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Interview: Katie Holden on Creating Red Bull Formation & Bringing It Back Bigger This Year

Mar 30, 2022
by Alicia Leggett  
Nicolas Piraud watches Jess Blewitt drop from The Ovary into The Fallopian Tube on ride day 2 at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 30 May 2021
Steep is an understatement. Jess Blewitt drops in. Photo: Re Wikstrom / Red Bull

Katie Holden is one of the forces behind the rapid development of women's freeride in the last few years. Starting in the early 2010s, Katie was a leader in women's big mountain and freeride when she signed with Liv as an ambassador and media rider, rather than a racer, at a time when few riders - especially women - took that path. A multi-time Rampage digger, Katie has been entrenched in freeride for more than a decade. Over the years and through a series of career ups and downs, Katie's focus shifted from her own riding to broadening and progressing the sport for others.

In 2019, Katie co-founded Red Bull Formation, the first women's freeride progression session, in which top female freeriders build lines down a Utah mountain, mentor each other, and work together to go big. Red Bull announced today that Formation will return May 8-15, 2022, for its third edition, which Katie said will be even more robust than the last two.

We caught up with Katie to hear about the planning process for the 2022 event, what she thinks of women's freeride today, and how she's working to move the sport forward.

Find our previous and upcoming Red Bull Formation coverage here and learn more about the event here.

So Formation's coming back! How’s the planning going?

Yes, it is back! We've been planning for a couple of months now and it's been really exciting to watch it grow and evolve. I really love working on it! I am constantly thinking about it and tinkering on it and I just want to do everything I can to make it the best it can be. Winning Pinkbike Event of the Year was such an insane honor for the entire team - athletes, crew, production, media, anyone that touched it in any way - and it certainly gave us an extra boost of momentum to keep growing.

What's new this year?

Simply put, I would just say we're growing, there are a lot more folks involved, more athletes and also just a lot of robust support all around. Red Bull is definitely invested in woman’s freeride and that in itself is just a dream come true. Everything is really rooted off of the goals and roadmap we laid out in 2019 - put all the tools and resources in place so that the athletes, individually and collectively, can develop to their full potential, create visibility through representation in media and work to build a strong community of not just professional athletes but leaders in the space.

Katie Holden speaks at the athlete meeting for Redbull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 24 May 2021
Katie Holden at Formation 2021. Photo: Re Wikstrom / Red Bull

It sounds like a lot. Is it a year-round operation to get it going?

For the team as a whole, I would say planning spans over about a third of the year. With that said, there are threads within Red Bull and the bike community that span the entire year so it is always a work in progress. I personally work on it in one form or another year-round, maybe not always directly but indirectly too. Part of it is helping out the athletes and being a soundboard for projects, events, and business things - just being there as a resource and a mentor if they need it. This really expands to the entire freeride community. I want it to grow so supporting it in any way I can is important to me. Formation is just one piece of the larger puzzle, we are going to be able to continue to carve out space and opportunity if there are more events, more media, more films and shoots and budget for content, and more space on athlete rosters.

And then it sounds like there might be more athletes this year, is that true?

There will be more athletes. I will say that.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the selection process and kind of how you choose who gets to go the event?

We have a selection committee that is made up of Claire Buchar, Michelle Parker, Katie [Lozancich], and myself. The four of us have worked together for the last two years to select the athletes for Formation. I think this group brings a really nice balanced perspective to the table with expertise in different areas. Claire was one of the original women in the freeride space - she has been charging for so long and she was one of the first women I looked up to when I started riding. Claire brings deep knowledge, experience with years of coaching, and technicality to the table. Michelle has been such a force in the ski space for years - and she rips on a bike too! She has a keen eye for talent and brings really great perspective to the table. She knows what it takes to reach the highest level in sport. She is obviously an amazing athlete but she has also overcome so much adversity over the years with injuries and sponsors, she deeply cares about the community and gives back, she is well-spoken, she is well versed in all things media, she has produced her own series, she has balance with other interests outside of skiing and biking - she gets the big picture. Katie Lo is a multi-hyphenate in the creative space. She can hold her own in any sport but has also worked with tons of athletes in different media capacities and just gets it. I think the variety of perspectives is really important for identifying great athletes and helping to develop them for the road ahead.

Vaea Verbeeck Cami Nogueira Sam Soriano Casey Brown Hannah Bergemann Jess Blewitt Vinny Armstrong Chelsea Kimball pose for a portrait on the final day at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 31 May 2021
The 2021 riders: Vaea Verbeeck, Cami Nogueira, Sam Soriano, Casey Brown, Hannah Bergemann, Jess Blewitt, Vinny Armstrong, and Chelsea Kimball. Photo: Re Wikstrom / Red Bull

So for each athlete that gets to go, what are the criteria? Because it seems like some have racing backgrounds, some have freeride backgrounds and all of them are really strong mountain bikers. What are the boxes they need to check?

First and foremost, someone with well-rounded skills and full bike control. The terrain out there is a different type of animal and you need to be really comfortable on your bike with experience riding a variety of technical terrain, big drops, big jumps, awkward terrain. You need to have really good timing and braking control. You have really good judgment of speed and linking things together. Things are really blind out there and it takes a lot of precision to get it right. Also time on a big bike, a downhill bike. And style - everyone loves style! It takes such precision and confidence in your own riding to be to link those things up. So having really good body awareness, rock-solid judgment, mental strength, and also the confidence to walk away if something doesn’t feel right - that’s all really important.

Obviously tricks are important, so that's the next layer I would say, but bike control comes before tricks. There has been so much progression in tricks in the past few years, and the last year in particular - it’s wild. I think we are going to see the tricks side develop so much this year and in the years to come. It is so exciting.

We are also looking for folks that are really looking to develop for the long run, individually and collectively. Folks who are invested in themselves on and off the bike because being a professional athlete is a job.

On the note of racing, yes a lot of folks have been pulled in from the racing community but that goes back to the bike handling skills: they are just damn good on a bike and can really tackle whatever is thrown at them. They can also deal with the pressure and the time aspect of there being X amount of time to learn and get something dialed. As the space develops, I think we are going to see a real shift where the young folks are entering the freeride space directly and maybe they won’t go through the race path, they can be freeride athletes from the start. That is so exciting! That's definitely a goal, but we had to bridge that gap somewhere and so I feel like we're bridging that right now.

Chelsea Kimball hits her drop at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 31 May 2021
Chelsea Kimball CJ Selig celebrate after Chelsea hits the Canyon Gap at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 31 May 2021
A send from Chelsea Kimball and a celebration. Photos: Re Wikstrom / Red Bull

It seems like up until now there weren't really role models or even just the blueprint of what a freerider would do up until pretty recently. Does it seem like now there's an established path to get there without becoming a racer first?

I definitely think that's still evolving, but there is a path now and there's so much power in having a target, something to aim for. And maybe that path isn't always abundantly clear, and paths can be windy and rocky, but having a target and a trajectory makes a huge difference. I think we have seen the power of a path and target illustrated clearly these past few years as athletes have been able to carve out space in the industry.

Having representation and seeing women out there just riding really hard, learning new tricks, trying new things, succeeding, being backed by the industry - that is so important. Not just on social media but when women and young girls see the industry invest in women, paying them - that leaves a real lasting mark… that feeling of "there is a space for me and I can be that too."

I think there is a long way to go but there are so many incredible role models in the space right now that we can look towards and that number will only grow and grow. Without representation, someone to look to, be inspired by, a hero or role model or mentor, the spaces and opportunities often never come. I want to grow Formation on the global scale through inclusion right now, and I'm planting the seeds. This will ensure the future is bright, equitable, inclusive, and representative. We get to create our own space!

Cami Nogueira drops into her line for the first time on ride day 1 at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 29 May 2021
Cami Nogueira's line included a completely unique, completely new rock roll - in contrast to many features, which were revived from past Rampage events. Photo: Re Wikstrom / Red Bull

For anyone in their teen years or up and coming right now, do you have any advice if they're looking at this event and wanting to get there?

First of all, I would say, stay in school. Haha! I would never advocate for anyone giving up education to pursue sport, I think you can absolutely do them in tandem and that, again, is setting you up for the bigger picture.

Also, just have fun with your riding! Try and ride as many different things as you can and ride with as many people as you can. The more you ride, the more different people you come in contact with, the more you are going to develop as a rider. I feel like I am a sum of all the people I have ever ridden with and all the trails I have experienced…you learn a little something with each ride. I think that getting all those different perspectives and experiences is really important to building a dynamic athlete.

Set goals and make vision boards, look at them every day. I have literally been doing this since I was a wee kid and it is absolutely wild to see how much of what is on them has come true. There is a lot of power in defining what is important to you and looking at it every day. And this can evolve, it's not fixed. Just because you set X goal doesn’t mean you have to achieve it or if you don’t it’s a failure, I think it is more generally about having a trajectory.

One other thing I will add is be sure you build many legs to stand on. If being a professional freeride athlete is your goal, build and strengthen the different components that will make that possible. Think of it as a table with multiple legs, and riding your bike is only one of those legs. There are so many other components that make an athlete an athlete in 2022. There is the on-the-bike component, gym work, physio and recovery, there are business and professional skills, there are sponsorships, there is learning how to speak to media, there is social media, and media skills more generally speaking, there is education (not just school but actively learning skills to help you grow), giving back to the community, mentorship, the list goes on - each of these is different leg to the table. And at various points in a career, those legs will probably get kicked temporarily, whether it's through injury, or maybe you lose a sponsor, or whatever it is. But if you have all these other legs to stand on, then you're going to be totally fine. You just strengthen those other legs and then it all kind of balances back out and you will be stronger because of it.

Chelsea Kimball walks the course at Redbull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 24 May 2021
Injuries and setbacks are inevitable... though Chelsea Kimball managed to troop through the week and still send it massively before going in for knee surgery. Photo: Re Wikstrom / Red Bull

That’s a great comparison. I try to think about my own life in that way, too, and having a more comprehensive understanding of who you are as a person seems so important.

Yes! if you have different legs to stand on, then it puts a.) less pressure on yourself to perform - if riding your bike is the only thing you can do well…that is a lot of pressure and b.) also it helps take away always comparing yourself or feeling like there are only limited things available to you - if you have these different legs to stand on, it puts you in a position where you can make the best decisions for yourself at any given time, and often create your own opportunities depending on what those legs are.

So moving back to Formation with all the other events coming up, we have Future Ground and Dark Horse and HangTime, and also Formation of course... Women’s freeride is growing like crazy. Where do you see Formation fitting into the grand scheme of all of that?

First of all, I'm beyond excited to see all these other events. That's definitely the goal that all of us, collectively in the women's freeriding space are trying to shoot for - creating more space. Seeing events like Hannah Bergemann’s HangTime, Casey Brown’s Dark Horse and Haz’s Momentum are so cool. Future Ground really lit a fire last year in NZ, and the women coming out of NZ are so good. Events like The Nines is definitely pushing the progression. Proving Grounds was the first major freeride competition that invited women - and paid them equally. The Women’s FMB category is going to open the floodgates for sure. Having all these other events is really incredible. I think each event serves a different purpose in the space and all are needed. I hope we see lots more pop up this year and in the years to come. I think with Formation specifically, it is a target or a high water mark as it really takes the full package of skills at the highest level.

On the note of women’s freeride events, I am always more than happy to lend an ear if you are trying to get something off the ground so reach out if you need help!

Vaea Verbeeck hits a jump at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 29 May 2021.
Vaea Verbeeck rides her line at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 31 May 2021.
Vaea Verbeeck showed so much commitment, skill, and grit at last year's Formation. Photos: Catherine Aeppel / Red Bull

Sure, having that type of lofty goal can really move the sport forward.

Yeah. I guess with that in mind, the way that I think of Formation is like an incubator. You have a slice of the top talent in sport and you pair that with up-and-coming talent and dynamic folks from within the action sports community - it is a magic combo. You all come together into this shared space where you are staying together, sharing meals together, and digging together, and it is really powerful. Seeing all of these lightbulbs go off and friendships develop and ideas develop and knowledge circulated and vulnerable talks about sport and business and life flourish, it makes you know that we are going to make it and the future is going to be really bright. Everything that happens in that incubator is really powerful in propelling the sport forward because all those folks go out their separate ways at the end of the week and then they drive the sport forward in their own ways. When you come out, then it's like an acceleration.

Totally. Everyone goes back to their communities and lifts them up. It was really interesting, too, that you brought on athletes from other sports like Michelle Parker and Lexi DuPont. What was that choice about?

I think that there's so much to learn from folks in other sports and the broader action sports community. I want that door to always be open so we are learning from one another and challenging each other. The bike space is pretty fresh in the big picture and skiing (and other sports) have gone through similar growing pains and situations. Michelle and Lexi had a front-row seat to all of that, and they've seen and experienced a lot over the years, so having them at Formation is so valuable. Even in Michelle's case, there are women that paved the way before her, and her career has been able to flourish because of their work… there are many parallels to what is happening now. This group of women is going to be able to pave the way for the ‘next Michelle’ and ‘next Lexi’ in the bike space.

Also I think that, in the bike world, I feel like everyone just kind of gets in this space where we are focused on all things bike, all the time, and we don’t come up for air to look around. We lose perspective in the broader action sports and global community, and I don’t want it to be like that. I feel like we're strongest if we can bring in other perspectives and experiences into the equation as we drive forward, because what we are doing is just one very small piece of the larger puzzle. I will always strive to bring in fresh perspectives and experiences because I think that's what we need to grow, and I want to learn from all of those folks who know a hell of a lot more than me!

Definitely! I learned so much just talking to Michelle and listening to her talk to the girls who were riding. Listening to her talk about the mindset of hitting new, big cliffs… there are so many parallels and a lot to learn.

Michelle, she's so incredible. She's had such a rollercoaster through her career with knee injuries and sponsorships and just learning to be an ever-evolving athlete is so powerful for all these up-and-coming young athletes. She's such a remarkable role model in action sports, she's just the full package.

Michelle Parker reacts with tears of joy after Hannah Bergemann rides her line top to bottom for the first time on day 3 at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 31 May 2021
Michelle Parker contributed a huge wealth of knowledge, experience, hard work, and perspective to the 2021 event. Photo: Re Wikstrom / Red Bull

And one of the other interesting things about Formation is that it's not competitive. Why do you feel it's important to have non-competitive events?

Yes, I think it's important to have both competitive and non-competitive events as we grow the space. Each approach brings something a little different. Formation is a progression session and incubator, not a competition. There is a lot of growth, learning, and development happening right now and I think that is in large part due to setting an intentional space for folks to collaborate with one another on and off the bike and push each other to reach their full potential. We want to keep deepening the field and create a space where everyone is getting better and better, and folks can create their own events, participate in other events, and compete if they so choose. I think that if you can go do other events or competitions or opportunities and come back to this place in the middle and work off of each other, it is powerful. It's like, ‘rise collectively, go off and do your thing, and then take it up a notch together’ - there's a lot of power in that as opposed to a structure where each time all of these folks get together, they're just competing against each other.

As it stands, the women’s field is nearly 20 years behind the men’s freeride field in terms of opportunities, access, and representation. If we hope to catch up, we can’t just look at the existing models, insert ourselves, and expect overnight radical change. We need to create a model that works for us and build it full circle. Again, going back to our key goals - implementing all the tools and resources needed so that folks can reach their potential, creating representation through media, and growing a strong network of not just professional athletes but leaders in our community. All of this is what is going to drive the change. If we can drive this change, together, there is going to be no stopping us. I want to strengthen a network of female athletes that transcend specific sports and inspire change and action in business.

I hope Formation can be an example for the broader sports community as to why investment in women's sports works and shows the value in supporting women's sports. When we grow, we all succeed.

I hope to see a women's field in Red Bull Rampage in the near future, that's really important to me. I also want to normalize women's fields in major freeride events, and I think we will see that shift soon. Part of the inclusion is creating a space at the table for women in all that goes into the development of a big event - the decision making, the course design and development, the pay, the schedule, the messaging, the relationship building, the communications… all of that really matters. It is not just inserting women into the space and expecting it to work flawlessly, it's stepping back, looking back at the big picture, and thinking about how we can make space and set them up for success.

Hannah Bergemann sends the top of her line at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 30 May 2021.
Hannah Bergemann hits a drop at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 31 May 2021.
Hannah Bergemann is not only an incredible rider, but has a type of steadfast confidence that lifts up those around her and moves the entire sport forward. Photo: Catherine Aeppel / Red Bull

So do you have any favorite moments from the last two editions of Formation?

What comes to mind immediately… I guess both of them actually involve Hannah B. I don't want to just single out Hannah B, because everyone was totally insane, but both in 2019 and in 2021, HB set the tone. We got out there, and I had this vision, a vision I wholeheartedly believed in, did everything I could do to make it possible, and knew was possible - but without it taking form in real life, it is just a vision. Anyway, in both 2019 and 2021, HB broke the seal first thing in the morning - with a double drop in 2019 and a full top to bottom in 2021 - on the first ride days and really inspired the entire group. After each of those moments, everyone was on fire. It was seriously incredible. Just thinking of those two moments makes me a little teary-eyed.

Everyone was truly remarkable in their own ways, be it Cami (Noguiera) leading the charge on the first big step down of the event, Vaea conquering a double-drop that really scared her, Chelsea building a huge drop from scratch, Jess and Vinny nonchalantly riding the venue like it was a bike park (with a portable speaker in tow - hilarious), Sam feeding off of everyone and leveling up each day or Casey, the queen, just riding so well out there, oozing style on everything. Everyone just was going so much bigger than they had ever imagined and they were trying new things that they didn't even think that they could do. I think just the camaraderie amongst the group and the encouragement like - ‘oh, you should try that. You can totally do that’ - It was really powerful to witness.

Yeah, wow. I mean, just hearing you talk about it makes me want to cry, like in a good way. Hannah B is such a force. All those ladies are.

I definitely cried. There were a lot of happy tears from a lot of folks as things went down. Honestly, it was craziest thing, Hannah starting from the top last year and just greasing her whole line.

Carson Storch Jess Blewitt Vinny Armstrong and their diggers work on a line at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 25 May 2021.
Jess Blewitt and Vinny Armstrong dig a line at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 25 May 2021.
Many hands make slightly lighter work. Catherine Aeppel / Red Bull

That's just so powerful. I can’t wait to see more. What are you most looking forward to seeing happen this year with Formation?

Ahhhh, I'm just so excited just have everyone together in one spot and for them to just have all the tools and resources in place to reach their full potential, I know the magic will happen, and time will tell what unfolds!

In 2019 we went out there and it was basically this top-secret project. The girls trusted me and believed in me enough to show up, but they definitely got thrown into the deep end. They didn’t train ahead of time, they didn’t practice, many of them had never been out there before but collectively as a group they were the most all-around skilled, best bike handlers I could find and they had the potential to ride anything they set their minds to. And they absolutely did - and as a group, they changed the sport in many ways. Now that we have a few years under our belt, and everyone has a target… this fire is lit. They know what to expect, they have goals and they have been training. I can’t wait to see what they do.

It's also amazing to hear how much trust you have in these athletes. I guess it’s a given, but clearly you pick people that you really believe are going to succeed. You can set them up for success and then they're going to elevate the entire sport.

Yeah. I have so much trust in them and I think it goes back to just having really great bike handling skills and really great judgment - but also being well-rounded individuals that can make good decisions out there and understand the bigger picture.

Also, every one of the athletes who was there last year has gone on to do amazing stuff since then. It's been so cool to watch. Like Robin did a backflip last year away from the venue when she was an alternate, but then went on and was throwing backflips at Crankworx and just completely getting after it. So much has happened since they were all last together.

Yeah, it’s totally wild. I mean Robin [Goomes] and Haz [Harriet Burbidge-Smith] were both alternates and I called them in on pretty short notice to come out and they made it happen. I feel like both of them really leaned into the opportunity and took a chance not knowing how it would pan out. They invested in themselves knowing it would be a stepping stone in one form or another - they didn’t get to ride the full course but I think it definitely lit a fire and helped drive some of that momentum forward, especially as they continued onto Europe afterward. A year later it is so wild to see what they have both accomplished.

I think Formation was just a small piece of that but again, going back to that community building component - I had never met Robin or Haz, and I don’t think that many of the other girls had either but when you are living together, eating together, digging together, collaborating together - a lot happens in a short period of time and the fabric of the community really strengthens and grows!

Harriet Burbidge-Smith hits the drop to step-up on ride day 1 at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 29 May 2021
Harriet "Haz" Burbidge-Smith has gone on to earn herself a Red Bull helmet since attending Formation as an alternate last year. Photo: Re Wikstrom / Red Bull

Another note: One thing that I've really intentionally built into Formation is creating space and opportunities for women in media. So whether that's journalists or photographers, filmmakers or writers, I want to be sure that there's a lot of representation on all the teams from women. There are all these different components where maybe in the past we haven't traditionally seen as many women in that space, but I want to make that a normal thing. If we ensure that there's representation across the board, that's another avenue that we're using to create the future that we hope to see. We're going to have four women shooting on the photography team for Red Bull Content Pool this year, which is really incredible. Our producer is a woman. The video team has a big crew of women. Hopefully there will be quite a few female journalists. If we are empowering female storytellers, we are going to see more women in stories.

As we have built out Formation, this lack of opportunity for women in media has become became abundantly clear - the more you work to solve, the more you uncover! To help solve for this and bridge the gap we created a Women in Photography gathering at Red Bull Rampage this past year to provide access and resources for female-identifying photographers - basically they came out as credentialed photographers, stayed together, ate together, did a couple of workshops together, just vibed off of each other and I think it was helpful in creating space and growing. They also built an additional body of work for their portfolios that can be used to get work down the line. Several of those women have been hired for jobs within Red Bull and now a few will be shooting for Formation this year. Full circle.

Vinny Armstrong hits the drop to step-up at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 31 May 2021
Katie Holden takes a video on her phone at Red Bull Formation in Virgin Utah USA on 31 May 2021.
There's so much positivity to go around (and Vinny Armstrong's riding is yet another reason to get stoked). Photos: Re Wikstrom & Catherine Aeppel / Red Bull

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