Interview: Troy Brosnan on Consistency, Set Up and the Restructured Race Season

Jun 24, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
Troy Brosnan a.k.a. Mr. Consistent dropping the landing gear. Troy finished third yet still leads the points race going into the break.

Troy Brosnan

Troy Brosnan finished up another characteristically consistent season last year with a third-place finish in the overall after only missing the podium at 2 races and never dropping outside the top ten riders. We caught up with Troy to talk about his incredible consistency and his view on the 2020 season so far.

How was your training going into this year?

My training was going really good this year, I had been building a lot more muscle and felt very strong for the start of this season to come.

What were your hopes for this season?

My hopes were to win the overall really, I have everything in line to take the series and was ready to really fight for it.

What is your reaction to the initial race cancellations?

It's a very sad time for the world and I respect the cancellations that had to be put in place, I would love to be racing right now but we need to get on top of this ordeal firstly.

What's your view of the new racing schedule for the 2020 World Cup season?

I think it is awesome that we might still be able to race this year and having it smashed out in such a short time will help with timelines.

Is it going to be hard having the races so close together in such a short time frame?

Yeah for sure it is going to be very physically demanding to race that much back to back to back but it will make for some great racing and an interesting season for sure.

Do you have to change up anything in your routine to deal with having races back to back?

Not too much, I have just been training non-stop to be ready for racing again and I'm as fit as I can be and just can’t wait to be behind the start gate this year.

Troy Brosnan dug deep down the final minute of the track to make time on his rivals but would still fall just over two seconds short of the win.

You have had a great past few years racing with some consistent results, how do you manage to nearly always be right at the top of the race?

I think a lot of it is to do with mental stability and then a massive part from my mechanic that always has my bike working so well. We gel really well together and then that translates for speed on the race weekends.

Is maintaining consistent performance something you think about and aim for across the season or have you been lucky?

Yeah, we always aim for consistent results and performance which come from many years racing and learning. Luck is when some riders push way over their limit and don’t crash in a race run.

Do you think it’s better to win a race or stay consistently at the top across a season?

That's a hard one, staying constant is probably better as you will be up there every race and keeping the sponsors happy but also winning is a massive part of racing and that's what we all strive for.

You came close to winning multiple races last year is it hard coming so close to the win?

It is hard being so close and not winning but being right up there and holding the number 1 plate for a few races is amazing. There are many more races in my career that I will have the chance to win.

Troy Brosnan brings it home at full chat.

Why do you think Loic and Amaury were so dominant last year?

They both had really good bikes and their pre-season preparation was perfect. It's really hard to find a winning bike set up and most people don’t test near enough these days.

When we get racing this year do you think the results might be shaken up depending on how much training people were able to get done during lockdown/isolation?

Yes for sure the results could be heavily affected. Training is such a big part of racing and if we do get to race later this year it will be jam-packed and hard work! Bike time will also be a big one as that is a big restriction as well.

When it comes to bike setup do you try and keep some level of consistency or does it really depend on the track?

My mechanic and I have a very good base set up that we can work with from race to race, some tracks you have to change a lot and some are very very similar, it depends on the speed of the track and also how rough the track might be. Having a good base setting allows us to be able to come back to it and know where we stand if things aren’t going in the right direction.

How are you staying motivated at the moment with the delays to the start of the season?

I don’t know any different than just training so I have been just staying structured and really trying to work on things that I wouldn’t normally get time to like different muscle groups in the gym and anything else on the bike.

Brosnan has won this even four years in a row now. Who will be the one to take him down next year

What has and hasn't changed with your training?

I haven’t been ride heaps of downhill as it is not advised to be doing dangerous sports at this time but apart from that everything else has been exactly the same so I am not complaining at all!

With no racing for the next few months is there anything you have to do for your sponsors or have they been understanding of the situation?

Yes like every sporting person social media has become a big part of getting through this crisis and it has kinda been fun to do little cool videos and help all the sponsors out this way.

What are your plans for the future?

Still to race bikes and go for as long as I can then look into possible areas of testing or R&D for companies when my racing has all stopped.


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 Troy... people’s champ? Who doesn’t want to see this guy take a title soon..
  • 6 0
 A consistent racer in every WC!
Also his sportsmanship and good vibes can be felt through the online broadcast! Smile
  • 4 0
 I would love to see him on the top spot at the end of this weird season, he truly deserves it.
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 Every response straight to the point!
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 When he start winning it will be the show of cold-blooded dominance in each race. Go Troy!
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 he is probably just letting them win so he can remind the french guys what public execution looks like, as soon as he takes over
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 good luck troy!!
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 Top guy!! Hope he cracks it this year
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 Met him at crankworx last year, such a nice and humble guy. Keen to see him at the very top.
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 Troy is the new Peaty when it comes to winning the rainbow
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 Great, but question about wheel size seems to be missing.
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