Inside The Tape: Brett Tippie Checks Out The Crankworx Rotorua Downhill

Mar 23, 2018
by Pinkbike Staff  
crankworx rotorua

It's time for the grand finale to a week of racing - the Crankworx Rotorua Downhill. Taking place on the legendary World Championships track from 2006, the downhill track is everything the racers want and is one of the sickest courses you will find. Grassy turns, big senders, steep off cambers and roots galore - this is not one to be missed. Brett Tippie is on hand to take you through the key parts of the track.

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  • + 69
 I sure love these inside the tape pieces, it has actually helped me in my own riding. Thanks!
  • + 55
 Love the breakdown of lines and sizing of the jumps Tippie - interesting and fun! Great work SIR!
  • + 47
 Much better course then UCI and a much better course walk by Tippie!!!
  • + 8
 True on the course walk. For UCI coursewalk we have Wyntv which is more about sticking gross things in peoples face than about the track. Fun and games, it has its place. For a real course breakdown (which I enjoy) we have inside the tape, but he doesnt do WC DH. So that leaves us with Cathrovision. I think with a bit more on camera personality training Cathrovision could be a hit. PB should hire him and let him hang with Trippie and Nyquist so a little bit of crazy rubs off on him. IMO
  • + 29
 Brett, that course analysis is amazing! It's almost like being part of it! Thanks Bros!
  • + 16
 Thank you Tippie and Pinkbike! this edits give us real tips on how to ride better and also shows the amazing skills the pros have, cheers and please keep Inside The tape coming!
  • + 19
 Great editing, perfect sound. Tippie for president 2020.
  • - 1
 hes canadian
  • + 18
 Have seen the track via video from many angles but that seemed gnarlier than i remember, rad.
  • + 14
 Seems like Tippie calmed down a notch which is still light speed for me.........Love his energy, I have none, so I am always intrigued with high energy folks......YT should lock him up for a while, great marketer and great knowledge.....
  • + 16
 would like to see the measuring more often - also on WC tracks.
  • - 3
 feet and inches
  • + 15
 Damn, excellent course preview/explanation. UCI take note you old farts!
  • + 7
 Claudio. Get your a$$ in gear. Tippie is killing it with this track preview.
It gives you a good perspective of the track. Walked it today as the rain was starting to fall. It's gonna be gnarly tomorrow
  • + 5
 damn, if only we could get a live feed with cameras set up in all those key areas.
  • + 5
 Thats going to be a hot mess in the rain which I think we all know is almost guaranteed.
  • + 4
 Now this is how you do a coarse preveiw, Great Stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • + 3
 Hey @pinkbikeaudience can we get a compendium of video clips of those bad @bretttippie jokes from over the years? I love ‘em!
  • + 4
 Tippie is the man! Super cool, humble, and knowledgeable. I learn a lot by watching him do a course walk.
  • + 5
 Tippie the king of dad jokes
  • + 2
 That course looks rowdy a f. NGL, this is quite a lot better than Claudio shouting and screaming (and I used to love that).

Those jumps look HUGE.
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  • + 5
 Take not uci
  • + 4
 I vote for Tippie and Claudio calling the UCI WC races!
  • + 3
 I enjoyed that track preview. Cool to see the tape out.
  • + 2
 Sick track with all the line choices. Loved the course check.
  • + 3
 Take not uci
  • + 2
 Well done! Can't wait to see the race.
  • + 3
 Note lo
  • + 2
 Both are correct.
  • + 2
 That polygon seems gorgerous...
  • + 2
 Mik lookin' quick!
  • + 1
 It's changed a bit since then ????????????
  • + 2
 Keep it up!
  • + 1
 Go Lucaaaaaa!
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 Great video!
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 feet and inches tippie

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