Ion Avid Shorts - Review

Jun 2, 2014
by Matt Wragg  
Pinkbike Product Picks

Pinkbike Product Picks 2014

Ion Avid Shorts

Ion's Avid shorts are a translation of their surf heritage into a mountain bike short. They are made of a four-way flex material with a double-weave construction that helps the fabric to repel water and mud without sacrificing breathability. As such, Ion Avid shorts are both lightweight and flexible and, in the spirit of the basic board short, they close with a laces, rather than a technical fastener. There is a large hook-and-loop adjustment band on either side of the waist to help you get the fit dialled in, and at the back there is a panel just below the waistline that Ion treats with a sanitized biocidal formula to prevent bacteria growth where your shorts get sweatiest. The seams are laser cut for precision and then glued to give a smoother finish - a construction technique that is gaining traction in high-end mountain bike clothing. On the front, there is a zip pocket on either side and, in the right-hand pocket, there is a built-in neoprene phone liner. MSRP: €139.00 (Ion is not available in the US yet)
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We suspect it is a love/hate thing with Ion's swim-influenced styling and bright graphics. We liked the wide, adjustable waistband and the padded cell phone pocket. No arguments about how well-made Ion's Avid shorts are.

Pinkbike's Take:
bigquotesLike the Ion Bike Tee we tested recently, the Avid shorts are wonderfully produced. The material feels great to the touch and, looking inside, the stitching is top quality. We also love the way Ion pays attention to the details. The hip adjusters are some of the nicest we have used on any short and the neoprene phone pocket is wonderful idea for a smart phone. Maybe it is us being stuck in our ways, but we never felt comfortable with the lace fastener on the waist. And then there is the bold and colorful styling, which is a love/hate thing, and we didn't fall on the love side. We can't imagine anybody outside Germany going for Ion's colour combination. More practically, we wished that the Avid short was a bit longer and there is something about the ventilation holes in the crotch that just didn't feel right. If Ion made a pair of Avids in black with a snap fastener at the waist and an inch longer in the leg, they would be some of the nicest bike shorts we have seen. We cannot overstate how much we appreciate the quality and attention to detail, but considering our acute chromophobia, we'll be saving these shorts for the beach, not the bike. - Matt Wragg


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 With so much colour these Avids will fade too.
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 there are different color options.....
  • 9 2
 They do come in BLACK and also blue for all you nuns who are scared of a bit of colour
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 Sram has taken everything from cranks to brakes. I'm surprised they even put avid on these
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 Hopefully these shorts work better than some Avid Brakes.
  • 27 3
 Yeah, I don't ride in my swim shorts and there's a reason. Swing and a miss from Ion.
  • 23 1
 The new hybrid swim/ride short: Why ride around the lake, when you can ride right through it?
  • 39 3
 That's so enduro
  • 6 3
 So in addition to the early 90's color scheme, I have to untie every time I want to take a piss?
  • 3 2
 139 euro.
  • 10 0
 I was waiting for the obligatory shot of Matt Wragg wearing the clothing item, flexing hard.
  • 4 1
 Im eating a popsicle with the exact same colours right now.
  • 5 3
 139 euro. Let that really sink in.
  • 8 0
 I ride in my boardies cause they are the last shorts standing. Been feeling a right tool for no reason I'm ahead of the curve.
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 If Picasso was a clothing designer this is how it probably look like...including the price
  • 16 1
 No one's gotten a hand job in cargo shorts since Nam!
  • 16 2
 not true, im giving myself 1 as i read these comments wearing a set!
  • 3 15
flag Clarry (Jun 2, 2014 at 18:53) (Below Threshold)
 wtf guys, they're bike pants and you're talking about getting an hj... BIKE PANTS ARE FOR RIDING IN!!!
  • 7 1
 clarry actually bike pants are for wearing well riding, not RIDING IN, i find myself getting bored quickly when i go riding with in a pair of bike pants as i am larger than a smurf
  • 18 5
 "not available in the US yet". let's f*cking keep it that way.
  • 11 0
 Do they need to be bled every week?
  • 5 1
 ION board meeting- 'I know what we'll do, we'll rebrand some of our $20 boardies and sell them to MTBers for 10 times as much'. I just don't get how it is possioble for any compaby to come out with products like this. They look sh*t, cost a fortune and are manufactured by a surf brand simply to tap into the more lucrative world of MTB- if you buy these shorts you are an idiot.
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 Personally i have these pants and they feel amazing, the pocket with phone protection is really useful and they are perfect for hot days out in the sun. These shorts are definitely worth it for the price and should be considered if you are looking for some new bike shorts. Good job Ion!
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 But for the price I think its a bit pricey for something that doesn't have some padding. And it kinda resembles more like surf shorts than bike shorts. Though I do like the pockets though which I think its pretty neat
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 when you come down from your acid trip, you will realize just how hideous and ridiculous they are. MTB clothes designers - making MTB riders look goofy since 1991
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 They are a pair of shorts that you were when you want to have a muck around shred guys, if you are going to race or go really hard you can buy a sponge and strap it to your thigh. These shorts are great value and if you have a sexy bike no one is going to be looking at your pants.
  • 3 1
 These are incredibly horrible sh*te looking shorts. Whats the crack with MTB wear looking like 90's skier fashion on a bad day? Lets start designing some MTB cloths that people want to wear! Jesus.
  • 2 1
 Worst pinkbike test article ever.
These shorts are epic dig to the the zero speed of innovations from Fox, Alpinestars, O'Neal and so on.
Look at italian enduro scene, there ION has arrived and you will see that bike clothing changed dramatically on local (non-pro) riders and it is for a reason. ION is already more popular there than every other brand. Why? You should touch it to understand.
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 We can't imagine anybody outside Germany going for Ion's colour combination.

@Matt Wragg maybe you are right... iam german an i do like the look of these shorts!
what is wrong with these colours??
i would wear them with pride Smile
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 So, bout $200, and they don't have any padding? Wow.
  • 2 0
  • 2 2
 139 euro for shorts is just a joke. What are these guys thinking? I got my snowboard jacket for less and it wasn't even the lowest end jacket. I got Royal shorts on a big sale for around 60 euro (about half the price) and guess what? I feeling the same, if not better, riding in my casual "skate" shorts. Yes, bike shorts are more bombproof, no doubt, but for that price I can buy lot of casual shorts, not to mention that there are always some old shorts in the wardrobe to ride with.
What is my point? There is no way a bike shorts worth 139 euro. For that price they must lasts for ever, which is not the case, cause I don't see "lifetime warranty" tag on them, but that doesn't matter cause nobody wants to ride same shorts for the whole life.
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 I wonder if PinkBike could review Ground Zero shorts. There are tons of Ground Zero shorts here in the Philippines and I was hoping PinkBike could get a pair and review them.
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 pink & black? goofy. I saved you the time checking these out
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 Not on sale in North America yet? Well for €139, keep them on the other side of the pond. Thx!
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 utterly hideous. did anyone in the MTB industry go to fashion design school? wtf - take off the blindfold and turn down the 80's neon. jeez
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 I've got a pair, they are very well made like all ION gear, this colour way too. Perfect for those hot days when after a ride you just want to hit up the lake and swim.
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 I need something with this much color to ride in, but if I wanted a lace up fastener I might as well just wear swim shorts, that's basically what these look like anyways
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 Just when I think Troy Lee Designs had the market cornered for look at me clown clothing, Ion does something like this and totally redeems themselves.
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 Overpriced board shorts... Good luck with sales, you will need it! Oh and they're ugly
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 139 € is way to much
troy lee sprint shorts is also to much an they cost 99 €
  • 2 1
 eh dumb ass give me your money
  • 3 2
 Just got a call from the 90's. They want their shorts back.
  • 1 1
 I lol'd
  • 1 1
 Also don't really see the point in a boardie-MTB short hybrid. I dig the colours though
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 Avid the shorts for those that need to bleed once a month
  • 2 1
 Looks like a trek session
  • 1 0
 It have to be made of silk and by Dalai Lama woven!!! Price is horrible.
  • 1 0
 got more color than picaso got paint Big Grin
  • 1 0
 I would buy them if I were daltonic Razz

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