Introducing the Women Of Fireride Invitational

Apr 29, 2021
by Fireridefestival  

The Fireride Festival is an event that evolved from campfire conversations into a realized vision, one that organizer Patrick Robinson and Gabriel Cuevas have now revamped to develop Fireride 2.0. They have received amazing support from both athletes and the surrounding community who have come together for the love and passion of cycling. Fireride is working closely with, who have a mission to promote diversity and inclusion through sport, who are committed to demonstrating women are capable of competing at major events, and who embrace a growth-centric and laid-back atmosphere.

"We have already recognized the impact of women participating in our events within the local Mexican community, and want to continue supporting the growth and development of women in mountain biking", Patrick notes, adding that the Mexican government is also very supportive, helping fund the build of Fireride. Recognizing the benefits of cycling as a mode of transportation and exercise, the government is fostering a shift to cycling lanes and appears eager to support events to draw attention to life on two wheels. In addition to the freeride course or Rogatkin Line, the Fireride Festival will also consist of a Dual Slalom, Long Jump, Whip Off and High Jump, where athletes will compete for prizes including Best Style and Rider of the Week.

The following female athletes will be attending the Fireride Invitational, being held May 20-22 in Puerto Vallarta.

Ming Goetz, Specialized Demo
Gunnison, Colorado

Ming's riding career began in 2013 at Mountain Creek Bike Park, where she started downhill racing in 2015. She's competed at Sugar Showdown (Seattle, WA), Crankworx (Whistler, BC), and the Big White Invitational, finishing 2nd overall in the first Women's Slopestyle Tour (WST) in 2019. That year, Ming also became a member of the first Red Bull Formation group, learning to transform the Utah terrain into rideable lines with other female athletes.

Stephanie Nychka, Specialized Status
Calgary, Alberta

Stephanie began her slopestyle and freeride career shortly before the inception of Crankworx. She has been the first woman to compete in both the Red Bull Freezride and Crankworx Joyride, and in 2019 worked with other organizers to develop the Women's Slopestyle Tour in order to provide women a platform on which to compete. In 2019 she won the Canadian Freestyle BMX Championships and later that summer finished first overall in the WST series.

Ana Julia Gutierrez, Yeti SB165
Guadalajara, Mexico

In 2018 Ana Julia bought her first cross country bike, quickly becoming hooked on downhill riding and jumping. She began racing enduro in 2020 and became the National Champion of Mexico. Never having attended a freeride event before, Ana is looking forward to transitioning her skills to the larger freeride features at Fireride.

Brooke Trine, Transition TR11
Cleveland, Ohio

Brooke began riding at local DJs and indoor parks, but once the Women’s Slopestyle Tour was organized in 2019, her motivation to compete and progress was ignited. Since then, she also began riding full suspension bikes and this summer will be living out of her converted van at Highland Mountain Bike Park to train for Slopestyle and Freeride. In the coming years, Brooke aims to compete in the Women’s Slopestyle Tour, Crankworx, and as many Freeride and Slope events as opportunity allows.

Kaia Jensen, Liv Hail
Durango, CO

With an enduro racing background, Kaia tied for 15th on the EWS U21 Global Reserve List in 2020 to race EWS women in 2021. Seven months ago she was first introduced to freeriding, and four months later she left Idaho for Durango, CO to join the local free-ride ITHG community. In addition to continuing the EWS series, this season Kaia is looking to push her boundaries in the sport, learn new tricks and dig in the desert.

Renata Wiese, Polygon Trid 2021
Isla de Maipo, Chile

Renata was introduced to mountain biking 6 years ago. Originally competing in downhill, she finished 2nd in the Junior Pan-American Championships, 3rd in Junior Crankworx Garbanzo, and 2nd elite in Nationals. She began riding jumps and learning tricks just over a year ago at Air Rec in BC, and has continued to progress at her local bike park, Pyts in Valdivia de Paine, Chile. Renata remains the first and only girl in Chile to ride larger features, continuously pushing the envelope for herself and other women in her country.

As rider Kaia Jensen says "Progress happens fast in this sport when you have a whole crew of people who believe in you, and (who) reject limitations. I just want to ride my bike and be part of the crew that gets rid of caveats like 'for a girl'". With the motto 'Bikes, Tacos, and Good Times' the Fireride Festival is sure offer women a place for just that. Stay tuned to Pinkbike or @fireridefestival for updates and coverage of the event, and follow these riders on IG to show your support!


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 "In 2018 Ana Julia bought her first cross country bike, quickly becoming hooked on downhill riding and jumping. She began racing enduro in 2020 and became the National Champion of Mexico."

Holy moly that's fast! With progress like that, I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be a name we keep hearing for a loooong time.
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 In 2002 I bought my first bike, and in 2021 I am still alive.

That counts for something as well right?

Jokes aside, her progression is insane!
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 @Caiokv: How do we know that you are in fact alive, and not just a bot using a former human beings account? If catfishing is a thing, is hermit crabbing also a thing?
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 bought my first bike in 2010. Two years later I already dropped from the boardwalk and wheelied 3-4m ! I then picked up racing in 2015 and, despite some injuries, managed to finish almost all the races I started. just recently I bought a new bike and really think, if my profession going on like that, I could pick up a sponsorship by 2087 and become the oldest winner of the EWS in my class ( wich will be "Masters 95+ )
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 @schlockinz: We know because @Caiokv clicked on the bus images before posting.
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 Ana Julia is not riding a Juliana. Fans of spoonerisms are falling out of their chairs.
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 Love it! Hope to see more coverage of this.
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 This is awesome! Hope there will be some coverage / footage here!
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 Yo, Soriano where you at?
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 Fyreride Festival? Is Ja Rule sponsoring this by any chance?
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 This is so sick!!! Go girls
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I'm SO STOKED to see these ladies absolutely SEND IT! Get it ladies! YEEWWW!!!! Big Grin \m/
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 Like how Juliana had the She-10 (V10) for a few of their lady riders Big Grin
This is so exciting Big Grin
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 Some badass ladies!!!
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 Well I definitely read that wrong

"Women of Freeride International"
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 Nice content PB! Also progression is kinda insane, thank you
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 Let Gatto in !
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 Ha Rule involved in this?
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 Ja mon. FYRE!
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