Video: Inside the Creative Photo Process with Thomas Genon and JB Liautard

Feb 10, 2021
by Jb Liautard  

When the creative evolution of Thomas Genon’s riding merged with that of JB Liautard’s photography, art was inevitable. The style and artistry of Thomas and JB has created some sublime images which celebrate the beauty and badassery of bikes in a unique and mesmerizing way. They make us question the how and why, and pull us into their story in this video.

bigquotesIt’s been quite a while that we know each other. JB has been killing it in the last years and his pictures always stand out to me. I saw him working with our friend Paul Couderc. Those pictures were awesome but nobody had a clue how they made it happen. That lead me to the idea of calling him and we quickly jumped into this project.Thomas Genon

bigquotesFor most of the images in this episode, I had a really precise idea of what I wanted to do. But we spent a lot of time talking about them with Thomas so he could really understand what was going on and also tell me if some actions or light situations were possible or not. So based on these discussions, we tried to adapt the ideas to make them work in the safest way.Jb Liautard

bigquotesI love good pictures and they are often very complicated to take. There is a lot happening behind the scenes, the lights, the spot, the tricks... and JB had so many greats ideas and that got me really motivated to try something different! For this project, we wanted to take the best photos we could and report what goes into making it happen!Thomas Genon

bigquotesI would say that the water droplets picture is my favorite. It’s a concept that took me a while to get perfect so it was a great reward to have this picture in the project, and I also like the aesthetic of the photo, its composition and colors, even if it’s not the craziest action.Jb Liautard

Rider: Thomas Genon
Photography: Jb Liautard
Video: Abel Nury & Jb Liautard
Produced by: Shimano


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 So does this mean we are skipping the Photo of the Year competition? These photos are insane!
  • 4 0
 No doubt who the best photographer is - brilliant creativity
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 Incredible, with today´s computers you can cheat this photos but to make them without cheating is realy impessive. I love the way that we doesn´t even crop the photos to make the framing he wants, but he asks Thomas to go again. Purist. Love it. Congratulations!
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 Incredible insight and behind the scenes action with one of the most creative MTB shooters. Bravo.
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 JB has been one of my favourite photographers for a couple of years and is a massive inspiration. Love that he has a different style to many other people shooting at the minute
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 Super great video, awesome photos JB also props, to Thomas Genon for being able to do complicated tricks with super-bright flashes of light. Also, does anyone know where you can buy that LED light bar?
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 This is crazy and so cool. It is like painting, just much funkier!
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 JB is so talentuous! PROPS
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 Totally thought the opening track was "Great Gig in the Sky" when the piano first started.
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 great video. cool to see the behind the scenes.
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 Hey guys, bravo! In a world that try to do the same stuff everywhere, you are... different and creative.
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 Amazing on all ends!
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 More of this please! Thanks for sharing JB!
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 Great stuff! So unique and fresh!
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 This was interesting ! Merci JB et Thomas

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