Ion Protection Announces 3 New Knee Pads for 2021

Mar 28, 2021
by ION Surfing Trails  
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PRESS RELEASE: Ion Protective

You ride fast trails downhill, but do you get there with the help of a chair lift or pedal your lungs out? Do you have the help of your eMTB to discover breathless landscapes?

Follow friends on bigger lines, larger jumps, and faster trails. From sketchy lines and playing “rock-paper-scissors” for first drop, to flowing trails and loamy lines. Creative jibbing allows you to make anywhere your playground...

The list of magical moments is endless - but you always have this little thing in mind....

Am I well protected? Which pads are best for my personal riding style? Lets get help from Mike - he brings light into the new 2021 protection range from ION!

Head to toe protection plus the ION's award-winning knee pads got an update!
Discover the new addition to the range as well as new colorways here:


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 But I only have two knees
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flag nickkk (Mar 29, 2021 at 0:25) (Below Threshold)
 underrated comment
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 @nickkk: underrated comment
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 They must be a bit deformed from walking upside down all the time
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 Since I went past 50, a third one has been growing out of my hair on the back of my head. The other two feel like they’re twice as old as me, so this might come in handy one day.
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 The K Traze pads are really not great quality. They fit well, theyre comfy.. but after 6 months I thought Id run them over or something to make the inside pad disintegrate , I got some more ..and then no, it turns out they just degrade and fall apart on their own. The K Pact are way better. The elbow ones they make are the best on the market. So disappointed with the Traze
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 That was my experience with the Traze too. From near day 1 the internals were curling up and had to be flattened out (with difficulty) when putting the pads on, then the pads just fell apart. Warranty service was good, but I just got rid as it was a flawed design
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 Same here. K pact are tge best, but the k traze fell apart. the replacement pair holds so far but they scratch on the inside of the knee...
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 My K-Pact start to tear after almost 1 year ... the quality really dropped compared to the previous ones that latest more than 5 years
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 Same here. The inside parts detached and start wandering. It's a shame because they're also the best fitting pads I've owned.
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 My Ion pads lasted no time until they’d lost their elasticity and they became useless. I ended up buying POCs again and they’ve been great.
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 @mashrv1: Yep Ive slit a little hole in them and slipped a d30 insert that Chain Reaction randomly sent me by accident one shipment, trimmed them down to fit and they are sick now. But I shouldnt have to do that
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 @dkendy1: good thinking. I’ve seen D3O inserts that can be ordered on their own for not much $$. wish I’d thought of that and I’d probably have kept them as the fit was brilliant
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 It’s hard to really see those pads in the video maybe it would’ve been better if he tried them on that way we could see the shape of them better
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 Man, I'm feeling really middle aged. My first though was: those are some nice looking shelves in the background.
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 Yes, and what happened to the wall- did someone run into it? .. and was this recorded at 1:07 pm or am?

.. .and most of all- who the heck is Mike Hopkins?
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 @chrsei: Google "mike hopkins dream ride" Some amazing edits. Also in "life cycles" a full length. Both are recommended
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 It would have been nice to see them on a rider.
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 yes, all that talking and you don´t even see the fit of the pad´s. Smile
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 Perhaps wear something other than black to showcase a black knee pad they you're holding? and put a light in front of your product yeah?
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 I have the Kpact Select with the shinguard. I have to say i was really dissapointed when i had my first crash and the hard plastic buckle broke. Then a few weeks later the one on the other kneepad broke aswell. Also very poor protection on the side of the knee, my knees go red and hurt from doing tricks where i hold the seat.
5/10 for me.
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 I've had a pair of K-Pacts for two years and they are still in great condition, even after going though the washing machine after every winter ride. I've struggled in the past to find comfortable pads that offer that level of protection, because my calves are huge...but these are super comfy, even for long trail rides. Would definitely buy another pair in the future and recommend to friends.
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 I tried a couple of Ions then returned them for some Sam Hills. WOW were the Ions freaking hot. That neoprene sleeve is the culprit. That neoprene also isn't all that comfortable on the skin either. The thin spandex sock of the Sam hills wont take as much of a beating but it still works great. They aren't perfect but better than the Ions.
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 Holy shit Mike Hopkins....! How often did you have to re-record this one..? Haha!!

Nice pads! I run ‘em also.

And William is a true badass!!
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 I have a set of K-pacts which are awesome. Very comfortable, even on all day rides. Just a bit big so don’t expect ‘em to fit under long pants.
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 New addition to the range? I can’t even get the current version. Been waiting forever for the K-Zips to be re-stocked Frown
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 Just get ixs
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 Save yourself the trouble. I got the zips and they have a lot of durability issues, the fabric tears easily just from regular use, no crashing. The zipper doesn't always stay together after 3 months, and the direction of the strap is annoying because if you have any excess beyond the velcro it'll rub or catch on your bike. I bought them because of the positive reviews but if you look for owner reviews you'll find many with the same issues when it comes to long term durability.
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 See my comment below
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 Just go with the TLD Stages. I think those and the Rifts are about the best you'll find but the Chromag Rifts are a fortune
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 Leatt dual axis is still my favourite.

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