Introducing the 100% Racecraft+ Goggle

Nov 8, 2017
by 100 Percent  
Press Release

Now is the time to upgrade your arsenal. The most renowned goggle on the market just got better; the Racecraft has evolved. Introducing the Racecraft+.

With the ever-progressing speeds of riders, the demands of a goggle increase with it, so we stepped up to the plate. We have armed the Racecraft+ with an injected polycarbonate lens to increase visual clarity and protect against the demands of today’s racing conditions. An elevated lens retention wall ensure the Plus + shield lens stays secure, and the four layer face foam offers the ultimate sweat absorption.

Experience confidence inspiring protection and superior clarity with the Racecraft +.

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 How about actually stepping up the game with magnets in the lens? Swapping out lenses never has been easier. This is a standard in wintersports for a long time.
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 Already done by the brand sponsoring Minaar. Don't remember the name
  • 12 5
 @fracasnoxteam: OAKLEY maybe??? It s a small un-kwon brand I guess!!! hahaha Just joking man.
  • 6 4
 @smoranc: yeah maybe, i don't care who sponsor who.
  • 17 0
 @fracasnoxteam: *Marketing teams scatter in panic*
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 @Clarkeh: ahahah! No really, I remember good products that's all. But I really don't care if Bruni is riding maxxis or Michelin or whatever... Or this one bike won that race...
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 @fracasnoxteam: I think you mean O'Neal, at least they have one, called the B50
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 New goggle standard, plus size for the plus bikes plus sized roost. It all adds up
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 Group think on full, boost, colorways, with the flock kooko birds
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 Discrediting something as "group think" is sort of "group think" in its own right wouldn't you say?
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 @SteezyStu: the evidence is clear.
Group think is fun to take note of...especially when demonstrated by the drones of the lamestream media(leftists) via clip montages..
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 @jrocksdh: not sure it's exclusively a left or a right thing. Seems to be a human thing.
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 So I’m asking a real question...The article says there is a lens retention wall to keep the lens secure. Has anyone ever had there lens come unsecured? Or unsecured while riding?
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 Not that I know. But you know the marketing guys. They like to make obvious things look huge!
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 I once had a rock hit my lens, pushing it back into my face splitting the bridge of my nose. I've never had a lens just fall out or come loose.
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 Yes faceplate with the fox air, gouged lens which was pushed within the goggle frame. They did there job guarding my eyes.
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 If you crash on your face in the other 100% goggles, the lense can rip out leaving your eyes exposed for the rest of the crash. Speaking from experience
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 @Brycelewis: How bad a crash? Also that sounds like a bad time!
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 @indydave124: I walked away luckily, was hitting a sorta awkward jump line blind like an idiot
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 so is it bigger just like the iPhone plus
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 the racecraft + more money
  • 4 1
 Oh man, it started in 1980 with some guy from Norway, that took one of the most popular programming languages to the level, that it could support object-oriented programming and called this C++, what basically means C + 1, (++ is used in loops for incrementing loop counter by one).
So prepare to Super Boost++, and then Super Boost# (# was added some two decades later as object only language, so we'll have to wait some time)
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 Saw this a week ago on vital and many things were the same in this article. Why should we replace our current ones? What are the colors, prices, and performance? A lit is lacking from this article.
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 It's really just a change to a thicker, molded poly lens. Same thing Fox and some others have been doing for a few years, and those goggles are awesome. Since the lens is pre-molded into shape it gives off a lot less distortion and has better scratch resistance.
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 About time! I was so fed up with my previous goggles and their 3 layer face foam, resulting in excessive sweat ingress, but now, with FOUR layer face foam all my prayers are answered. Put me down for a couple....
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 this is like, so last week............come on pinkbike, your press release is a whole week late
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 + for them - for your wallet
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 And where is the anti fog coating???
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 Some day the bike-goggle world will catch up to the alpine-ski google world. Or maybe not.
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 I don't think it's a matter of catching up, it's a matter of what we actually need from a goggle in the respective sports. Winter sports obviously demand a lot out of a goggle, biking goggles are essentially just safety glasses. But as far as tech, Oakley has transferred their PRIZM lenses to biking, and Smith are now using their Chromapop lenses.
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 Price increase-100%
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 How about make the coating a bit better on the lenses. They get scratched when you look at them.
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 iCraft +

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