Interview: Wyn Masters on Racing World Cups With a Fractured Spine in 2020

Jan 27, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  
Wyn Masters nipping at the heels of Hugo Frixtalon in the steeze-stakes.

Racing a World Cup season is hard enough on its own, but this week Wyn Masters revealed he had been racing since Maribor with an undiagnosed thoracic compression fracture on his spine. He believes he picked up the injury in his first practice run at the second race that weekend after sliding out on a clump of roots. He tried to hold on and ride it out but the force of all his weight being put through his spine led to the fracture. The crash left him struggling to walk but, as riding felt less painful, he persevered on and even qualified for Sunday's finals later that same day.

Wyn saw out the rest of the season riding with a decent amount of pain and a lot of strapping before heading to the UK to spend the winter riding its famous slop. He forgot about his back pain on all but the coldest days but a strain picked up at the gym saw him in the chiropractor's office with yet more back troubles. After Wyn mentioned the crash, he got an x-ray from the doctor and the fracture was revealed.

The fracture had already healed and Wyn is now on a program of rest and recuperation before getting back to exploring the best of the UK's riding. While he's taking some time out, we fired over some questions to get the full story:

Wyn Masters and Eddie Masters bike check

What do you remember of the crash in Maribor? Did you take any time off or get any treatment after it?

It was my first run for the second race in Maribor and I watched a few people ride this section for a few minutes before committing to a line. The previous evening I didn’t have time for the course walk after finishing up the WynTV videos so I think I didn’t consider that I would slip on those roots coming into that section. It threw me off balance pretty good when I was trying to dab with my left foot in order to get back on line but my right foot blew out of the pedal and from there it was all downhill.

Normally in a situation like this, it's best to get off the brakes and try to ride it out. You often can get back on line and not crash, but this time letting go of the bike sooner would have been a better option as then I wouldn’t have tweaked my back. But I’d say if I was to do it again I’d still try to ride it out as more often than not that approach has worked out for me.

Literally, as I was getting up off the ground, Spanish junior Pau Menoyo came through, slipped on the same root also had a heavy crash. It definitely knocked the wind out of me pretty good and took a while to get up and get back on but I pushed back up and rolled the section pretty slowly after. Luckily, John Lawlor was there filming for VitalRAW and also my team filmer Jules Bellot was there and caught the whole thing on camera, so everyone can enjoy my scorpion and the social media armchair experts can tell me how I should have let the bike go when I crashed haha!

Was your back sore all through the race season?

Yeah, for those two remaining days in Maribor I was walking like an old man and had some pain but the pain was probably worse walking than riding which was a bonus. Our team soigneur Greg got my back taped up pretty good too which made a good difference in support but I struggled a fair bit at the second race in Maribor which was disappointing at the time as I felt like I was building momentum at the first one there. Now looking back I have more understanding why I was struggling though. Then for the two races in Lousã things were too bad, just that spot in my back was sore to touch. From then on [it has been] sore on cold days too.

My brother Ed also broke his Ulna Styloid in his wrist in his first practice run of race 1 at Maribor and then went on to smoke me both races in the battle of the brothers, but maybe we need to work on our first practice runs! Although I did once help Loic Bruni off the track from a first-run crash so you could say it happens to the best of us...

What made you go to the chiropractor last week?

Actually, I strained my back in the gym last Monday and was in pain from that so went to get it checked out. The chiropractor mentioned that it would be due to my spinal curvature becoming pretty straight due to years of riding and not enough stretching, something I definitely need to work on. Since I was there, I mentioned the crash in Maribor so he also x-rayed that area of my back, he was like, "well, I can see why you were sore you had a compression fracture right here".

Is the fracture healed now? What symptoms are you still feeling?

Yeah, he said now it's all good although it’s now looking like more of a wedge due to the compression. Actually, after a few treatments things are improving but I now have quite a bit of work to do to get my posture and spinal curvature looking better. I just have the lower back strain now but that's improving well so I look forward to getting back into it and some more UK winter slop. Actually, a couple of weeks off probably do me good as I struggle to take much time off otherwise, I just enjoy getting out on the bike too much!

Will the injury require surgery or anything like that in the future?

No, luckily it's nothing serious and I just need to now work on getting my back mobility moving a bit better. Actually it’s not a bad thing cause I don’t think I would have been so focussed on this otherwise until it became an issue later on.


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 Why is 'doctor' in the same paragraph at 'chiropractor' without the words 'not', and 'charlatan' included? I'm genuinely surprised that they managed to point out which was his spine on the x-ray.

Regardless, I think it goes to show how focussed and hardcore a rider such as Wyn is. Respect!
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flag wellbastardfast (Jan 27, 2021 at 5:42) (Below Threshold)
 If you study to become a chiro you get a doctorates in chiropractic.
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 @wellbastardfast: That is true but from the Chiropractic Counsel's code: "Chiropractors who use the title of 'doctor' and who are not registered medical practitioners must ensure that they make it clear that they are registered chiropractors and not registered medical practitioners."
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 Or "witch"
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 I'm actually mostly curious why a Kiwi is in the UK right now. Why not go home and live a normal life? Plus, summer!
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 was recomended a Chiropractor for a wrist injury. Had an X- ray that was no conclusive and its looking like months before I can get an MRI at the moment. He's fixed an issue that likely would have required surgery and also fixed a mates knee that he was told would need surgery. He has used a K laser on my wrist which I was skeptical of but has made a huge difference after 2 sessions.
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 @shredddr: Exactly. I can only assume that, along with injuring his back, he's also suffered a severe blow to the head at some point.
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 I think a lot of these quacks get anecdotal evidence because injuries take time to heal and people are more likely to see "alternative" practicioners the longer they've been injured. "Well it's been six months and it still hurts, may as well try it", then it naturally gets better due to time and whoever they happened to try last becomes a miracle worker in their mind.
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 @wellbastardfast: but they leave out the quotation marks around doctor
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 @shredddr: I think his wife works for a car company(?). Regardless, they were stationed in Germany previously for her job, but now she's working in England. (I'm not stalking you @wynmasters , I just found this out on a recent HKT podcast).
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 @shredddr: because he lives in the UK.
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 I don't think it's fair to throw all chiropractors under the bus. Like any skill - it's practitioner dependent. I've had chiropractors (and MD's) who were horrible.

On the flip side, some of the best treatment I've ever gotten for recovery was from a chiropractor. Definitely do your research and get references before you let someone work on you.
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 @wellbastardfast: well my friend has a doctorate in Philosophy and yet I don't ask him to work on my injuries
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flag wellbastardfast (Jan 27, 2021 at 8:10) (Below Threshold)
 @spaced: I'm not saying they storm round gobbing off saying they're doctors. What am saying is you don't a doctorate out a xmas cracker.
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 I have a bunch of feelings towards chiropractors, naturopaths, and K-Pop... however... it is kinda crappy that Wyn shares the details of his injury, how challenging the season was for him, and the highest ranked comment is about the quality of the person who actually helped diagnose where his injury was and likely helped Wyn get sorted and on the right track regardless of how you or I may feel about the validity or oversight of the title and field. I would have hoped for a comment like "Wyn is the man! This sucks! Get better!" Trying to race a season, during covid, with a fracture in your spine is Danny Hart racing in the rain sized beans. You are the man Wyn and I hope continuing racing without knowing about it didn't complicate the injury or recovery. Love watching you ride and look forward to seeing you back at it. One of the best. Brilliant ambassador for the sport and for the racers. All the best in your recovery.
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 @ptrcarson: and yet all the Chrio's around this town proudly call themselves 'doctor'. cause they're full of shit.
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 @Remedy808: Do you live in Salem?
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 @Lee-Gee: One experience equals anecdote. Do we have an alternate universe to compare your results to - one where you did have to have surgery? Don't be so quick to assign cause, when there is only correlation on an n of 1.
I've done lots of those laser treatments when I was doing triathlon because I was willing to do anything to stay well. I'm not convinced it did anything for me. We would need a double blind, randomized, controlled study for worthy data.

As others have stated, Mechanical physio/ART is where the value is. Anything laser, acupuncture, spine manipulation is highly questionable.

Next, let's talk about zamzam water...
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 @wellbastardfast: diploma mills and cracker factories
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 @jaydubmah: chiro is pseudo science. A "good" chiro is pretty much a physiotherapist but without the formal education to back it up.
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 @rachybox swears by Moxybustion
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 @shredddr: becasue he s married to an awesome german woman who moved to UK for work reasons and Wyn is cool enough to move there to be with her.
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 @ptrcarson: You are a Doctor, Stu....
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 Married life. You do what your wife says @shredddr:
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 @wynmasters: I recognized those streets where you filmed today's episode of Wheelie Wednesdays. I hope you don't upset the neighbours with those types of shenanigans, that's the posh part of town! Hopefully I'll bump into you on the local trails one of these days.
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good on you mate.
Keep up the hustle.
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 @wynmasters: my apologizes ! I love you and respect most of your decisions.
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 A Chiropractor IS a doctor of the spine. If you think it's a waste of time and money, that's yur opinion, but I wouldn't let my GP click my spine the way a chiropractor does. I think many people go see the chiropractor for issues that are more physio related and hence why they get a bit of a bad rep, but if you have serious back issues, a chiropractor is your best bet.
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 @shredddr: Mandatory quarantine on arrival. All places in managed isolation are currently booked until the end of May. Can't get on the plane without a pre-booked spot. Hard to come home at the mo.
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 @seriously-people: Wow. You'd think they'd try to get more capacity with things booked up that far ahead. Are people able to get fast tracked for family emergencies, funerals etc?
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 I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I've had excellent success with the chiro's I've gone to. They always x-rayed me before suggesting or starting any treatments. They also had better options for therapy and a workout regimen and stretching routines never mentioned by regular MD's who just wanted to prescribe drugs.

Did I mention regular doctors always wanted to just prescribe addictive muscle relaxers and pain meds instead actually treating the injury with therapy and recovery routines? Scoff all you want, but there are some really good chiro's out there. I've had way worse experiences with regular doctors with terrible bedside manner and no time to actually listen or fix the problem.

I realize the history of it is weird, and to be honest, I never saw that weird stuff until it was mentioned right here on these forums by the people who always put it down. I haven't been to a chiro in over a decade since I've had no need. But, I wouldn't hesitate to go again if warranted. Massages do not help in the same way as chiro.

I also have found a really good, caring doctor who doesn't just reach for a pill for treatment.

My .02

Downvote away...
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 Or you could see a physical therapist for everything youve described
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 I know they can help but am also skeptical because I know people who seem to have become addicted to them and feel they need to go every month or two. I went to one once and it helped temporarily but did not treat the underlying issue. Many athletes suffer from scar tissue irritation from previous crashes & injuries, which can often be addressed with cheap massage canes.
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 That's cool and all but you do realise now you could have just come to the PB comments to diagnose, treat and monitor your ailment. Bet you feel silly now. Don't worry, I've made the same mistake before. Once asked Waki for help with something and now I'm a huge racist!
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 Do understand that the original practice of Chiropractors was akin to acupuncture: "let me crack your back to relieve your tuberculosis or hysteria." If they're just working on your back for flexibility and mobility, they're mostly alright, but they also have given some people spinal cord damage, up to and including putting them in a wheelchair.
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 @me2menow: Not necessarily. The stretching and recovery stuff can be handled by a physical therapist. But, none of them ever suggested or showed me the specific stretches for sciatica relief that I learned at the chiro's office. The chiro adjustments that relieve the pain instantly, when warranted and applied correctly, are what separate chiro from other treatments. And, combined with the stretching and recovery exercises, chiro adjustments make the fixes "permanent" as long as I stay limber and stretch often. I have an old back injury that likes to flair up when I go without stretching for too long.

Stretching is key to a happy, pain-free life in my experience.
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 Lessons learned here:
A) that's one hell of a painful crash to watch
B) don't stress your back on injured, spines are no joke
C) chiropractors are on the same scientific level as xamans. Don't use them, its a scam
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 I think chiropractor doesn‘t equal chiropractor, since in germany there are quiet some chiropractors who are doctors as well ... maybe his is the latter since he has an xray at his hands
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 @Stokedonthis: The thing that also happens here is that you have full certified physiotherapists who also claim to practice chiro. They then mix up physio with chiro, with the physio part actually producing some results which then people easily attribute to chiro.
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 @Stokedonthis: Chiropractors in Canada have access to xray machines. That doesn't make them more reliable. You feel equal if not better after a good massage and it last about the same time as a chiro treatment.
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 I expected a wilder crash tbh, we see worse scorpions nearly every week in friday fails
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Wait are there countries in which someone that is not a radiologist can give you a xrays ?!
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 @zede: here they can do ultrasound and that's it
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 I'll always think of Jacob's Ladder. Dangerous business, although the last time I saw one he didn't send me into a different level of consciousness, but then again he didn't make my back any better either. Swings and roundabouts.
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 Yoann will be riding Wyn in the next Into the Gnar episode... doesn't get much gnarlier than this.
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 Total beast.. compression fractured my back 4 times..2 were mtb hurt so bad you don't leave a fetal position, you don't go to the bathroom and 3 days later no food your family makes you go to to dr... The mild side is it hurt bad not all the time and when it hits it feels either way he's a bad ass....I raced 3 weeks later at Spokane beacon bomber after my nasty one it has alot of drops and step ups etc...made 1 run killed it. couldn't do 2 back was spasaming bad... Thats no where close to the level these guys ride, this guy is a all around old school bad ass.. true grit man...
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 With the comments on chiro aside I ask myself why he felt he needed to continue to race without a stop in at a clinic and an OK to compete from medical professionals?

1)Didn't recognize the injury. Ok well here is where mandatory post race check ins and sign off can help prevent unnecessary damage. Help prevent CTE, worsening fractures, worsening soft tissue tears, and just in general take care of the people first.

2)Pay them a salary that makes a living. This takes the motivation off racing every run and takes into account the dangers of the sport and the support required to treat these athletes like people and not disposable commodities. I mean we are all buying outrageously priced bikes and companies are making some serious dough.

3)Healthcare. Goes along with the above but full medical coverage for all allied health services. Chiro, massage, PT, OT, MD services, eye, dental and pharm care. Not one, all.

4)Culture? Pretty tough group in MTB and tough as nails at the pro level. We all need to take health and longevity seriously and know that "pushing" through injuries is a young persons naive game to play. Compression fracture will catch up with you wyn, hope you recover well and all the best

from a fan
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 1) as a pro rider its not uncommon to be racing with some aches and pains, with my pain threshold built up over years of racing I knew it was painful but often I have been racing in similar pain so its normal, have a close look and field of riders lining up for WC final sometime you will notice alot of riders taped up with sports tape due to practice crashes, at this event we were operating on a limited schedule as it was a double race week, so when I crashed I only had 1.5hrs of practice before qualifying, which means I got on with things. If the pain had been unbearable I would have of course gone to get checked out.

2) I am paid a salary that makes a living, thankfully GT are good with this for their athletes and they appreciate the work I do for them. I myself live for and love racing still so I often tend to get on with things rather than head straight to get checked out.

3) I have full health insurance and this is a prerequisite to your international license being issued, so everyone has to have this in order to compete at a World cup event.

4) I would agree partially with this but I have pulled myself out of several events due to head injuries and promote others to do the same and for people to be more aware of the dangers of concussions. At this stage no it wont catch up with me with the right rehab and working on my flexibility and ROM it won't be an issue if anything its now a good thing as I am now more focussed on this. Unfortunately this sport is sometimes dangerous and occasionally you pay the price, but if it was anything more painful I would have been checked out by a medical team, but I would never have become a pro rider if I had to get checked out everytime I crashed, thats just what comes with the nature of the sport sometimes, watch any of the highlight videos there are always some crashes, and actually this one wasn't such a hard crash just more awkward.

TBH I see the longterm issues in Rugby or NFL much much more dangerous than MTB for the longterm health of the athletes post professional career.
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 @wynmasters: Thank you for the reply and shedding light on some of the "issues" I raised. Obviously you know more than I do on the subject so hearing some facts straight from the horses mouth is appreciated. Specifically I did not know all racers had to have comprehensive insurance. Also happy to hear GT understands the value of its athletes and pays them accordingly.

With the first argument my concern is that these aches and pains can be too easily dismissed and while I greatly enjoy the sport I value health of the rider even more. For instance there is pain, peri-spinal pain, central tenderness, acute vs delayed onset and other signs that help practitioners sort out more benign soft tissue vs fracture vs MSK and neurological injury. With 20/20 hindsight do you think a visit to the race medic or available course medical profession would have changed anything? You mentioned a time limit between practice and quali as a barrier to care, are there any other barriers you see? I do not want to sound paternalistic and the riders know their body but I wonder if you have suggestions for maybe some hard limits for medical probationary periods ie. if there is a known fracture not returning before the bones have time to fully ossify or enforcement of post concussion protocols?

IMHO people have the right to live at risk as long as they are of sound mind and not under any duress.

I am hoping you are right and the increased frequency of head trauma seen in contact sports is the difference that might separate MTB from the injury rates seen in NFL, rugby, etc. Freeride, slope style, or DH WCI racers, hard slams are hard slams and the internal coup contrecoup cannot be understated as a risk factor for CTE. It also seems like the bar is being raised with higher speeds and bigger features as MTB evolves as a sport thereby increasing the relative risk for increased severity and frequency of crashes.

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 @wynmasters: so big the the NZ talent too hot to handle for you to be back home for the current NZ DH race season (saying with tongue in cheek LOL) or is it that you are on a good gig with GT so best to stay in the UK for any races that do actually go ahead?

PS it was a hot dry 36 degrees in CHCH yesterday
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 @madpete: the 2 weeks in managed isolation puts me off any trips to NZ for this summer especially as we raced so late in to the year, and 12 years of racing year round it’s actually better to have an offseason and focus more on getting ready for what international racing we have this year. I’ll be back next summer though.

PS it was a rainy 7 degrees here yesterday haha
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TBH a visit to an onsite race medic wouldn't have changed anything for me in this situation, the only way that it would potentially is if they had an onsite x-ray but we are not at that level yet. They have started to bring in more and more protocols around concussion but general injury there isn't so much, and honestly you would find many stories of pro sports people competing whilst injured, the worst case I have seen was in MotoGP with Marc Marquez trying to compete 2 days after serious elbow surgery last year which has backfired big time and now he is struggling to recover from it now, but this is in a sport with the highest level of medical support too, pro athlete mindset is really doing anything to compete, and I guess that is why they become professional in their chosen sport.

Travis Pastrana did some cool research with his nitro circus crew at the Cooper Clinic a clinic specialising in CTE and with the their findings the repeated head knocks of contact sport seemed to be much more damaging that the occasional crashes we have in our sport, but concussion knowledge and research is something I am really passionate about and interested to learn more I think there is way to little knowledge shared on this topic.
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 @wynmasters: All good points. I'll have to look into the research you mentioned. I use Uptodate for myself and parachutecanada for handouts and quick access protocols specific to concussions but there is a ton of new research being published continuously and I struggle to keep up with it.

All the best Wyn!
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 Is it best to skip Osteo/Chiro and just go to a physio for a suspected back strain? Asking for a friend...
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 I did both, the chiro has helped me much more in firstly identifying where the injury was with the X-ray and now working to make sure my posture and back is better in future.
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 @wynmasters: Thanks for the reply Wyn, big fan btw!

I did three days of rest/ice and it felt so much better after a full week of taking it I got impatient, went out and rode and now I'm chilling on the sofa with an ice pack lol.

Think I'll get booked in!
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 @wynmasters: please get your x-ray checked by a specialist radiologist, even better get your GP to request fresh X-rays. Fractures can be missed on initial X-rays, especially if the images are not scrutinised by a Radiologist.
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 The answer is radiologist then physical therapist
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 The vast majority of back pain is not a fracture or tumour, and therefore routine X-raying for back pain is dubious at best. Any good physio will refer for X-ray if they suspect the above. Likewise any good physio's expertise will be correcting posture, strength and movement pattern problems. You should avoid both the 'hot pack and TENS machine everything' physios and the 'X-ray and crack everything' chiros.
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 @terribleone1982: I reckon it totally comes down to the individual practitioner and how good they are rather than the field they are trained in. I have a particular osteo and a physio who I use if I need a seized back released so I can get moving again. I have a different physio I use to help me correct strength imbalances and develop conditioning programmes to prevent futures injuries resulting from imbalances or poor posture. The osteo was also super helpful after my head got run over by a boat while I was out surfing (surf lifegaurds!!). It is unlikely that you will ever find an individual therapist who is good at everything. To me the key is to find some good physios/osteos/therapists/etc, get to know them and use them for what do best.
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 @terribleone1982: keep stretching too, can find some good stuff on youtube to release the tension, hope the pain goes away soon its definitely tough!
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 @Pinkleg1: I've had fractures missed by a radiologist before too, was told I had a shoulder separation a few years back by a hospital in Germany did a month of rehab exercises with no progress only to find out in the end I had a broken collarbone.
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 @wynmasters: in defence of the Radiologist there Wyn (I’m not one by the way), the responsibility in missed diagnosis lies in the large part with the clinician who assessed you and thought your injury stopped at a dislocation. X-ray views to ascertain clavicle fractures can differ to those used for preliminary diagnosis of shoulder dislocation. Radiologist don’t assess injuries, they look at the images they have in front of them.
Anyway, all academic, just so long as you’re on the mend and don’t miss out on too much British winter mud!
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 @wynmasters: I like to think I'm something of a connoisseur of Youtube Yoga...been doing it since I was 30 and at 38 I feel so much better for it. Well, I did until I sneezed and pulled my back!
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 @terribleone1982: +1 for YT Yoga, since I discovered the method of "snapping" it I allways get relieve...have constant sores from a "bad" Epidural...but Spine problems aren't to be taking lightly, I find it baffling that a Pro athelet isn't properly checked with an MRI, that's the only way to be sure you don't have any long term damages.I also have had good experiences with Osteo/Chiro getting relieve with Tendonitis, which modern medicine can't really do much except prescribing anti inflammatory.
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 Done that. Compressed and fractured my L2 a full centimeter. Also a bike crash. Certain things make it hurt and randomly during a ride it flares up. Doing certain exercises helps but it will still start to hurt from time to time.
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 Glad you’ve got the injury identified & on the mend Mr Masters. I landed on my head at cwmcarn in May 2013, couldn’t drive home because of the pain, went to a&e the next day & they sent me on my way with probable broken ribs & codeine...took a few weeks off then done a few grass roots races & went to the alps but wasn’t comfortable, visited docs a few times until I go an mri in the September that showed anterior wedging on t2 & t3, injury had healed but the compression stays, so did the discomfort until the gray work of the physio who is a back specialist (hide physio in Hythe ????). The pain does go eventually but getting old sucks!
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 Glad your recovery went well, getting old does suck but working on your mobility and keeping on moving definitely slows the process..I mean the man known as the GOAT in DH right now seems to be doing quite well right..
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 @wynmasters: that boys something else and good looking too!! You pro sports folk inspire us all mate, love you vids & WC track walk, keep it up
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 "Luckily, John Lawlor was there filming for VitalRAW and also my team filmer Jules Bellot was there and caught the whole thing on camera, so everyone can enjoy my scorpion and the social media armchair experts can tell me how I should have let the bike go when I crashed haha!"

you simply should have comitted to that Superman seat bonk instead of chicken out half the way.
You are welcome! Smile
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 I always get off the brakes in that situations and try not to ride it but survive it ,never had a back injurie but shoulder oh yes sometimes they almost tear apart ,and sometimes it’s the lower leg muscles(calf’s?),STAY SAFE
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 We need this guy on the circuit. He brings attention and entertainment to the sport. Hope he gets fully healed and hits it hard this year!
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 It appears Wyn really didn’t want to crash on his rad 1993/94-ish GT jersey — and hung onto the bar for dear life to prevent any damage to it =P
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 I had a get tequesta the same colour as that jersey back in the day. Anyway, it would have been so good if he rode it out superman.
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 I was really hoping that was a clickbait headline... It was not. Brutal!
  • 3 0
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 Phil - Wyn, one of the best videos on YouTube ! ✅
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 jeez tough sob
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 beast mode!!
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 True death grip!!
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