Inside (Outside) The Tape: Red Bull Rampage 2019

Oct 24, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

Want to know what your favorite riders are up to at Red Bull Rampage 2019? Well, we talked to them to get the inside scoop on their lines and what their plans are.

Filmed & Edited by Logan Nelson

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 Brendon’s line is so freaking sketch. His canyon gap takeoff and landing look non-existent.
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 Yeah one of the most interesting lines for sure. You know he'll trick that gap.
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 Brendog won already with that line!
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 Dunno, might be too racy
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 @endlessblockades: he is probably going to flip the gap for shure, and still get 10th
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 you forgot "bike", "wheel", "suspension", "dirt", "jump", "jumps", "slopestyle", "gnarly", "saddle", "bars", "poopedpants", "utah", "desert", and a few others in your tags, just fyi
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flag scott-townes (Oct 24, 2019 at 16:34) (Below Threshold)
 also forgot the tag "too smooth its like slopestyle" for the gapers on pinkbike.
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 Honestly i think its great that there is a healthy mix of smoother jumps/drops and straight gnar. Seems like the riders are a choosing a slightly safer route to progressing the sport.

And lets be honest most of it looks insanely big on the video so you know its scary in real life.

Send it for Jordie guys!
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 Yeah, my friend did a 5'×5' gap on video a few years back, and you couldn't even see it, it looked like he hit a bump. So you know those are huge!!!
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 Brett Tippie was everywhere! That's a hard working guy!
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 Tippie is the man, great work to all the crews. Love the tribute to Jordie.
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 I feel bad for the first-year guys who are trying to make a line out of whatever is left over. It’s honestly not fair for them. Rampage officials should consider changing the rules to allow first-timers at an old venue to choose one feature from someone else’s line to ride. Is it fair for the person who built the feature? No. Is it fair to ask a new rider to be competitive without the same opportunity? No. Compromise is being unhappy together.
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 Dude this is soooo freaking wild and cool. Question; how do riders claim which route? First come first serve? Lottery?
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 First come, first serve and teaming up has become very popular in the past few years due to limited build time, builders allowed, tools, etc.
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 Brendogs line is fucking gnar! Really hope he wins this year.
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 Awesome video!!! Nice work Logan!
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 Thanks Tippie, go Brendog.
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 Tippie! Pure entertainment. So stoked for tomorrow.
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 Brett Tippie youre the best. He should comment the live feed
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 diggin all the Rampage previews and hype, but where's all the bike previews???
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 Great video. I was already looking forward to Rampage, now I can't wait.
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 Tyler mccaul is killing it out there
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 his line wins from what I've seen so far
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 F**K that was some good coverage!! Great job Tippie and Pinkbike!
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 Kyle strait the mfing man!
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 "we like the bushes yeah" (C. STORCH)
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 I want to know how much a rider needs to pay for "toll" on crossing/using other riders' lines.
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 Brendogs line is so tech - if he can clean it with some tricks then it really deserves a high score IMHO
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 Awesome content! Thanks Tippie and crew.
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 Tippie is awesome, great insight.
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 Not much hype around SORGE...3 time champ!!! GIVER BRO!!!!
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 Bonkers!..Can't wait
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 TLD D4 is here
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 And looks like a 100% aircraft Frown that sucks

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