Injury Update: Brayden Barrett-Hay Is Back

Apr 1, 2014
by Brad Scholl  

Brayden Barret-Hay is back! Eight months after a traumatic brain injury almost killed him and ended his mountain biking career the boy wonder is riding again like a man possessed. If the injury taught him anything it's that he won't live in fear and he's got to take advantage of every second to realize his dreams. Check out this inspirational video and get inspired to go out and ride.

Catch the first three episodes here:
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3

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 This is incredible Smile
I saw him drop in at Joyride and suffer that horrific crash...this just shows what he can really do on a bike! Smile

Well done Brayden! Look forward to seeing more of your videos Smile
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 I hope he wins crankworx this year to make up for it
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 Ohhh what a more than welcome change from all the AFD posts!!! Dude those combos!!!!! Bar to pendulum, truck to tuck & that super seat 3!!!!!! BBH is back in business!!!!!
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 love the balance of sound and music they got there
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 Came back and he's better than ever haha keep killing it Brayden!
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 yaaa brayden!! when i met him at joyride just a few months after his injury i thought his riding was unreal, but this!!!
  • 1 0 much time and so light with his landings....the sound too.A life worth living that with all that talent. Keep safe.
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 don`t wanna live a life in fear....and then those jumps..Sick!
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 Right on this is solid keep it up man!
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 This was awesome! Keep up the hard work man, you've come along way
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 Awesome riding and a sweet come back from such a nasty injury.
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 To come back from such a crash is hard, but to come back so powerful and agile, is a miracle!
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 Looks like he's pretty dialed again can't wait to see how he goes this year in the fmb
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 Superb vid- mental riding, well filmed and with great audio. I forgot how much of an impact good audio can have. Loved it.
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 It was just because he's pro we care. If he had been some joey on the slopes you guys would care less it's a bummer but really.? No need to get your panties in a bunch
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 We had a local rider on one of the trails I ride in sussex have a similar head injury and I was more stoked to see him riding the other week after a year out. Yeah BBH my be a pro but saying that we would care less if it was a joey is bull dude. If any of the local guys and girls on our fave trail get hurt and have to stop for a time its like we lose family for that time as all of us have helped each other out at some point be it helping fix a puncher or calling the ambulance
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 So stoked to see you riding again dude. Cant wait to see you shred it up at crankworxs
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 What happened to make him crash
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 The sound of shredding
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 WOW... That was really awesome
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 Dat 360 whip at 1:14 tho
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 Episode 1: Sleeping Children Are Still Flying by Blue Sky Black Death
Episode 2: Broke (Remix) (Instrumental) by Kye Kye
Episode 3: Rock'it by Courtland Urbano
Episode 4: Drift by Lights & Motion
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