International Women's Day 2016 - Retrospective

Mar 8, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
To celebrate International Women's Day this year we're taking a look back on some of the amazing things that happened in women's mountain biking in the past year. We saw some pretty big changes in the sport including equal pay for women in a lot of races, the launch of new ambassador programs and initiatives, and we even saw more women on the trails for the first time!

Womens series podum. EWS round 8 Finale Ligure Italy. Photo by Matt Wragg.

What Happened in 2015?

1. Jill Kintner USA 2. Caroline Buchanan AUS 3. Katy Curd UK
Crankworx announces equal prize money. and other race series such as the BDS and Vittoria Series do the same.

SRAM Women s STU 2015
SRAM hosts a Technical University just for women.

World Champs champagne glory once again for Rachel Atherton after a year of no stripes.
Rachel Atherton secures both the World Championship title and the Downhill World Cup overall.

Pauline had the lungs and the legs today.
Pauline Ferrand Prevot wins 2015 XCO World Championship in Vallnord.

All focus from Tracy Moseley. Many we wondering if she would take it easy today - the resounding answer is no this evening although a 3 second lead is fairly modest by her own standards.
Tracy Moseley took the Enduro World Series Championship overall, announces her retirement and wins Pinkbike Female Athlete of the Year.

Your women elite World Cup leader.
Jolanda Neff wins the overall in the 2015 XCO World Cup.

Emmeline Ragot is 5 seconds of Rachel Atherton and will need to push hard if she wants to take the win on Sunday.
Emmeline Ragot announced her retirement from racing.

masters of dirt 2015
Gemma Corbera was the first girl to ever compete in a Masters of Dirt contest.

Juliana-SRAM Pro team 2015.
Juliana Bicycles Launched the Juliana-SRAM Pro Team

Athlete Interviews

We got to chat with some of our favourite female athletes through the year.

Photo KME Studios

Other rad content:

Fall Lines with Micayla Gatto
Exploring the Unknown in our Home Sweet Home
Ladies AllRide Movement

Product Reviews

We visited trade shows and tried products throughout the year.

Specialized Rumor Expert EVO 29 Craigeburn Farm Photo - Kane Naraat

Our Favourite Edits

There were some killer edits with incredible riding from the ladies.

iXS EDC #3 2015 Course Check with Casey Brown and Tracey Hannah

Views: 17,115    Faves: 56    Comments: 2

Ride like a Girl Mentorship Program

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World of Adventure Sports Segment with Lindsey Voreis from Ladies AllRide
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Home // Episode 3: Defining Home with Jill Kintner

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Crankworx Rotorua with Anneke and Anne

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Stoked on Moab with Amanda Cordell

Views: 41,302    Faves: 174    Comments: 21

Endless Summer with Isabeau Courdurier

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Diamondback Welcomes Micayla Gatto

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Sweetlines Junior Racing

Views: 7,537    Faves: 48    Comments: 9

The Line Series, Trailer

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Emily Batty, Ambitions

Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four

We couldn't fit in everything so we'd be stoked if you'd share your favourite content from the past year with us in celebration of International Women's Day 2016! Here's to another amazing year.

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  • + 28
 Its crazy to me there are more ladies/exposure and participants in the ufc than in women's cycling. But in my eyes these ladies do it because they love it, and to inspire the next generation...not as much for the paycheck. Cycling is a lifestyle, and it wouldn't be half as cool without the amazing women we have in our community. Props girls!
  • + 18
 Women are cool.
  • + 5
 I love and respect all these achievements, however I'd also be interested to hear of successful industry players such as santa cruz syndicate team manager, company directors or race officials...surely they can't all be guys?!
  • + 6
 "A world without women would be like a garden without flowers" or Cycling without bicycle - I can't imagine that...
  • + 4
 Yeah some great riding! Amanda riding Captain Ahab is way cool! Endless Summer Isabeau Courdurier, Killer! World of adventure Awesome! All good!
  • + 3
 Ironically I'm seeing YT's seemingly rather sexist Jeffsy advert at the top of the page. Send like equality in MTBing I'd ab long way off yet
  • + 6
 you on't even know what it's all about and you already call it sexist. seems like you don't need anymore elements to express your judgement
  • + 3
 True! Might just be a bloke specific saddle...
  • - 3
 I said seemingly...... Maybe all will be revealed, maybe they are just counting on the controversy generated by the 661 and maxxis ads to raise the profile Just be a shame if it is indeed just targeted at men and ignoring women mtbers
  • + 2
 I don't think that it's necessarily sexist, it's about a biker and their non-biker (aka. Muggle) partner who is annoyed by how much time they spend with their #Jeffy (which presumably is a bike, or possibly a 'fleshlight'). Is the gender of the characters really an issue?
  • + 5
 I came here for Emily Batty...
  • + 7
 Good call Waki! We will add her in.
  • + 5
 All the best wishes on Women's day Rachel Smile Same to Rose and every lady at Pinkbike Smile I guess that includes Tracey Hannah as well.

  • + 2
 Emily. In a Porsche. Yeah, my day just got waaay better.
  • + 1
 Jealousy factor ten. I want the Porsche. And the outrageously gorgeous and talented bike rider too...
  • + 3
 Would be great to see even more women MTBing, there seems to be a good number of womern racing Enduro now, but more would be better !
  • + 3
 Don't forget Trish Bromley competeing in mens speed and style during Crankworx Whistler!
  • + 4
 To all the ladies- thanks for leading the way for my daughter.
  • + 1
 Don't forget all the successful women's events out there - Sugar Showdown, Hot On Your Heels, That's What She Said, Beti Bike Bash, and the Sturdy Dirty Enduro.
  • + 2
 Nice work Pinkbike!! Now to convince my wife she needs a Transition Scout. This may help.
  • + 3
 Don't really need a special day, women are great everyday.
  • + 3
 thought the thumbnail was a pic of ratboy, my bad.
  • + 3
 love women!
  • + 2
 I want to see Gemma Corbera┬┤s progression
  • + 1
 One lady missed.... MISSY GIOVE!!
  • + 2
 We have an interview with her above, but I agree, there can never be enough Missy!
  • + 1
 Wow! Super honored to get double mentions with all of these amazing women!
  • + 0
 3 women in a race, all 3 podium! yay bike women!
  • - 2
 So a woman won the women's enduro series, a woman won the women's dh series and a woman won the women's xc series. Amazing.
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