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Inside the Tape: Ben Cathro Breaks Down the Lousa DH World Cup Track

Oct 30, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

Ben Cathro is back at the final round of the World Cup season in Lousa to break down the constantly changing track.

Inside the Tape presented by Five Ten


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 I can't think of anything to complain about this one. Well done Cathro and Pinkbike!
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 Well I’ve got something to complain about: WE NEED MORE CATHRO-VISION!!!
This video was so good, it really makes me miss last year, when he was doing multiple videos (e.g. trackwalk), especially in such a wildly variating track!
Keep it up, you’re the man!
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 Great analysis, really fun to watch in advance of the race.
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 I would like to see also his review after the race; which lines were chosen by the riders and with what results.

“Cathro’s hindsight”
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 You are all welcome.
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 Cheers to both Cathro and Maxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
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 can you guys not help red bull TV with camera placement for the live feed? I think your input would only be a good thing in this case
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 Can't wait for the redbull feed to zoom in on the riders' wheels and give me no idea what line people are taking
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 bahhhhhhhhhh!!1!!! maybe do a whirl in and/or out too
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 Yeah what is that all about?
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 Man, been waiting for this one. Did not dissappoint. Thanks Cathro!
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 Ben rocks. Love it. You need people like this in the industry. People that race or have had many races at the elite level and ask the questions that people want feedback about.
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 That was so good. That inside/middle.outside section in the open was so good to ghost, super hard to tell which lines were fast just by eyeballing it.
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 No inch by inch soil composition breakdown of the entire track? Try harder.
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 Outstanding stuff

So when do we get Cathro commenting on the live feed with Rob n Claudio?
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 Hoping he's going to be racing the races next year with Walk the Talk. A combination of Covid and breaking his neck seem to have put a stop to his 2020 season.
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 Thanks Ben, brilliant analysis as always, looking forward to see you replace Claudio one day ! By the way, gotta love Fabien Barel's insights too, that guy is such a fine technician !
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 LOVE Cathro Vision!!!!!!
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 its grat you can watch on red bull live or watch later and click on certain riders runs . However i rekon 1hr highlights show with cathro doing a summaray of race day highlighting where time was gained and lost etc would be awesome
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 Best start to a Friday morning. Looks like the sickest track in many years. Fresh dirt, new lines, everything but a rock garden, steeps, carry section, long... I wish we had onboard footage for every racers runs with live feed for a track like this. Not excited for this afternoon 1 bit. Oh... and Max and Ben on point with their video as always. Imagine a post race breakdown side by side of the top 5 or 10 riders. Compare where they made up and lost time. If only we could have that footage put together with analysis too... please beg for it to happen guys.
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 I love this track. I want to ride there one day. Loose, hard, corners, flats and steeps. You have to be an allrounder for this one
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 I've never wanted to ride a track so badly.
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 That Fabien though. He is such a connoisseur, pretty sure he and Nico V. could get a Masters Degree in DH.
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 I love these thanks ben!
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 Great as always.
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 Such a good analysis.
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 Yesss, Cathrovision!!! Just what we need for a new track
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 yoooo outstanding content!
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 that matteo guy might be on to something. all ive seen from him so far in lousa was quite impressing.
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 awesome! we want more and more and more and more!! :-)
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 Cathrovision makes the DH World Cup spectating experience massively more betterer.
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 Thai was so great! Really enjoyed it. Thanks!
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 Well done as always Ben.
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 Good video Cathro, but how come not an analysis of the whole track?
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 I’m pretty sure putting together 14 mins of video with ghosting n stuff takes a bit of time mate, I expect you’d be waiting until after the race for that
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