Inside The Tape: Smashing Rock Gardens at the Snowshoe DH World Cup 2019

Sep 7, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

It's the final World Cup of the season and Ben Cathro is back one more time to break down one of the most technical sections of the Snowshoe World Cup DH course.

This Inside The Tape is presented by Five Ten


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 Jeez and I've been hunting raws. Didn't knew about your vids till now, theyre so cool that I'm allready pumped for next season. In one sentence? Whole track in one vid broken down to sections and comparisons, just everything you want to know! Perfect, keep going on.
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 have you been living under a rock
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 @ginge090: its his first day on pinkbike
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 Yep Ben's videos are quality - well worth supporting him via Patreon, even a few bucks a month to help him tick along is well worth it i reckon
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 Thanks for the coverage Ben! Awesome job !
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 No Hardline for mr Cathro?
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 On this section here we have three lines the inside, which is a hard line to get right, the middle, a hardline, and on the outside which the sneaky, but hard, line.
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 Cheers Ben, top notch videos and really add extra depth to the racing. Looking forward to more next year.
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 I'm going to miss Ben's track analysis as much as the actual racing. How long til spring?
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 I really enjoy this - Ben is killing it for the sport! Huge props
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 Ben's vids are rad. The ghost racers through particular sections kick ass. Really like these vids!
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 Cant wait to ride Lower Hareball now that its been ridden a lot.Pros complaining its slippery,try riding it when barely anyone goes on that trail.Thats slippery
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 Great work Ben. Can't wait until next season for more of these videos.
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 Pink and black Unno is the finest bike out. So damn pretty.
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 i rhink the matte pink ruins it, could have had so much more creative design with a beautiful sleek frame like that
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 Ben, top work all season long, thank you. Can't wait for 2020!
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 Thanks for all you're hard work, the best analysis of a any sport I have seen. Funny too, great job.
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 Am sad this was the last one. Cathro RESPECT!
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 Sometimes yoga pants are cool 1:27
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 A+ kiwi accent at the end there.
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 Awwww bro....we don't say pru fro pro...
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 Yeah we do. I couldn't even tell what he he was saying wrong ????
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 @Skizzzimm: Ha...maybe in Palmy... Razz
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 Thanks for break down with my morning coffee ????
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 Of all the features on that hill , why there?
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 Large time discrepancies there during timed training. Thus worth analyzing.
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 @Hogfly we all know that right after you huck that slab at the end of his videos is where the race is going to be won. Hardest part of the whole track is on the other side of that road in the video. That last 50 feet of weird, slow rock to the hard right exit onto the final fire road is the hardest thing to get right and if you can't exit onto the road with speed, you WILL lose huge amounts of time. It's the one part of the track I HATE come race run.
Can't feel your arms, your legs are dead & just wants to put you at a dead stop onto that fire road. Uggghhhh. Why have they never turned left after that drop & dumped into the fire road straight on?

Always with the crappy tricky flat left handers exit to flat road.
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