International Women's Bike Summit - Girls' Camp in the Engadin, Switzerland

Feb 11, 2018
by teeneegee  

Words: Tina Gerber / Photos: Saskia Dugon

At the beginning of September in the Engadin, the first snow falls down in the valley.

This may not be the best starting point for the International Women's Bike Summit, but all of us are not made of sugar – we are women who enjoy mountain biking and want to share this passion with like-minded power women from all over the world.

In addition to the biking and fun on the trails together, there are various workshops.

The workshops are held for women who want to learn how to plan a tour from A to Z, how to work as a mechanic on bikes, how to prepare mentally for a big event or how to present themselves or their company on social media. All topics from which we as active female bikers can benefit enormously.

My part was to speak about social media and influencer marketing in tourism.

I was invited as a participant and held a workshop about social media and being an influencer in tourism marketing. My goal was to show the great potential of social media and online marketing in the bike and tourism sector and how to use the different channels for oneself or one's own business.

Laura Breitenmoser from the Bike School Engadin and Daniela Michel from Trailstar MTB Guiding were our guides this week and showed us the best trails around Engadin St. Moritz. We experienced wintery conditions for the first few days but the weather improved from one day to the next. My personal trail highlight was the tour from Bever to Poschiavo. Up to now I have always taken the Rhaetian Railway up to the Bernina Pass, but I have to say, the descent via Sassal Mason was worth every drop of sweat on the 23km climb.

It was an intense week

We managed to get a lot of kilometers in the legs, spoke about ways to improved women's cycling and made some great new friendships. The hosts of the Bever Lodge did everything for us, so we didn't have to worry about anything except biking and networking. It's one of the best bike hotels in the Engadin in which I will be happy to return at any time.

The same goes for this week. I was able to take home so many good memories that I am already looking forward to the next International Women's Bike Week on 20. - 23. September 2018 and hope I’ll see a lot of new faces there.


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 Better hide broken Crankbrothers products from the PB audience unless you're after a particular response. That said, I'm more curious how they fixed this.
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 PR catastrophe in 3... 2... 1...
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 That's not broken - that's creative pedal placement
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 It was just that the bearing had worn out - could have happened to any pedal tbh. The outer race had come off the inner race, which was still on the axle, and the bolt that holds it all on had come undone. I had a washer in my trail spares box that I'd hoped to be able to use to hold the bearing on once screwed down with that bolt cos it butts up against the bearing in normal use (that's me in the background rummaging in my bag). It would have worked except that we didn't have a socket to do the bolt up nice and tight - not really something you carry in your trail bag is it! So it stayed on for a short distance but then after Moni had to ride down on the axle and pop to a shop to get it fixed.
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 @gravitysgirl: Oh yeah, no question this could happen to any pedal. It just happens to be that the PB audience is particularly sensitive to damaged CB components so you can't just flash that kind of stuff here uncensored.

Cool to see you gave it shot trying to fix it. My tool set happens to have a socket (because I also use it for mountain unicycling which come with all sorts of bolts and nuts) but nearly all mtb specific kits miss it. One thing you can try is use the flat blade screwdriver to do the bolt up, but it is never going to be proper tight. Anyway, good to see it didn't completely end her day. Seems like you had a great ride together Smile .
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 Looks like some spectacular terrain.
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 Great! Come to Chile! To the Andes mountains!
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 Looks like a great time to identify as a woman!
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 Yes I'm thinking of changing my gender.

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