Video: Invading Silver Star Resort with Tyler McCaul

Aug 19, 2015
by DEITY Components  
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Deity riders, Tyler McCaul, Bas van Steenbergen and Noah Brousseau hit up the Silver Star Bike Park and some lake life in Vernon, BC.

Title image by Robb Thompson

Video by Virtu Media

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 I read this thing about how watching a lot of videos about the same thing can dumb down this part of your brain that gives you a sense of enjoyment and therefore requiring extra ordinary things to give you a bit of enjoyment and I think this has happened with me on this website but that video was the first one I've watched in a while start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed
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 dammit man now you're making me paranoid about the amount of time i've spent on this website too. okay, I'm gonna watch football now. actually never mind that's boring. Back to Pinkbike!
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flag rrsport (Aug 19, 2015 at 14:20) (Below Threshold)
 I'm definitely experiencing this, most videos (including this one) just have me going meh. Only Semenucks recent videos have impressed me
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 I want to have that control of a bike for christmas
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 that was so much fun to watch... ah just toying around, no biggie. nose mannie here, transfer there...
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 We get it, they all have better lives than the rest of us
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 @virtumedia likes there videos Well Fu*king Done.
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 Diety makes wake boats???
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flag dk861 (Aug 19, 2015 at 12:43) (Below Threshold)
 u just won the internet
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 I freakin' love Silverstar!!! What a great job they do out there. It's a mini Whistler.......without the crouds. Walk The Line!!!
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 If you're not the rider behind the dust looks pretty awesome
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 Silverstar looks like a pretty sweet place to ride.
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 getting nose off the drop at 1:38 was sick
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 I think I might try that later. Wish me luck.
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 I might try that later too! ... off the curb though...
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 I'll be there in September
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 I think bas decided it would be faster to stay in the air longer then on the ground
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 bas, you're so stoked to watch you style on that tr500
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 Invading my dreams and making me work even less hard than I was....
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 silverstar is fun but oh that super air...........
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 mmmmm hmmmm looks fun
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 01:09... wooooww !
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 best park ever !
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 Yoo Bas is Sick!!
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 Diety makes boats? Sweet.
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 We got a video!
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 Holy mother if steez Bas
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