Final Interbike Update. We Hope.

Oct 5, 2007
by Mike Levy  
If you are as sick of seeing Interbike coverage as I am about writing about it, then you'll be glad to know that this is most likely the last Interbike Update for 2007! Read it twice because there's gonna be a test after.We wouldn't let Radek ride with us in the plane because he doesn't shower, so instead he rode this penny farthing down from Canada.

Jamis has a new stout looking bike in its line-up. The Parker looks like it may be intended for bike parks and big hit riding in general. Got a slopestlye course in your backyard? Then this is the kind of bike you'd want.

Adrian Cortina was waking the halls of Interbike with his newest creation. It uses a high pivot to better absorb bumps and hold speed, and a pulley system to negate any effect on the drivetrain. The low mounted shock is activated by a linkage and the whole bike looked clean and solid with 7" of travel. This is a design that we're starting to see more and more now....Maybe because it works so well? Anyone remember the Sunn Radical+? Very similar.

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Adrian is busier then you. On top of designing and welding some wicked bikes he does CR1 Suspension Upgrades. There are a lot of Manitou shocks kicking around out there and they do work ok right out of the package. But what if you want it to work a little better? Send it to Adrian and get someone who knows what they are doing to work on it. He offers a few services but the one that makes the most sense is the "Stage II Gowd Race Suspension Upgrade" First off, if its "gowd" then you know its good. Stage II includes tossing SPV and installing a new cleaner and better flowing Vortec P4 valve and seat, custom compression and rebound valving, and an updated needle valve that gives you a bigger usable range of adjustment. Not content to just fiddle with your rear end, Adrian also has some non-weeping high tech seal kits for your Manitou fork that is currently weeping a lot. Adrian is the problem solver.

Azonic had some neat products kicking about. I'm sure the kids will be all over these cranks as they look sick.

Dangerboy makes all kinds of trick stuff with all kinds of trick colors right out of Vancouver Island in Canada. It seems like every time I see these guys they have something new or some fun product to show me.

Up until now, if you had cable brakes there wasn't a lot of lever choices. I mean there are lots of choices but nothing that is really nice. This is the purple version but you can get it in a plethora of colors.

Special Edition Vegas bar end caps. You think it up and they can do it!

'On the fly' adjustable height seat posts make a lot of sense for the all-mountain crew, or any crew on general that is sick of stopping to drop the seat for more junk clearance. This version is from Rase and is completely mechanical using a single cable and small lever on the handlebar. Pull the lever and the pin is released, it will go down to flush with the seat collar or anywhere in between. Pull the lever again and the spring loaded mechanism returns the seat back to full height or any place you want it, pretty neat. It looks heavy but is actually pretty light.

One of the big bikes causing the most stir at the show was the new IronHorse Sunday Elite. Same 8" travel DW-link frame as the other models, but a step in a different direction then the other versions. Up front is a Totem solo air and the counterpart in the back is a Roco WC damper to keep things lively. The black and gold combo personally is not a favorite of mine, but it was hit for a lot of people at the show. What do you think?

Profile is a company with BMX roots that happen to do some crossover products for our big wheeled bikes. Everyone knows about their cranks, one of the original 3pc designs and nearly indestructible. If you are a big guy or a charger then these are your cranks. New arm colors dropped in 2007 and expect a new color every month from here on in! How about "bass boat green"?

Profile is more then just cranks though. Here are the Acoustic and 40 stems.

Si crawled in there for a nap but was soon chased out by security!

Manitou had more in their booth then just the new Dorado. While the Travis and Gold Label jump fork pretty much remain the same as last season, check the sweet colors. With some other guys going over the top with decals I really like the simple one or two color schemes on these forks.

I am super excited about the new Dorado as I had one of the original TPC+ versions and was sweet (even if a bit flexy). This new version uses bigger tubes, a proper integrated stem and will be air sprung with some sort of new damping unit. I was lucky enough to give one a push on the front of an M6 and it was very supple on top, no SPV bits in there I'm sure!

SixSixOne had all their soft goods on display, here are some sweet gloves. If you have some tight trees in your neck of the woods then the carbon knuckles may be perfect for you.

The Strike full face from 661 is perfect if you don't have a lot of cash money but would still like something that looks great. Three color choices and a crash replacement policy to boot.

The Sun MTX seems to be one of the most popular rims out there, and for good reason. It's super strong but not all that hefty. There will be three widths of the MTX for '08: 29mm, 31mm, and 33mm wide for different applications and needs.

Fox Racing Shox make some of the highest quality suspension products you can buy (check out the cutaway!) and the 36 would be my personal top choice for a heavy duty single crown unit. There are a few changes for 2008. First being a new 20mm axle system called 20QR that eliminates the need for tools but keeps things just as stiff as nuts and bolts. Other big news is that all 36 series forks will be available with a 1.5" steerer tube!

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If you have managed to make it all the way down here to the bottom of the story then you are rewarded with one of the standouts of the show for myself. There has been talk of belt drive systems for mountain bikes for a few years now but it looks like Spot and Carbon Drive Systems have teamed up to make it happen. Belts are nothing new, they have been used in machinery and on motorbikes for years, but bicycles presented a few new hurdles to get over, the biggest being friction. This new polyurethane belt and tooth system is the answer.

Inside the belt are 8 carbon cords that give it amazing strength and require even lower belt tension which in turn means less friction. The system also uses a new tooth form that keeps the teeth from contacting until they will fully engage the sprocket and a ribbed backside that reduces bending friction. Spot had some beautiful single speed bikes built up with belts but the one that caught my eye was the version that uses a SRAM DualDrive hub. The SRAM hub has three internal gears and a disc flange on the non-drive side. As soon as I spotted this, the hamster wheel started spinning.

That is it for my Interbike 2007 coverage folks. The whole crew had a blast in Vegas this year and still managed to get a bit of work done, hope you liked it! There are a ton of pictures we didn't have space to use so if you have a bunch of time on your hands follow the links and you'll see everything!

DirtDemo Day 1

DirtDemo Day 2

InterBike Day 1

Interbike Day 2

Interbike Day 3


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 Santa Cruz had a small showing at the actual show with just a few bikes. I noticed Peaty and Rennie's prototype v10's with custom paint jobs. The bikes looked light and fast but not as durable. Definitely shaved down the weight at least by a few pounds. Good stuff though.
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 OOH OOH I remember the Sunn Radical Plus! I raced one 7 years ago. Won a state championship on it. Broke my femur and pelvis on it. That cortina will be one fast 7 inch bike.
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 dbox123 santa cruz only had peaty's and rennie's V10 on show, they had a low profile at the show. don't really know why. big things for 2009 i guess?
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 if you look at the drive side seatstay it goes up at a steeper angle than the other side. there must be a cut-out. and i guess you'll be able to purrrchase different lengths.
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 hehehe "We wouldn't let Radek ride with us in the plane because he doesn't shower" did he used the pool in Vegas ? Big Grin
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 Gold ODI Grips on the Black Gold Iron Horse Sunday would rock!!! Just kidding.
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 That belt drive single is bad a$$
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 nice jamis bike
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 how do you get the drive bent inside the seatstay/chainstay triangle??
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 Awesome question I was wondering as well. What if I want to make my belt shorter so my wheel was closer up in the horizontal drop outs?
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 Damn! That sunday elite looks pretty sick!!!
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 where is santa cruz? havent seen one picture of there bikes?
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 Santa Cruz only attended the outdoor show-most folks took atleast one shot of the V-10s out there. But at the indoor show, they only had Rennie and Peaty's bikes there on display at the Swobo booth. There are getting to be more big companies that are skipping the indoor show due to its rediculous costs and simply doing the outdoor show (Trek and Cannondale are good examples of this.)
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 lufeet nice wish i can go ...
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 I love that drivebelt system. It looks so sick!!
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 Its certainly interesting and different, doubt its gonna go anywhere though, might work good but still... it looks horrible!
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 Is there a projected price on the Rase adjustable seat post?

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