Ines Thoma to Miss EWS Zermatt Due to Thyroid Issues

Aug 26, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Ines Thoma's name was on the EWS Zermatt start list, but today she announced that she will not be competing after a blood test revealed that thyroid issues she suffered from in 2015 have returned. Thoma finished seventh overall in the Enduro World Series last year racing for Canyon Factory.

bigquotes"Be strong because things will get better. It might be stormy now but it will not rain forever.”

Even though individual issues don’t seem to matter in the bigger picture, it kinda breaks my heart that I will not race the @world_enduro in Zermatt this weekend. We found out on a blood test last Friday, that the thyroid issues I have had in 2015 came back and I decided together with the doctors and my coach today that the race will not happen for me. After training constantly for all these months, even with the lockdown, and feeling really strong in all races I did so far, a super hard decision. But everybody who knows me better also knows, that I would 100% be at the start line if I could.

Good luck to all my friends racing!! And good luck to my @canyon_cllctv team members @dim_tordo and @jackmoir_
Ines Thoma

We've reached out to Thoma to learn more.

Ines Thoma just a ew seconds off the podium in 4th
Ines Thoma finished 4th in 2019 at EWS Zermatt.


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 Go suck an egg, 2020.
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 @Mike-on-a-bike: Not sure what you mean, you are so prolific with your prose.
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 I had a tumor on my thyroid and had to have half of it removed. I felt fine before and after that but have bounced around different thyroid meds since. So many things can be contributing factors but certainly fatigue, over training and not recovering or sleeping enough can take it's toll on your thyroid. Gut health can contribute too. I hope Ines gets it all addressed and can ride on.
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 Noooooo! At least this season is not such a bad one to miss, heal up Ines and I am all ready looking forward to the smile I will have when I see your name back on the start list. Stay strong.
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 So who is racing in this season?
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 No Americans, that's forsure.
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 Bike companies are going to ship their teams frames around to each race and one person is going to ghost ride them off the start gate. Whoever’s bike rolls the farthest wins.
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 We're doing race wars instead
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 @z-man: we tend to take out our covid frustration (i.e. project our insecurities) on Starbucks employees, so it's safe to say that we have a long way to go.
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 Why are There Random capital Letters in The headline?
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 Sarah hates the word "to"
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 Ines is from Germany, in german you write the nouns with a capital letter. Maybe that's why! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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 Title Case, I’m not sure which, if any style guide Pinkbike use, but Chicago/NY Times are common journalistic ones.
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 Healing vibes to Ines. You will be missed! But You know it’s easy for us couch surfers to complain about who is and isn’t racing this year but for someone, probably a local hero the international scene has never heard of, this will be the opportunity of a life time to gain the big results needed to make the next step.

At the end of the day, pro racing is nothing more than a very large crowdfunded marketing bonanza. The names will change but the production will be the same.
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 How about an explanation of what those Latin words mean for us who don't work in hospitals?
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 Which Latin words?
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 these are all latin words
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 awesome view of lake.. looks familar , dolomites italy ?
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 Wishing you a speedy recovery Smile
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 Thanks a lot everybody! Can’t wait to race again!
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 get well soon

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