First Look: Industry Nine Trail S

Aug 6, 2015
by Industry Nine  
Industry Nine Trail S images

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Industry Nine releases all new Trail S Mountain Bike wheelset. Quality, Performance, and  Value. Handmade in Asheville, NC


Industry Nine Trail S images
Industry Nine Trail S images

Industry Nine, an innovative cycling components manufacturer in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, is pleased to announce the Torch Trail S mountain bike wheelset. The Trail S offers outstanding performance, and quality Industry Nine craftsmanship at a class leading value. This wheelset was designed from the ground up to provide the features Industry Nine Torch Series wheels are known for – high engagement hubs, excellent stiffness-weight ratio, easy endcap compatibility, and modern tubeless-ready rims. As with all Industry Nine wheelsets, every pair of Trail S wheels is Handmade in Asheville, NC.

Industry Nine Trail S images
Industry Nine Trail S images

Building on the well-received lineup of Torch Mountain system complete wheelsets, the Torch Trail S utilizes proven Torch Mountain hub and rim technology configured for straight-pull steel spokes - allowing a wider range of riders to experience Industry Nine’s legendary wheelsets. Dressed in an attractive black and silver colorway, the Trail S provides a classic aesthetic and an improvement in performance riders will appreciate immediately.

The heart of the Trail S is an all-new hub design - Industry Nine’s first straight-pull steel spoke mountain bike hubset. Trail S wheelsets employ a 28 hole stacked hub flange maximizing the spoke bracing angle to increase lateral stiffness. Spokes are laced tangentially to the hub flange, which promotes long term durability, since opposing spoke forces cancel each other out, removing most of the spoke stress from the hub flanges. This also allows greater control over bearing press tolerances during the machining phase of hub production, since the hub shell is not under tension.

Industry Nine Trail S images
Industry Nine Trail S images

Internally, Torch S-series hubs employ three A2 tool steel pawls and 60 tooth drivering, which are cut with a wire EDM process for exceptional accuracy and strength. This provides a 6 degree/60 point engagement range, allowing for exceptional power transfer and responsiveness in technical terrain. The S-series hubs featured on the Trail S utilize established and proven Torch Mountain system components. Axles, seals, endcap kits, drivering, pawls, and bearing sizes are shared throughout the Industry Nine Mountain, Fatbike and Torch Classic Flanged Mountain hub lineup allowing for easy access to replacement parts. S-series hubs are also directly compatible with Industry Nine’s existing 6 pawl freehubs (which are available as an upgrade option).

Industry Nine Trail S images
Industry Nine Trail S images

Tying the hub and rims together, the Trail S wheels utilize Sapim Race butted spokes and Secure Lock DS nipples for years of problem free use and near universal serviceability.

To complete the package, Trail S wheels feature an all-new rim profile. Featuring design elements introduced with our premium aluminum spoked Torch Mountain System wheelsets, the new Trail S rim is the perfect balance of weight, width, and features. Making use of 6000 series Performance Alloy, the Trail S complements modern mountain bike tires with dimensions that provide excellent tire support and a competitive weight. Sporting a 24.5mm inner width, 28.5mm outer width, minimal bead hooks, and an optimized bead seat profile, the new Trail S rims offer exceptional tire performance with or without tubes. Wheels ship ready to ride with Industry Nine tubeless tape and valves installed. Trail S rims feature laser etched graphics, which offer a refined and neutral aesthetic that complements any bike.

Industry Nine Trail S images
Industry Nine Trail S images

Industry Nine is keenly aware of the need for products to achieve a combination of quality, serviceability, and performance at a great value. The Torch Trail S is the solution to the rider wanting made in the US quality, and proven Torch Series refinements - all in an approachable complete wheelset package. Quality. Performance. Value. Pick all three with Industry Nine Trail S.

Common hub configurations are available from your local Industry Nine dealer and select online retailers now. Boost hub configurations Coming Soon!

Industry Nine Trail S images
Industry Nine Trail S images
I9 PR image

Industry Nine Trail S Overview:

  • Handmade in Asheville, NC. with new Torch S 28 hole straight-pull hubs
  • Trail S alloy rim - 28.5mm outer width/24.5mm inner width. Laser etched logos

  • Sapim Race butted stainless steel spokes paired with Sapim Secure Lock Double Square nipples

  • 3 pawl/6 degree freehub*   *(Optional 6 pawl/3 degree freehub + $50)

  • Compatible with standard Torch Mountain series Freehub and endcap kits

  • Tubeless ready - comes ready to ride with tape and valves installed

  • Available in one tasteful colorway - black hubs, rims, and nipples with silver spokes

  • Front axle configurations - QR, 9mm thru, 15x100, 20x110, and 15x110 “Boost” with optional 31mm Rock Shox compatible “Torque Caps”

  • Rear axle configurations - QR135, 10x135, 12x135, 12x142, and 12x148 “Boost”

  • SRAM XD1 and Shimano HG freehub bodies available

  • Weights - 1635g 27.5" // 1690g 29"

  • MSRP $845

MENTIONS: @IndustryNineOfficial


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 So looks like this is about the cheapest way to get into an i9 wheelset.... though if you're going this far you may just consider going all in and paying a little more to get into their premium and pimpin' anodized options. If I go i9 I want everyone to be able to notice it from 100 meters away.
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 wheelset, yes. But they make standard j-bend hubs as well as their custom stuff, buy a set of those & build them up with other brands rims, you can get in cheaper(especially if you count that your purchased hubs will include the high engagement driver that these don't.)
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 The whole point of i9 is to have a high-engagement hub. Just throw it in you cheap bastards! PS. I love i9 hubs and I've owned several pair.
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 On my first pair (that I got second hand for $80, & spent $70 to replace the fried bearings.) Not certain that I'll buy I-9 again, but I'm addicted to the feeling of high engagement hubs. I love being able to throw those little "microcranks" in to add speed, feels awesome.
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 What grog said... (first post). I had the Torch Trail set on my 29er and loved it. Beat the rims up, replaced a few spokes, and relaced to their Enduro rims, and loved that, too. Went to a 650 bike and built up with Torch Classic hubs (high engagement is like crack) and Flows. I'd have gone with the Enduro set again, but for my lack of success finding an affordable carbon rim that'd work with those alu spokes. Now I have an affordable set of wheels with the option to more cheaply upgrade to carbon when I beat my Flows to hell, or sooner, whichever comes first. I do miss the stiffness the alu provided (it's noticeable, even downsizing my wheel size) - their high end alu rimmed wheel set is more than just bling - but I figure I'll make that up and then some when I go carbon.
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 I honestly feel that 25 mil internal diameter is just about perfect. It has a perfect tire profile from 2.10 -2.5 especially with current tire tread patterns. In my opinion. And from looking at what all pro downhill and enduro guys are on. Wide is a bit of a fad. Yes. Wide offers more traction, and it might make an average rider a bit more confident. But it's cernaintly not going to lower you're rolling resistance. And most defiantly isn't make or break in terms of cornering performance. Just look at the podium in any professional gravity or semi gravity event. Also I9 is a good brand with a lot of serious riders helping to design and test their equipment. I'm sure they didn't stumble on this width by accident !
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flag twoplanker (Aug 6, 2015 at 16:59) (Below Threshold)
 I am an average rider. Wide Ibis 941s made me a better rider. I'm having more fun. I win.
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 pricing not bad considering what a pair of their hubs go for, but I have to question releasing 24.5mm internal rims at the tail end of 2015. WTB is putting 35mm internal rims out in the next few weeks, most of the carbon options are wider already.

I wonder how much they charge for the freehub upgrade? That's probably the only thing setting these apart from a pair of their j-bend hubs.
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 Doesn't Aaron Gwin race on 25mm internal width rims? Going wider than necessary just means more weight and a bit of e-cred
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flag groghunter (Aug 6, 2015 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
 Racers will take weight loss over absolute performance, when faced with having to choose between the two, because light means faster, & their skillset can make up the difference. Also, gwin could switch to a wider rim tomorrow, most of us will be riding a wheelset for 3+ years, & need it to be future proof at least that long.

Just like new tires not showing up for 26" anymore, by 3 years from now, new tires are going to look like these maxxis tires: & you'll be sad if you buy a wheelset now that can't take advantage.
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 @groghunter The free hub upgrade is $50. It says above.
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 Some prefer the feel of a rim around that width. I have zero experience on wide rims, but I've had more than one wheel builder with plenty tell me that 25-26 is "optimal". Current tire choice may have something to do with that, but when countless pros are running Flows, 471's, SL Fattie, even down to 1501's, I don't think the utter demise of "rims that used to be considered wide" is imminent.
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 Would you have predicted 3 years ago how sparse new product for 26" is now? I can't think of one new wheelset announced this year that actually offers 26" as an option. Only a few new tires. And yet, there was maybe one or two gravity racers in the world using any other wheelsize in 2012.

Basing your buying decisions on what racers run is silly, unless you replace your bike as often as racers do.
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 But the 25mm inner width EX471 rim holds the tires that Aaron Gwin absolutely RIPS corners on. Aren't wider rims all about holding your tire better?
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 Facepalm did you read, like, any of what I said? Gwin won't be riding the same wheelset 3 years from now(heck, he's probably gone through 3+ in the last 2 days.) Can you rip corners almost as well on a 1.8" tire(or no tire?) Gwin (& every other racer on circuit) can. He could have a tire that was more durable, & had better grip, on a wider rim, but like every racer ever, he balances grip with wheel weight, because lighter wheels make him faster. Are you going to change what rim model you're using as often as he can(especially on a wheelset with expensive straight pull spokes?) Cause when his tire sponsor shows up with tires that have a profile like that maxxis prototype, he'll be moving up to wider rims to use them. In fact, I'd guess he's eagerly awaiting it, since he's a moto guy, & moto wheels + tires look a lot more like that prototype than they do current MTB tires. Dead Horse
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 But if the tire stays on for Gwin, it will definitely stay on for me... Why would a measly non-WC rider need wider rims then?
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 Who said anything about making buying decisions based on what pros run? I said some obviously prefer what a rim around that width has to offer, citing local wheel builders and pros as examples.

You don't think Aaron Gwin can choose whatever rim he wants? Curtis Keene? Jared Graves? These guys are running 25 or smaller, and that's a deliberate choice.

Not everything has to go extinct. You can run a wide variety of tires on a wide variety of rims. 26 going Dodo is a false comparison.
  • 1 3
 yea, referencing what pros run several times when making your arguments doesn't suggest that they're influencing your decisions.

Pros run what they want, provided their sponsor makes it. Gwin & Graves are riding one of the wider rims DT swiss makes.

Curtis Keene is running roval traverse fatties, so you actually don't even know what you're talking about. those are 30mm internal.,7730/Curtis-Keenes-Roval-Traverse-Fattie-SL-Wheels,80094/sspomer,2

I've actually experimented with this stuff. I have a WTB scraper, & I've tried several of the 27.5+ tires on both it and a flow EX. Those tires already have shorter sidewalls, & the difference between running them on a wide rim & a 25mm is night & day.

but hey, we need somebody to moan in articles announcing new tires that they won't fit their wheels, just like we have in every tire announcement now(that doesn't include 26" as a size, which is most of them.)
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 Yeah, I'll eat crow re: Keene, but quit trying to tell me I run what I run because pros do. I have absolutely nothing against wide rims - I'm running Flows on a new wheelset with any eye toward going to wide carbons in the future.

Point is, plenty of experienced people disagree that wider is unequivocally better. Again, current tire choice may have a lot to do with that, and that's likely to change in the future.

Besides, if you're riding the same rim for 3+ years, you probably don't ride stuff where a wide rim is needed (bike path, boardwalk, fire roads). Longest any set of rims has lasted me is about 18 months.
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 I weigh 155. I usually can sell every old wheelset I ride. & some people can't afford to replace their wheelset even when it IS beat.
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 Nice trick putting the wheel diameter at the end of the write up. Good thing I'm a scroller and saved myself the time. Nice specs otherwise, though.
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 Only trail? No enduro?
  • 3 0
 Whats the weight limit on these? Other I9 rims are not clydesdale friendly.
  • 2 0
 Site says 230. My first question too.
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 Wonder if he shaved his legs just for that pic?
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 They look nice but there is nothing new or innovative, and are overpriced. For $372 you can build spank/MTB270 wheelset that weighs 1633g. Or for $200 more use carbon light bicycle rims and shave another 200g off. Plus you can choose from many colors.
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 definitely did not re-invent the wheel here
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 C'mon. Your engagement is quick, but you Spoke / Butted in too soon and I think you can wheelie do better.
  • 5 0
 we are at our free wheel to say what we please
  • 2 1
 with the industry moving to carbon rims Ind. Nine had to search with torch for what people need and engage fast to adapt to the wide tyre market. With only black as colour way they may need to lower the value in order to not having to boost their hooks for nipple turning stress.
  • 2 0
 It's time to pick a rear hub spacing and be a d!ck about it
  • 8 7
 Seem to be proud of the "made in N.C." So is a lot of crystal meth. So i've HEARD.
  • 2 0
 Silver spokes >.
  • 1 0
 LOL @ Impact XVi and lycra!
  • 1 0
 What shoes are those again?
  • 2 1
 Ankle tats are cute!
  • 1 1
 Boost 157 FTW

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