Introducing the Katy Curd Youth Development Team With Privateer Bikes

Jan 25, 2023
by PrivateerBikes  

Press Release: Privateer Bikes

Introducing the Katy Curd Youth Development Team – an exciting new program led by none other than Privateer Bikes rider and Ex-National Downhill Champion Katy Curd! With an impressive history of 7 World Cup podiums, Pro Tour wins, and National and European Championship titles, Katy brings a wealth of experience and success to this beneficial program.

Led by Katy Curd Coaching, the team aims to create a supportive and fun atmosphere for young riders to thrive. The program is focused on developing the next generation of mountain biking champions and is dedicated to providing young riders with the guidance, support and resources needed to succeed in the racing world.

The riders, Scarlett Vedmore, 14, James Weeks, 14 and Drew Corbijn, 15, will compete in Pearce Races, National Downhill Races, and select Southern and Welsh Enduro rounds.


bigquotesI am beyond excited about this opportunity. Ever since I started coaching, I have always wanted to support younger riders in getting into racing. I want to give riders who are showing potential the support and guidance they need to succeed in the world of racing. With years of racing experience and coaching experience, we are offering these riders the help they need through our coaching program, so they can learn from us as mentors, take away the stress, bounce ideas back and forth, and give them a safe place to enjoy racing. We will be coaching them throughout the year and also be at the races with them to offer support on track.Katy Curd - Privateer Bikes

bigquotesKaty Curd has been a name I've read or heard countless times, but the opportunity to get to know Katy this past year has introduced me to one of the kindest and most passionate riders out there. Always with a smile beaming ear to ear and keen to get involved, Katy's drive is second to none.

As part of the founding team at Privateer, I've always wanted to use our platform to help develop and nurture the riding community, be it racing, events or individual support. In essence, find opportunities to give back and grow. So when Katy approached us about her dream to create a race team devoted to nurturing young talent, we jumped at the chance to support her. It's hard not to get excited about the future ahead.
Sam Meegan - Privateer Bikes Brand Manager

Photo Credit: James Vincent and Mike Fox.

With a calendar already filled with multiple Enduro and Downhill races, plus training and coaching sessions, Katy Curd Coaching has teamed up with long-time sponsors Privateer Bikes, Troy Lee Designs, and Mud Hugger for support.

For Enduro racing, the team has chosen the Privateer 141, a progressive trail bike with size-specific chainstay lengths and a modern geometry that inspires confidence, making it the perfect choice for UK enduro riding. The team will be dressed to impress with Tory Lee Designs riding kit, and it will be up to MudHugger to keep those kits clear of mud and dirt. HUNT Wheels will keep the team rolling all season long.

The Katy Curd Youth Development team aims to inspire more young riders to venture out on their bike, take mountain biking, and even try their hand at racing. If there are other companies that share Katy's passion for racing and youth development, don't hesitate to get in contact via the Katy Curd Coaching website to discuss how you can work together and build a healthy riding environment for future mountain bikers.

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 Can't put into words just how proud we are to be part of this team. I've ridden with all the kids lots and seem to spend every weekend with them now. But all 3 are fantastic kids and are pushing, training and working hard at this dream. It's honestly the most amazing time and we're all very lucky, Katy is such an incredible and inspiring person to spend time with, her passion is infectious. Go team!
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 All that hard work (and bike swapping ) that you’ve both put in over the last few years has finally paid off.
Congrats to Weeksy Jnr.
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 @CustardCountry: Ah thank you, but it's him rather than me who puts in the work. Both on the bike and as a person. It's amazing to watch as he clears off on the trails... Last night we rode a trail we both know locally really well.... round 4 corners and i had to look about 80m ahead into the next long left to see him disappear.. He's working really hard at it all. As of course are Drew and Scarlett..
The other brilliant thing is the team-work that Katy has built between them in a very short time. They're now 'mates' as well as team-mates and get along brilliantly, throwing ideas, techniques etc about... Along with having a laugh out there on the trails.
Me and the other parents, we're just 'logistics' Smile
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 Wish these schemes were available back in the late 80's and 90's. Suppose it shows how far biking has come along and its good to see the youth isn't just about the TikTok and video games. I'm off to get my slippers and sit next to the fire now.
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 I think the Scott Scholarship was the most similar thing we had back then. A school friend did it in probably 99 and 2000 and it cost him about £2k a season back then.
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 they look happier than the lappiere squad
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 funniest comment I’ve read for a while.
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 "Ex-National Downhill Champion Katy Curd! With an impressive history of 7 World Cup podiums, Pro Tour wins, and National and European Championship titles"

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 The young riders couldn’t ask for a better coaching set up than Katy and her team.
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 super rad to see! Makes me stoked to ride a brand (Privateer) that supports this!
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 Saw this . First word that popped into my head,, Rad..

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