Injury Update: Lorenzo Suding

Aug 31, 2014
by Pinkbike Staff  
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What’s up with that Italian DH rider Lorenzo Suding?

"Hello mountainbikers. Some have noticed my absence at the races lately. On the 5th of July I fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed my van into two cement flower blocks, resulting in a serious brain trauma. FYI the flowers weren’t damaged. I was traveling alone in my van and thankfully no other people were involved. I fell into a coma and woke up in the hospital the next day. Although they found a few other older injuries, I didn’t know of, I got away with it with no further heavy injuries or broken bones. This way I was able to sign out after a couple of days. But it got worst, before it got any better.

Half the season passed before it happened, and I was preparing for the Italian Champs that week. I wasn’t able to defend my title, and worst of all, I wasn’t in shape to race the remaining three WCs and World Champs in Norway. Knowing that another trauma could be bad news I decided to take recovery seriously. The only person responsible for this is myself. Bryn and Jill were very cool about it and have helped me with their advice.

Many people worried and showed some love. Towards Team Norco International it felt like I let them down, along with my personal sponsors Exceptio Sport, Pila and all my supporters and friends. Brain traumas are a long and delicate thing. Everything feels strange. For me, it was like being in the body of someone totally different. A dazed and very confused guy that doesn’t know what’s next. All this thanks to some loss of memory, coordination, eyesight, motor functions and nausea. Although it goes slowly when you feel like this, time passes and luckily you go back to who you were. That period of time was definitely a very interesting experience. I had to face it and let my 2014 season finish early. We’ve all dealt with injuries, I’m not any different, I had to face it. The only thing left to do is wait until the day I can handle to ride my bike. I look forward to getting back to riding DH and competing.

My WC results this season: 26th Pietermarisburg, 20th Cairns, 30th Fort William, 42nd Leogang and I want to thank Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner for this great opportunity, taking me onto their program and I’m also very grateful to Exceptio Sport and Pila in the Sky for believing in me. Not to forget all of the team sponsors of team TNI, especially Norco Bycicles. For now I wish all the riders competing at Hafjell World Champs to ride it like they stole it. Stay clear of the pretty flowers. Looks can be deceiving…

-Lorenzo Suding


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 anyone who has had to drive a car a long distance knows how dangerous this can be and have all had a taste of nodding off... it's insanely scary. really happy to hear he's healing up and it wasn't as bad as it coulda been. always another season to ripper!
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 I once drove 300 miles without any recollection of it until the following morning. It is no laughing matter. It's good to see he is alive and recovering. Do not drive tired or exhausted. It can cost you your life, or someone else's.
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 I used to be a delivery driver over a 4-county area in Florida. I've had some dangerously close calls with nodding-off behind the wheel - in the middle of the afternoon, no less. When you're out there on your own and it happens, it's such a scary feeling.
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flag chyu (Aug 31, 2014 at 21:34) (Below Threshold)
 How's the van doing now?
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 This is why whenever I buzz the strips on the side of the road three times in one hour I always pull over at the next stop and take a nap. I (semi) frequently need to make 700 mile drives to and from school
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 Driving sleep deprived is statistically as dangerous as driving drunk. Take care Lorenzo, keep on gettin better brother!
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 @chyu You're a f*cking moron dude
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 @six66 It's actually been proven to be more dangerous than driving drunk.
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 You drive 700 miles to school and back? Is it up hill both ways?
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 I found myself nodding off today after a riding session on a trail 50 min away...

The Solution:

Pull off somewhere and take a 10-20min nap. It works. If u r still nodding off then pull off somewhere again and nap more.

Sometimes NO amount of caffeine or sugar will keep u from being drowsy and the only solution is a real nap.
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 Oh and I also drank a Red Bull which.... Did actually help tremendously as well....that and they host all the awesome WC coverage we love so... Smile
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 I wish Redbull was around 25yrs ago.

Fun fact - Redbull was originally produced for truck drivers in the Philippines (or somewhere nearby) to prevent them from falling asleep behind the wheel.
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 Pro dh rider, gets injured in a car crash... sometimes getting to races can be just as dangerous as riding in them. Heal up soon man
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 Driving a car is the most dangerous thing most of us will ever do during our entire lives
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 @mnorris, You might find this a bit Ironic but I find that Road Biking is more dangerous than DH. I'm serious, at least in DH we can control when and what we do but having cars and trucks on the road that do not want to share is a different thing and their is a great risk involved.

It's really nice to see that Lorenzo is doing much better and here's to hoping that Team Norco has him back for 2015.

All the Best Lorenzo Smile
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 @z05m, Don't forget their fellow roadies. I had to go to hospital in May with a broken wrist and collar bone from a DH crash. When the guy in the bed next to me found out how it happened he gave me a "Well, you clearly asked for it" kind of reply. When I asked what he were there for, he said the guy in front of him in a peloton had crashed, taking him down as well. Result; broken collar bone and concusion.

Go figure...
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 Remember your body is the most incredible machine youll ever have ,it has an incredible ability to recover,time is what you need, Take care and make it back soon.
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 Stay on DH bikes and stop driving. Hell, Shumacher steps one foot out of a friggin F1 monster on to a pair of skis and look what happened to him. Get well soon.
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 Keep up with the recovery, Lorenzo! Brain injuries are by far the scariest injuries to live with. I've had countless mild concussions over the years, so I can only imagine what you've had to endure. As much as you feel like you're letting your sponsors, etc down, you are not. Life happens and you definitely made the right decision in pulling the plug this season. You can always find new sponsors, but you only get one brain! I had a strained-back the week leading up to the one race I had planned on doing this year. As much as I wanted to go, I chose to use restraint and let it heal properly, knowing there's still time left in summer to ride more. As gutted as I was, I rode the next weekend and beyond.
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 TBI are the scariest. With broken bones you can see what's structurally wrong and fix it or compensate for it. If your brain is damaged you simply lose who you are. Heal up and take care.
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 FYI, it's spelled Suding. Get well soon Lorenzo.
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 Yeah Lorenzo. The man with the tailored racing jerseys. Come back soon.
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 The most sharply dressed Downhiller around.
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 Arguably that title might go to Gracia Wink but without a doubt Lorenzo is the most well versed in languages. I think he speaks 5 fluently.
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 giusto un paio di giorni dopo .. appena uscito dall'ospedale ti avevo visto ad Aosta in un pub, ma ho preferito non disturbarti: sembrava stessi bene. Ora leggo non era proprio così.. In bocca al lupo, rimettiti presto
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 Get well soon Lorenzo, keep it up, you are a strong guy ! I wanna see you back on track for 2k15 season kick off, gooo !!! :-D
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 Get well soon mate..
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 I feel his pain. I recently fell asleep at the wheel. Luckily it was just my car I messed up. Speedy recovery! !
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 I read the whole article trying to work out what a cement flower block is. Glad he's up and about though!
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 Lorenzo, get well. I hope to see you with Bryn and Jill again during the fall and winter riding season around Seattle.
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 Tornerai più forte di prima!
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 Good to hear your on the way to recovery. Good luck Lorenzo and see you next season.
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 Que bueno saber que estas recuperandote, mucha suerte y espero verte pronto en las pistas
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 Get well soon.
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 Heal quickly.
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 sending some healing vibes...
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 Get well soon Lorenzo!
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 *edit* whops, sorry.
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 I'm sure you'll come back faster than ever! Goditi un po' di riposo Lore!
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 pleased to know you'll be ok, best of luck on the road ahead! Smile
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 I wondered where you were... Fix up and come back strong. x
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 Forza Lorenzo!!!!! I want to see you in Windham next year!
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 good luck LorenzoSmile uwooww
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 good luck LorenzoSmile
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 Hope you get well soon!
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 Fuorcě Lorenzo!!
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 Your a f%cking chump!

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