First Day In Vegas and We've Already Seen Some Tits!

Sep 21, 2008
by Mike Levy  
Interbike 2008 coverage starts tomorrow with day #1 of the Outdoor Demo. Get ready for bike overload!

Until then check out these beautiful Las Vegas jugs!
Might not be Cori's mom, but they'll have to do

Might not be Cori's mom, but they'll have to do

Interbike 2008 and PinkTaco seems to be more organized than any other year. None of the crew had to use their library card as travel documents, Jordan wasn't singled out at the airport for being a gang member, and I managed not to shit my pants in fright during takeoff in the PinkTaco private jet. All this means that this year's Interbike coverage should be more dialed than ever....Although we have set the bar fairly low in the previous years!

2008's show presentation will be a bit different than past years. Rather than random updates full of hit and miss pictures we'll be going a bit deeper with our show coverage. Updates will be video heavy and full of information on the newest and most innovative goods. Look for some in-depth videos on the new Manitou Dorado, SRAM Hammerschmidt and the new Boxxer, the new Trek Session 88, as well as many others. The Athertons will be stopping by to share the goods on how their amazing season came together and talk about some new and exciting Fox suspension bits as well.

The show opens tomorrow with updates from the Outdoor Demo from Bootleg Canyon. As long as I don't expire from heatstroke we should have some videos and pictures for you to check out.

Stay tuned!


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 New Turners and Evils are priority #1.
  • 4 1
 Agreed. I'd also like to see some more stuff about the E-13 Staccato.
  • 6 8
 NO ITS NOT!!! We all wanna see the new Santa Cruz VP Free or V8 or whatever the hell its gonna be....
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 evil stuff is topsecret area 51 kinda setup. hardly makes it worth even going to interbike and keeping your 'booth' private.
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 i'm just putting my two cents in...but you should use a real camera instead of a digital camera thats like wobbling all over the place..maybe get a mic make it a bit more professhh..
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 i agree with dbox123!!! we also want to see the new Uzzi
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 hahaahaha those r some ugly tits
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 aaaaawwwww man....
  • 1 0
 bee stings!
  • 3 0
 Didn't Jordan use his library card last year to get in the states? And I get charged for $200 Canadian Temporary Resident Permits- NO FAIR! No more boob photo's I'm afraid one shot will be Radek.
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 let's see the new Intense models, and while your in Vegas, get that tattoo covered with a good one.
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 that's going to be awsome to see wish I was there
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 If you leave without a wife I'm going to be disappointed.
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 I want to see real boobs!
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 break into evils area 51 bullshit and snag some shots! haha and some bmx stuff would be pretty cool seeing as no1 really ever covers the bmx part of interbike.
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 man tits? oh for crying out loud.

i am eager to see the new evil... and bootleg cyn pics. always nice.
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 damn you. i popped an elephant eyelash there for a sec.
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 Gotta get some shots of the new Foes RS-7.
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 I want to see the entire sombrio and dakine line up
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 great to hear you guys have seen some tits
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 pitty they're man tits
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 Mad props if you can find out where Sam Hill's going for 2009
  • 4 1
 Specialized. Freecaster said it on his last run this year- the new Monster Energy/Specialized DH Team.
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 Everyone's saying it but I have yet to see any solid proof
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 Is it just me, or is interbike happening allot earlier this year???
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 It's just you. It's the end of September every year.
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 I could of sworn it was in november last year Confused I guess this year just went by so fast, I got lost in it.
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