Whistler RAW - Reece (Addison) Wallace and the Industry Nine Grade300 Wheels

Aug 14, 2017
by Richard Cunningham  

bigquotesIndustry Nine launched their Grade downhill wheels a short while ago and earned a strong following, but the lessons learned in the development process inspired them to delve further into the gravity realm. Their second-generation Grade300 wheel is based around a new, 30-millimeter internal-width aluminum rim and it arrives at the petulant moment, while downhill and enduro enthusiasts are questioning the value of malleable, aluminum over carbon fiber rims. More specifically, their failure modes.

Carbon promises greater strength and lighter weight, but it breaks when it reaches failure; while malleable aluminum's reduced strength and shorter lifespan are offset by the possibility that a ruined wheel may stay in one piece long enough to save a race run. Industry Nine's hand-built wheels, with their anodized colors, trademark aluminum spokes, direct-mount hub design, and their rapid-engagement freehub, narrows the price gap between carbon and aluminum wheels, and at the same time, approaches the strength to weight advantage of carbon. The following press release outlines the finer aspects of Industry Nine's new wheelset.

Wheels less than ten

Press Release: Industry Nine Grade300 Wheels

The all new Grade300 downhill wheelset is ready for anything the mountain can dish out. Our engineers worked extensively with our team riders to figure out how to make the already great Grade even better. We think they nailed it.

Tech Highlights:

Improved strength and dent resistance: Tapered bead wall and down wall construction puts additional material in the impact zone and buttresses the bead wall to resist deformation under impacts.

Significantly improved strength to weight ratio: FEA optimized profile offers a much higher yield threshold at essentially the same weight as the original Grade.

Optimized Inner rim-width: Slightly wider inner-width for improved sidewall support under hard cornering. However, the 30mm IW retains compatibility with most common DH tires on the market.
Wheels less than ten

Wider bead seat: For improved tubeless performance and resistance to burping air.

Narrower bead channel: For easier tubeless inflation.

We gave the Grade300 a complete face lift. We stretched the rim to a 30mm inner width while adding material to the bead wall for increased durability. All while not adding any extra weight. This new rim, combined with our System spoke and Torch hub chassis makes for one incredibly strong wheelset weighing in at 1880g for 27.5" and 2,000g for 29" this wheelset is stout enough for park laps but still light enough for race day. Rounding out the new look are our new and improved rim graphics. A major departure from our graphics of old.

Grade300 wheelsets come built with Grade spokes, which are thicker than our normal trail spokes for added stiffness and durability. All wheelsets are available in any of our 11 anodized colors, and in any pattern you can think of using our AnoLab page.

Wheels less than ten

For more information about Grade300 wheels visit Industry Nine.
Video by: Matt Butterworth

MENTIONS: @IndustryNineOfficial


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 I know that I9 makes an excellent product that is worthy of all the praise it gets, but when the phrase "narrows the price gap between carbon and aluminum wheels" is used, I think all riders would hope it is used in regards to making carbon wheels more affordable, rather than having aluminum wheels more expensive.
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 I thought exactly the same and came here to look if anyone had already written it. Well, I didn't have to look very far. I hope it doesn't become a trend others start to follow, narrowing the price gap between carbon and aluminium.
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 Evil Marketing...
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 Exactly what I was thinking readind this. I was convinced they were marketing a carbon wheel at a more aluminum price, not the other way around. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't price still a pretty prominent consideration when buying alloy wheels over carbon? Mega marketing fail.
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 @Trudeez: Team robot would have destroyed this release just like they did the new crank bros wheels a few years ago.
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 @Trudeez: Since Richard Cunningham wrote that comment, it's in no way a marketing failure on the part of Industry Nine. If you read the rest of his comment he touches on the fact that they're nearly as strong and stiff as carbon, and they're still a lot less expensive. Have you ridden I-9 system wheels? Have you ridden carbon hoops on J-bend hubs to compare the two? I have, and I'll take the alloy hoop on the I-9 alloy spokes every day. While the carbon hoops do have a cool damping effect on the terrain, the overall rigidity of the I-9's and the instant engagement makes them better IMO. Plus, that grade hoop is $120 replace as opposed to nearly $800 for a Reynolds whatever mountain rim, so I think the gap is still pretty wide.
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 @Satanslittlehelper: LB rims are far cheaper than the $800 Reynolds.... Smile
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 @hitarpotar: Correct, and I could build you a better rim out of dead fish and popsicle sticks.
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 @Satanslittlehelper: have you read the people's opinions on the latest LB rims? Smile
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flag jozefk (Aug 15, 2017 at 8:28) (Below Threshold)
 Thicker spokes for added stiffness... BS... there is no stretch in a spoke at all.... whatever thickness...
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 He only really tested out the back wheel
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 Scrolled down for this comment. Was not disappointed.
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 I never thought I say that - too much wheelie ;-)
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 My god that front flip looked beautiful
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 I did NOT see that coming
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 Their website says $1270 to $1475 depending on the choice of spoke colors. You can buy three sets of Hope wheels for that.
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 You forgot to factor in Bro discounts...
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 @macross87: four sets
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 Well done with the new graphics, I9. Big improvement.
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 Yes!!!!! I was about to pull the trigger on the Enduros for my new Fuel, but these new Grade300 wheels are slick! My old Grade wheelset has been flawless for the past 3 years. Gotta love I9 from NC!
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 I have i9's.......I love them.......I cannot ride like this.........
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 After riding multiple different companies and destroying wheels , the only ones that withstand my abuse and last are i9. Just destroyed a brand new pair of e13's and ditching them for the grades. I9 rocks period!
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 I9 has one of the best customer service. Just send them an email and they respond quickly. They have taken care of me recently, no hassle, no fuss. Have turned five of my friends to I9 because of my great experience and high POE is quite addicting.
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 Love the buzz of the i9 FH ...sounds like a pack o' hornets on his 6 the whole way down!
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 My friend had a set of I9's on his RM Thunderbold BC, they looked great. He let me ride it and not only did they get lots of attention for how awesome they look but the noise they make is even more striking. They should be endorsed by chiropractors because people were snapping their necks trying to see what was making that beautiful sound.
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flag clarky78 (Aug 14, 2017 at 11:52) (Below Threshold)
 Gotta say I think they sound bloody annoying. Like the didnt add any grease or oil on the pawls so it sounds like metal on metal, dry.. Would drive me nuts.
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 I like it!

I was just thinking, would be cool is available in other colors... then BAM! anolab.industrynine.com
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 ".. it arrives at the petulant moment..." .. as in the childish moment? I'm pretty sure it's the penultimate moment for that sort of behavior from the bike companies as we debate the reasonableness of $2k carbon fiber wheels that weigh the same as $500 aluminum wheelsets that don't shatter at the first pinch flat.
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 I'm not even sure what they thought they meant. "Petulant moment"?

At least there's a pleasing Reece Wallace video to soothe the disgust of my inner English major.
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 That crank flip was perfection!
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 Smooth. Very, very, very smooth.
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 Thinking of getting a new Demo and these will look at home on it Big Grin
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 Sitting at the Metallica concert. Watching this video instead
#realtalent # notamiddleagehack
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 That was an awesome video, sick riding. I'm having a brain snap though and cant recall anything about Reece Wallace...
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 That was some seriously beautiful bike handling.
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 that front flip was so dialed...the entire run was super dialed!
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 where can you get i9 hubs in the UK? wouldn't mind these hubs on some alloy rims
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 26 inch please !!!!! #Imdirtjumper
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 Yeah after lusting for i9s since seeing them back in 2006 in North Carolina I was pretty disappointed when their rep told me they are not available in 26.
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 double post
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 They have both the first generation grade rims in 26 and the newer Enduro 305 in 26.
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 @Satanslittlehelper: but unfortunately they don't have any short spokes left in stock, and they have no plans to make any more.

Not to worry, just go down to your LBS and get some DT or Salim spokes. They are good too, but you won't get the fancy colours.
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 @jaame: Not true, just like I said, they offer the original Grade and they just started stocking the Enduro 305 rim in 26. Why would they stock rims exclusive to their aluminum spoke design and not provide spokes for it? I live literally 2 miles from the facility and stop by often to chat with my buddy Dave who works in sales there. Shoot them an email and you can find out for yourself. To my knowledge the only spokes they're not making anymore are the ones for the original design that was before the current Torch platform, which they call Legacy.
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 @choppertank3e: You can send in any rim for the most part to I9 ad have them built on the I9 Hub spoke chassis
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 @Satanslittlehelper: Dave is a cool dude for sho
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 The new Grade 300 is available in 26"
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 26" are coming! They will just take a little longer.
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 @IndustryNineOfficial: having a 9t driver with bolt on option would be pretty rad for the dirt jumpers too.
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 I do miss that sound!!
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 Trust Pinkbike to litter their articles, with unnecessary, commas.
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 On my tombstone it's going to say, "died from product demonstration overload".
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 Can you use the spokes in another brand of hub? They look awesome...
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 The spokes only work with our hubs. They are straight pull, and thread into our System hubs.
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 @IndustryNineOfficial: Thanks for the reply!
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 @IndustryNineOfficial: You no longer make standard flanged hubs?
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 @iamamodel: we still make regular hubs for J-bend spokes. We call them the Classic. They come in all 11 colors either centerlock or 6bolt disc versions
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 I bought a couple sets back in 2008. One for my dh and on for a ds bike. The wheels are beautiful and stiff - but I always felt like they had a lot more drag than a standard wheels. Anyone else thought this?
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 That is a gorgeous set of wheels. Probably very pricey though...
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 They are pretty. How long do they stay that way though? Don't know I'd spend that much on a dh/park wheelset with expectations of keeping them stratch free.
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 @sutter2k: I'd like to say this is why I don't spend that much money on my day to day mtb kit, but I'd be kidding myself.

If I could afford it, I WOULD trash it though.
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 carbon is dead
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