Inside the Tape: Slopestyle Course Preview with Rheeder, Rogatkin & Messere - Crankworx Innsbruck 2019

Jun 14, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

This Inside The Tape is presented by Five Ten

Brett Rheeder, Nicolai Rogatkin, and Anthony Messere join Brett Tippie for a walk down the 2019 Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle course.

MENTIONS: @pinkbikeoriginals / @officialcrankworx


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 That was awesome nice work PB
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 i love the current state of slopestyle. All the guys are so fucking supportive of each other and having a good time. Here for this shit.
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 I think it's an extension of mountain biking in general - you see similar comradeship in the WCDH and EWS too. I find very few egos on the trail - I remember a complete random offer me some help with a puncture when I first got into the sport and I was amazed at the time but that's not an isolated thing. I was at a bike park a couple of weeks ago and everyone (and I mean everyone) either stopped to help a guy that had binned it badly in a jump or offered to help. No moaning etc. It's one of the best bits of our sport imo, and I do the best to continue the tradition!
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 That's what she would have liked
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 Where has Tippie been? Seems I haven’t seen him for a minute.

Great vid!
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 Finally....Tippie on Pinkbike in 2019!!!!
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 Tippie joined us for Sea Otter, and we’ve got a few other projects in the works too! Smile
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 @brianpark: Awesome....Everyone needs a little dip with the Tip every now and then. Thanks for the reply and more Tippie
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 I love Tippie's style, so casual, and he makes the other riders way more relaxed during videos, which is when the gold comes out. Thanks PB!
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 We need Ryan Nyquist to do the track walk!!! Give us Nyquist back Big Grin
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 Love this vid, tippy is awesome! Feels like a nice casual chat rather than a scripted/sponsored ad. ????
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 Great stuff, for sure!
Could they all have mikes? I feel like Tippie was loud. Not just normal-Tippie loud.
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 Its great to see Tippie again
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 Rheeder is looking slightly less like a robot with these vids.
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 I could watch this ish all day. Rogatkin and Rheeder are the odd couple. I love how arguably the 2 biggest stars on the FMB can do some goofy ish like this together.
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 Rheeder couldn't wait for this shit show to be over... that man has no ego. He's pure calm and professionalism.
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 If Casey's cool w him he must be OK
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 Might need to borrow a mic off Wyn
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 Looks like rain for Saturday after noon?
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 I don´t know but Slopestyle doesn´t excite me anymore compared to 10-15 years ago.

But still much respect for the athletes!
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