Inside The Tape: Black Sage FEST

May 5, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  

We've got the lowdown on the sneaky lines, the biggest moves, and the best corners at Black Sage FEST, as Carson Storch and Kyle Jameson walk us through the intricacies of their updated course.

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 Watched it last year. It was a great event and the crowd was massive (well marketed event, people came down from all over. It’s a very well marketed event. Hope to go view Kamloops Fest this year. Please Festers, give us more notice than 2-3 days so we can plan our pilgrimage.
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 They did market Aggy's Reunion one year and suggested a start/end time but with wind and the size of jumps it's such a guessing/waiting game. Most of the action ends up being very early's just impossible to assure afternoon/early evening at this location Frown ...agreed tho, a quick youtwitface post or whatever everyone follows these days would be cool for those following...nowhere in Kamloops is more than 10min from the ranch...a quick heads up would be appreciated by the fans who are around! Smile
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 Aggy's Reunion Aug 24-26. Silver Star.
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 @cmcrawfo: Forgot about that...nice. Anywhere up out of the main valleys is good. Not as easy to find property for their level of digging of course....can't exactly just whip a dozer into action on Crown land...heehee
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 50 ', 60/65 ', 80 ' . Your average size jumps then.
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 Ya! Good times in the air. Crabapple is public if you want to feel like the pros! Send it!
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 "he's like 56 or something, closer to 100 I think". As another "old dude", its rad to see Voreis out shredding some of this stuff on a trail bike!
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 Such a rad event today! Thank you to the Fest crew for putting on such a chill event! 10 Barrel rocked it with beer, and Oregrown, it was cool to have you there! Such mad respect to the riders for being so cool to all the fans, especially the kids...or old guy fan boys like myself!!! Can’t wait for next year!
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 I meant to go this year, last year was amazing. Got my tickets, got my room, got to Bend and just had an overwhelming urge to ride while conditions are prime. I'm sure the guys will understand
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 “He’s close to 100....”.

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 I'm always on edge watching free ride these days (and Danny Mac videos) because everything has become so huge ...along with the consequences. I'd rather a rider NOT take a 50' cliff drop on his back. That said I do think the FEST series gets it right. If you're going to be tricking a 90' kicker its probably much better to do it on your own terms without redbull or a contest weighing on your mind. From what I've heard FEST is a bunch of top riders working together to help each other learn how to ride these features however they feel comfortable. Might not package well for a 60 min tv show but we still get plenty of big moves and "progression" and it might even be a safer situation for the riders. Ride on FEST!
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 So did they name these jumps after SoundCloud rappers or what?
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 I'm calling it early, Carson Storch in top 3 at Rampage
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 So hyped with these guys' motibation... Something's cooking!
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 When the "warm up" jump is triple the size of anything I've dreamed of hitting.
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 So dope! Sickest Fest course yet!
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 I watched this yesterday, why does it say 'today'?
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 You guys are killing it! I want to see Jamie Goldman shred his own lip!
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 One day I wanna build lines like that. So sick!!
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