Isabeau Courdurier Not Racing in Finale Ligure Due to Ankle Injury

Sep 22, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

Isabeau Courdurier lost her winning streak that dates back to the start of 2019 in Pietra Ligure, but she didn't let it go without a fight or good reason. Courdurier raced with two torn ligaments, some bone contusions and a large joint effusion in her ankle.

Despite all this, she was able to win the first two stages and after a gruelling day, she still was only beaten by Melanie Pugin and even then only by 14 seconds. It looks like the event took its toll though and Courdurier has announced she will not be competing in Finale Ligure.

bigquotesI already looking forward to 2021. I won’t be racing the last @world_enduro in Finale Ligure. Really sad to miss the party but I guess I don’t need to explain why I am not racing. It’s pretty obvious I need to take care of my ankle and get it healthy again before I can start training for next season.

I’m stoked I could race Pietra and did not crash during the race. But I don’t want to risk it next week because there is no title at the end.
Isabeau Courdurier

We wish Courdurier the best of luck with her recovery and look forward to see her back in form next season!

Isabeau Courduier s winning streak came to an end today due to a injured ankle. She settled for second.


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 She's injured to the point she won't go to the next race, but still got second in the last. That's how you know she's truly fast.
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 It’s the mentality of an elite athlete, they can put an injury to one side for the most part and race flat out before deciding the next day to quit.

Worlds fittest Dubai on Netflix, CrossFit games one girl was injured and won an event before pulling out of the competition the next day from injury.

That’s what separates them from the average fast/fit people
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 @toad321: yea but crossfit isn't a sport. Have you seen their bar swings where their chin barely gets above the bar?
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 What's crazy is that she only lost because of the pedaling on Stage 3. Down 23 seconds on that stage and lost by 14 seconds overall.
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 The ones that blow my minds are every year as teams get knocked out of Stanley Cup contention you hear of injuries that players have been carrying for weeks.

I remember a Bruins (I think) player playing for 2 minutes during a power play on a broken leg.
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 Krom, what a warrior. Eek
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 I suppose nothing hurts you? Only pain.
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 My ankle hurts just reading this
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 Her bike ia making me want a Lapierre. Thing looks so fresh.
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 Heal up well. Seems like a great time of year to actually take proper time to recover and come back really strong next season.
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 It's just a flesh wound!
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 I'll bite your legs off!
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 'Tis but a scratch!
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 Question is who will I jinx now by putting them in my fantasy team?!
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 One tough Cookie.
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 Heal up and best wishes for 2021!!
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 Looking forward to watching you dominate in 2021. Happy healing!
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