Isabeau Courdurier and the Enduro Collective Part Ways With Intense

Jan 13, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Isabeau Courdurier has announced on Instagram she will not be racing on Intense Bikes this year as the Enduro Collective team will have a new frame sponsor.

Isabeau has been riding on Intense frames since the start of 2018 when the team made the switch over from Sunn frames. She finished second in the overall with the Californian brand in 2018 and then delivered a perfect season in 2019, winning every EWS round and the inaugural Trophy of Nations event in Finale Ligure.

Three wins in a row for Isabeau Courdurier

bigquotesMerci. These two years have been the most valuable experience in my career so far. I am beyond thankful I got the chance to ride for a brand I’ve always looked up, Intense Cycles. The Enduro Collective was a real challenge that was a success thanks to the brands that could see our potential. It is incredible to look back and see what we achieved together. 16 podiums over 16 races ! And 2 of them with a hand-welded prototype built by Jeff Steber. I am very happy we could work on the next enduro bike together.

I would like to thank all my Intense family for this adventure and I feel very lucky I got the chance to meet you all. For what’s coming next please, I am excited but you’ll have to wait and please respect that
Isabeau Courdurier

Isabeau's teammate from last year, Kilian Bron, has already announced he will be riding with Commencal this year. We're not sure at this point whether that means Isabeau will be riding alongside a new teammate in 2020 or going solo with a new brand. We'll let you know what Isabeau will be riding, and who with, as soon as we know more.


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 In case any of you missed this announcement: I will be riding the same bike in 2020.
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 I think you're the only one...
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 Same since 2014...the horror!
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 Sorry to here that.
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 I'm switching from a YT Capra to a Lapierre Spicy just to follow the 2020 trend that's seems to be going on.
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 I'll be riding for myself next year!
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 Now entire teams are leaving bike manufacturers. Everyone is going to move to Levy's Frankenstein bike.
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 It's the donuts...
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 @stiingya: Why they didn't include a donut mount as integral part of the frame design will forever remain a mystery.
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 Intense just hates winning races huh?
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 Gwining too expensive?
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 Winning is for losers
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 Isabeau had too much personality for Intense in 2020. She obviously didn't do enough gormless minor sponsor plugs and her IG stories didn't show off enough excessive wealth...
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 @downcountry: OMG how good is LULULEMON?
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 She's definitely one of the top females in EWS, but Ravanel missed the whole season last year so she's gonna have to prove it this year by beating her. Definitely have a good career ahead d of her! Can't wait to see what she's gonna be riding next.
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 Rocky to Sunn to Intense to... Someone needs to hold on to Isabeau for more than a year. I mean shes winning enduro races like crazy, what does it take for someone to build her a decent frame, support her and keep her on a team for more than a year?
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flag hamplanet (Jan 13, 2020 at 16:29) (Below Threshold)
 ...a penis?
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 "Hold on"

Isabeau runs the collective, rather than working for a Factory Team.
Think... a collective of privateers ala FMD racing without daddy.
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flag Pouky1 (Jan 13, 2020 at 23:17) (Below Threshold)
 @hamplanet: you are a f*cking a*shole
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 @Pouky1: Bit much... I was making a sarcastic comment in support of women riders ???? and in recognition of the lack of support for women in sport... i.e. if she was male, the industry would be all over her. I guess I'll keep my feminism to myself in future.
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 @hamplanet: If it was funny and this was 2010 it might have landed. But with the utmost sincerity, the world probably doesn't need your (or my) version of feminism, just for people to be less shitty today than they were yesterday. With that in mind, Pouki's response was a bit harsh.
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 Reckon this is the perfect opportunity for YT to get in on EWS action. Possibly Scott too?
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 YT has enough to do as it is.
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 Hum thinking about the split with Mavic it's may be a brand that provide the wheels... Santa Cruz/Reverse or others in this way, scott/syncros isn't dreamy though
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 Enduro is the "retired old downhillers" sport,remember?
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 I'll also be leaving Intense this year. Going from a Tracer 275 to a Nukeproof Mega 275. Send all inquiries to my agent. Wink
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 I mean she's a pretty small rider, and she said in an interview she couldn't run an AXS dropper because the battery hit the seat. Maybe the frame didn't fit her perfectly and she's looking for different geo numbers among other factors I duno
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 Strange when you e just developed a new bike with a company to be parting ways
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 Same with Jack Moir and the M29
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 Or gwin a the 29er YT
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 That’s some intense news
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 Is there a Tracer of sarcasm there?
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 @nyhc00: This is why I spend my time on Pinkbike instead of talking to real people, because I'm more of a Recluse
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 It will have to be a company that makes a frame size for munchkins.
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 So next year she will be on another brand? How about this year, staying on intense?
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 article says.....: Isabeau Courdurier has announced on Instagram she will not be racing on Intense Bikes this year as the Enduro Collective team will have a new frame sponsor.
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 @audric: whoooooosh
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 Maybe Devinci, they have room now.
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 would be great to see her on a Juliana!
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 You heard here first ... Specialized !
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 agreed.... along with Kelley. They got the bike and $.
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 I like Isabeau very much, but anywho she`ll be riding for/with, anyhow, anywhere, that old beloved witch of CĂ©cile Ravanel is back this year and is gonna reset the level. Until she retires, CĂ©cile certainly keeps being the beast to beat.
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 I clicked on the link, and the result was shocking! I did not expect that at all! Amazing!
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 @swenzowski: I didn't get anything..... Just a could not find notice....
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 @themop: It was hacked by North Korea before it got functional.
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 @softsteel: don't blame us for that
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 Here we go again......
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 Mondraker has the super foxy, would nice to see her on that.
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 Yeti should snap her up!
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 Intense seems to be where careers go to die lately.
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 I'm not so sure about that. Isabeau and Killian both flourished on their bikes, because they're leaving doesnt meant their careers are dead. Also I wouldn't count Gwin out just yet, he struggled too on his first year with Specialized. And for Jack, he was absolutely crushing on the M29 but anyone changing tires, brakes, suspensions and drivetrain (kenda, trp, fox, e13 respectively) is bound to struggle to adjust.
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That’s sort of what I’m getting at. But it’s the internet, so I didn’t mean it too seriously. For what it’s worth, Moir was slaying on the m16 and the 29” bike (along with a lot of other variables) killed that momentum. Same with Gwin, he has some health issues, but hasn’t been the same since switching to intense. None of the other factory DH riders have seen much better results since the switch I think. Isabeau and Killian were both killing it, but jumped ship for reason to don’t know. So that’s up for interpretation.
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 Their contract was up? @nskerb:
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 @nskerb: jack was crushing on the 29er set up his way, not Gwin's way.
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 @freeridejerk888: Honestly I think Isabeau left intense to look for a better bike. That dominate of a year intense had to be begging her to resign. But hey I’m just speculating, it’s fun to talk about.
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 Somones never ridden a carbine clearly @nskerb:
  • 3 2
 @freeridejerk888: I can’t think of many reasons to want to.
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 Lmao. Like? Cant hate on a bike youve never ridden @nskerb:
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 @freeridejerk888: their prices are pretty up there for what you’re getting. Along with geo that is getting pretty archaic lol. There’s worse bikes, but there’s a lot better, both in terms of numbers, and value.
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 So youve never ridden one.... classic @nskerb:
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 @nskerb: Santa Cruz should grab her

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