 I was always told "Buy Cheap, Buy Twice". So, after the last couple of years there are either a lot of people keeping quiet about busted cheap carbon hoops, or someone else is getting gouged.
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 i beat the crap out of my lightbike carbon hoops.
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 @Snowrydr01 I picked up a wheelset from a buddy that the rear is a Loaded Precision but I have to build the front up. Was going to do an alloy but remembered the Light Bicycle brand. Figure I stand a better chance of reselling the wheels later if both rims are carbon.

Did you order direct or can a dealer order?
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 @blowmyfuse: mine actually came pre beaten up when I bought the bike used. Previous owned raced it, I road it hard and raced it and used it on very rocky terrain. My buddy re-laced it becuase the nipples were cracking and said he was shocked by how true and round it was.
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 "buy it nice or buy it twice"
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 Sweet. I'll be looking at these as an option for my next bike cause I'm tired of constantly truing aluminum wheelsets.
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 I used to get all excited about carbon rims, but several failures later, I feel good about smashing the iliving hell out of my DT-Swiss alu rims. Cause if Ritchey cant break em and they are good enough for him . . . .
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 @noplacelikeloam +1 DT ex511, xm481 owner
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 By this time last year I had destroyed 2 Stans Flow's and a RaceFace ARC. One of the Stans had a puncture through the rim. I have been absolutely smashing the shit out of SC Reserve this season, so far haven't even needed a true, my alloy wheels on the other hand been in the truing stand already this season. Not saying what works for me is good for everybody but this is the most trouble/maintenance free wheel I have ever had
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 Thoose are horrible soft rims tho so it’s hard to put a low end rim up against a high end carbon rim @artistformlyknowasdan:
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: Try and break some EX1501's or EX511's. . . jus saying. The rims you were riding are soft as cheese, not surprised you hated them.
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 @noplacelikeloam: been there done that
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: should get on the EWS then! Clearly a beast!
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 @noplacelikeloam: I have never had good luck with DT rims, if u want alloy that tough AF Mavic EX 729
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 @noplacelikeloam: I bet Ritchie breaks wheels. No way a person can ride like that and not. But he’s got a mechanic and DT Swiss that keep him rolling.
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 I still don't think anybody comes close to a wheelset built by Nobl. Incredible build quality and strength. $1500 for their new rims laced to I9 Hydra hubs, and their customer service is awesome.
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 Still dunno. I built myself a pretty solid DT wheelset with 350 hubs, 54t star ratchet, and M502 alloy rims for around 450-500 USD. Easy to repair / maintenance, it has Center Lock (using XTR rotors). Riding a bit 'aggressive' enduro / trail and no issues so far after 6 months.
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 We Are One for president
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 you mean prime minister?
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 DT Swiss 29" 30mm ATSM 5 aluminum = 635g

Enve 29" 30mm ATSM 5 carbon = 672g
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 Roval carbon = 109kg max
Roval aluminum = no limit rider
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 Good carbon rims and hubs like CK are game changers. I would rather spend a large portion of my mtb investment here than elsewhere.
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 You can get We are one unions complete with hydra hubs for less than 1400$, I don't see how the i9 rims can compete with that.
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 For some reason I thought i9 started using WR1 rims on their carbon offerings a year or so ago. Has this changed?
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 I9 Uses custom layup and shaped WAO rims.
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 @astro99: Not sure that’s the case in these new wheels? Didn’t say that in the article. Would be nice to hear I9 confirm.
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 @covekid: These are made by Reynolds with custom i9 profiles - using the same tech as their premier Black Label line. Our alloy spoke system carbon wheels are laced up to We Are One rims.
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 Let's play a little game.
We are one Unions with hydra hubs cost 1875 CAD.
Let's convert it to USD: $1400.
Now let's get the official European price: £1760/€1958.
What happens if we convert it back to CAD: 2992 CAD.

well, SC Reserve wheels on i9 can be actually bought €300 cheaper here
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 @IndustryNineOfficial: Thank you for the transparency and clarification.
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 Light Bicycle EN933 + Hydras + Sapim Race Spokes + Nipples + DIY energy = $900
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 NOBL also has some competitive prices
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 @IndustryNineOfficial: Good on you for owning your outsourcing, for comparative discussion. Respectable!
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 I think the point here is that there are lots of competitive options so you can be choosy about one spec or another which is nice. Maybe 28mm isn't to your liking, ok there's other brands that have 29mm, 30mm, 35mm, etc. with similar specs otherwise and pricing. There is no right or wrong answer. For me i prefer a wider profile on a carbon rim so I can run lower pressures. I get the light weight but don't feel the trail chatter as much because I'm usually running 18-21PSI.
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 @skyrez18: isn't it nice to support local industry though?
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 @skyrez18: particularly given nobl (rebadged lightbicycle) costs as much as Wao?
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 Are we on the same we are one site? They sell wheels with I9 1/1 hubs for $1400 USD, same price that I paid for mine prior to the downtime code a few months back
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 Where do you get 1400$ WR1 hydra wheels? :o? I’ll buy
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 @mgrantorser: are the NOBL Sine wave wheels rebranded too?
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 @onlyDH: i got my unions with hydra for $1450 last year with the downtime podcast code.
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 @Daxdagr8t: that code doesn’t work anymore, so full price it is for everyone.

Still not a terrible price, but not the numbers that people in here are throwing around
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 These hubs will work with normal aluminum i9 spokes?, or the thread for the sapim and for the i9's is different?
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 They are different. The steel spokes are traditional J-Bend. Aluminum are straight pull.
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 These are different hubs. These use standard sapim straight-pull spokes with a nipple on the rim end, whereas the alloy spokes thread directly into the hubs
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 Idiots. Go to work or go ride in the woods . Wasting yer time calculating yer next debt . Pointless
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 What a value?! Who wrote that? Elon Musk?
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 love that i9 is a local company but dang, I'll have to see if I can live without this other kidney if I want to buy a pair of wheels I guess...
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 Didn't I just read this headline a month ago?
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 Is the gun with i9 not in the hookless aluminium spokes?
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