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Jun 7, 2022
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PRESS RELEASE: Cycling Avenue

No need to convince anyone here that a bike with some mileage on it is still in great shape and still has a lot of great riding left! Did you know that on average, according to a client survey, cyclists tend to replace their bikes only after using them for 15% of their maximum lifespan? “Pre-loved” bikes are some of the best deals out there.

Many of us at Cycling Avenue are fervent Buy/Sell users because of the sheer volume and variety of useful bikes and parts to be found. Yet for some, the hunt can be more trouble than the capture, so we created a simplified customer experience to shepherd shoppers through the process.

In an online marketplace where the game of selling and buying a bike can be as much of a sport as it is a transaction, there’s always room for new players. For them (maybe that’s you?), online marketplaces offers a huge inventory and the chance to negotiate prices. However, when haggling over the value is less of a thrill and more of a hassle, there’s a place for those fans too. One’s sport is another’s penalty, which is where we at Cycling Avenue found our niche.

Meet Cycling Avenue

Founded upon the noble intention to reuse and recycle existing bikes for as long as possible, Cycling Avenue was established in 2019 as an online retailer of refurbished bicycles. Instead of disposing of used bikes, we sell them in a circular economy model, thereby reducing the environmental impact of the goods.

An overview of our workshop operations

What’s on offer?

There’s a lot more that goes into our version of a simplified customer experience than just buying a bike. It’s where purchasing a refurbished bike becomes much easier thanks to available financing and flexible payment, fast delivery, and simplified assembly. Before all that though, there’s an optional, no-strings-attached video consultation with an in-house bike expert to help you sort out what you want.

Let’s say you’re not located in or near Montreal, which is our home. That’s ok because, for starters, every bike that we well is certified Ready-to-Ride and carefully packed for shipping across North America. Online images and videos of each bike found on the website are of the actual bike so WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). That means there are no nasty surprises during unboxing. You also have 30 days to try out your new bike to make sure it’s what you were looking for.

These customer services are what Cycling Avenue offers.

The Refurbishing Process

Our mission is to give every bike a new life by refurbishing them. All bikes certified by us undergo a complete mechanical inspection, verification, cleaning, and reassembly as part of the refurbishing process. Depending on the type of bike and its original condition, experienced mechanics will select the necessary tune-up that adds the most value, performance, and lifespan to the bike. In contrast, a used bike is usually sold “as is” without much (or any) pre-sale maintenance.

Special cleaning station from Bio-Circle for cleaning parts

The trade-in

If you’re ready to upgrade your current bike, there’s someone out there who would probably love to have your old ride. Rather than waiting to buy a new bike until you sell your current one, you can sell your old bike and buy a new one in a single swift move by trading in your bike with Cycling Avenue. You can either trade-in and get “paid” in store credit (plus get a 5 percent bonus on the value of your bike) to put toward your new bike or you can simply sell your bike to Cycling Avenue for cash.

For some of us – if we can’t be bothered to go through the steps to list our bike for sale, then even disassembling and shipping it can be a drag. If you’re near one of Cycling Avenue’s 125 (and counting) partner shops across Canada, you can simply roll in and trade it for store credit at your LBS. At present this service is fully up-and-running in Canada and coming soon to the U.S.

To keep things simple, there are a few more benefits to trading in your bike with Cycling Avenue, like these:
• It's a quick and easy way to sell your old bike and find a new one in a single transaction.
• The option of a white glove boxing service is offered via a Velofix partnership.
• Trade in your bike directly with Cycling Avenue via home pick-up OR at a partner store.
• With a trade-in, the customer even saves on a portion of the taxes!

Cycling Avenue's home bike pick-up service

Cycling Avenue’s actions to reduce environmental impact

Giving older bikes and equipment new life is our whole focus in its mission to reduce environmental impact. The business was built upon 14 years of experience in the world of circular economy, which led to our sister companies, Golf Avenue and Golfbidder, scoring the number 1 rank in revenue and volume of products for pre-loved golf equipment worldwide.

Day-to-day operations to reduce environmental impact at HQ in Montreal strive to maximize the 3Rs rule to recycle, reuse, and reduce. These are some of the actions we take:

• Using a special cleaning station from Bio-Circle for cleaning parts. This is a closed-loop station that uses a special solution so no additional water is required. The solution is cleaned every four months and saves significant amounts of water.
• When receiving used bikes from shops or customers, the inbound team will set aside the packaging materials such as bubble wrap, packing paper, etc., and use those to repack outgoing bikes.
• All accessory packaging boxes get reused, for example, the boxes that indoor trainers come in.
• Cycling Avenue boxes have a printed message encouraging our customers to reuse the box or recycle it.
• All discarded cardboard in the workshop is recycled.

We offer you a new way to get the bike you want with the added value of peace of mind (and a warranty, fast shipping, expert advice…). Whether you want to buy a refurbished bike or sell or trade-in your existing bike, we exist for you to do that simply and sustainably.

To find out more about us: Cycling Avenue


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