Video: The First Race Day - The Privateer Episode 3

Jul 10, 2018
by Pinkbike Originals  

Race day is upon us and Adam heads down to the first Canadian Enduro Series race of the year to test himself against the best. His first months of training are being put to the test now, as he sets out to beat the clock.

You probably won t see this combo of brands on one bike - what do you think of it
One race down...

Many thanks to all the below sponsors for supporting Adam Price and this series:

Did you miss episode one of The Privateer? Want to know how Adam Price ended up with that list of sponsors and a coach?

Episode 1

Episode 2

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 Keep up the positive vibes Adam, you're doing awesome! I understand your frustration but try not to take all this too seriously, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity so enjoy every minute of it. Looking forward to the next episode and good luck with the rest of your season.
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 What exactly was his expectation?
There are PLENTY of guys on the EWS and DH circuit with full factory sponsorship and training regimes, and they NEVER place in the top 10 in their whole career.
Don't sweat the small stuff Adam
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 I get so giddy when these come out, coolest things to watch on Pinkbike. Good luck Adam, chin-up, keep grinding.
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 Awesome to hear you enjoy the series!
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 Agreed. I like how it's almost like an investigation. I do a lot of triathlon and everyone is massively into marginal gains theory. Would love some items on best marginal gains for Enduro and DH.
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 Yoann finished 7th and he's a full-on Pro, so 15th, while not showing progress Y/Y, is a strong result. Loving these posts/updates!
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 And Yoann is fucking crazy hahah. In a good way
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 He totally earned it and it’s something to be proud of.
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 Full on pro taking the season off as well , Adam has raced that course several times. I have chatted with him at the races before , he,s a really cool dude. If you noticed his performance was similar to his other races there. That makes some sense as the course has not changed a huge amount each year. I think most of his gain for this race was his overall endurance and recovery between stages. Last year's last stage was a 8km climb after 4 hard stages and transfers. And I totally agree , I look forward to these updates and video reports. I hope they do this yearly, lots of killer lower level riders in need of this exposure and opportunity.
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 These are awesome. I'd love to hear more about the training including diet nutrition, the flexibility work he was doing and actual workout schedules/ Thank s for these Pinkbike!
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 Unfortunately, in the previous video's comments they said that data is confidential between him and his trainer.
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 it's because enduro has more competition every year
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 Yes, just what I was going to say. Every year the BC Enduro series is getting more popular, and thus more competitive. I'm sure he's riding faster than previous years, but so is everyone else. Love these episodes, keep it up.
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 Agreed! Even at our local races, I'm going faster this year (strava), but doing worse at the events? It's been a tough year for sure. Just feels like everyone is going that much faster.
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 Agreed. I race XC, but this happened to me before. 1 year I got 4th in my category, then the next year I got 4th also, despite shaving 4:00 off of my time from the previous year. Needless to say, with my time I would have gotten 2nd on the first year with that time. More peeps, more talent, or just more people who show up on the day.
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 Completely hooked on this series, keep at it Adam. You have better systems and processes than before, it takes time to get the flywheel turning but consistent inputs make a big difference over time.
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 This series made me pick up my ass and go for a private training sessions to the gym.
Thanks for the motivation.

P.S. @yoannbarelli thank you too. I don't want to be a pro, but understanding that you were working on a physical job with more hours than me and still got great results makes me feel I'm on the right way even more.
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 No improvement from last year to this year, but I wonder how he feels overall physically? I bet he felt a lot less spent, and was physically stronger than last year. Probably less stressed mentally as well. Now he just needs to find that extra speed and little fractions of a second that set great riders apart from the rest of the field. Let's be honest though, courage plays a part too. A willingness to step over that normal line of comfort into the red zone and still hold it together because your skill and fitness allow for it.
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 Ya you nailed it! I started racing my local enduro series this year (just turned 41). And there are definitely times where I hit a gnarly section or have an option of a big hit vs the ride around or even just hitting certain speeds - and sometimes my kids, my wife (who I'm supporting while she finishes her masters) and my job that I have to go back on Monday... flash through my brain and I reach for the brakes... or use the ride around.

It's a fully sane why to think in my situation, and I'm just out there to have fun and scratch that competitive itch. But if I was being supported and riding was my job, or I was 25 and the consequences of getting hurt didn't mean as much... I know I'd be riding much faster than I am.

But, I had my time... lived in Whistler back in the day for a couple years, and snowboarded hard and competitively for about 10 years... did lots of slopestyle, halfpipe and boardercross comps where I would just "send it" with little care for consequences. It's definitely a mental hurdle, because you can't just send-it tentatively, if you do, you'll really hurt yourself. But when you reach that point where you have the confidence to trust in your strength, skills and equipment and just let'r rip... you come out the other side much faster and more confident. Confidence is key.

It's what separates the boys/girls from the Men/Women in these sports. Technical ability, a properly tuned body and the right tools for the trade can only take you so far. But taking those assets and using them to their full potential for an entire stage, then race, then season takes a properly tuned mind as well... some people seem to be just born with the mind set needed... others need to work hard at it. I needed to work at it and through my snowboard "career" (haha) I definitely experienced moments focus and clarity where everything clicked, it all seemed almost easy and in slow motion, but could never put it together consistently enough to get anywhere.

Now that I have kids... if they choose to pursue any kind of sport competitively, these are the kinds of lessons I hope to be able to pass along to them. But it's also just good life lessons to learn beyond sport. It applies to everything in life. Learn the skills needed, have the right tools for the job, ensure you're prepared - be confident and dive in with full commitment.
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 Patience Brother! Race speed take's time!
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 This is really good content. I hope he finds what he's looking for and hope he is enjoying the moments he's having now. Don't be disappointed with a great effort.
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 I think Adam was a bit negative about his performance at a rather early stage in the process... looking forward to the next episode.
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 Adam should compare the actual times to his previous times per stage instead of comparing the places 2018 to 2017
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 Keep going bro! Fitness is key but progress for me has mostly come from riding with faster riders and effective coaching. Good luck and I hope to see you realize your dreams!
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 Effective coaching is priceless; to have someone more experienced or with a different perspective see you ride and provide constructive criticism is the fastest way to progress.
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 How did his stage times compare to similar stages of years past? As others have said, the competition in the BC Enduro series/CNES is increasing year after year. I am much faster now than I was a few years ago but am finishing roughly same place as before, but when I compare the same stages (like stage 3 REFR etc.) I can see I am much faster.
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 Adam was pretty fast before he started his new strength and flexibility routine. He was conditioned by several years of enduro riding, to a pace and style that allowed for his original lower level of strength and flex. He's probably going faster, more easily than before but not finding his new level yet. It takes some specific drills and practice and also quite a period of time to bring all the newfound physical ability into the riding. It'll happen, if he persists though and eases out his old style gradually with more mobility on the bike. Riding more events, will help the adjustment to pressure and may allow him to relax somewhat while in the middle of it.
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 I absolutely love this series. You’re doing great Adam!! Keep after it and have fun. The more I stress about a trail section or my time, the less fun I have and then things can start to suck. When I’m just riding and being in the moment, the confidence and speed picks up big time. Ride fast - have fun
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 Hey PB, did you want me to leave you my digits for when you're ready for season 2?

So far these videos are great! I can't help but feel a little jealous though...
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 If you wanna post your sisters number we will contact you shortly after about what we can offer next season. Cheers!
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 Best thing on PinkBike. Although I'm not sure why the narrator is so serious.
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 This is why I don't race haha He's a damn good rider but I'm surprised he placed 50th I thought maybe he'd be in the 30's for sure. I think he can improve more just give him more time and training. Damn I really like this series!!
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 @noah1991: Ah I heard 50th when I was watching. Sorry for the mistake~ no need to neg prop my ass. I'm old and can't hear well Frown
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 Once you got skills and fitness confidence is a big deal. No second guessing your lines, when to let the legs go, pickin up those french lines on the fly. Thats all just comfidence; feelin it.

Seems our star was on the fence the whole time, like a lot of shoulda, woulda, coulda ... if he can loosen up and just go he’d be faster instantly.
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 Surely a more statistically significant way of looking at the race would be to compare times with a pro who also raced the same event both years and compare times, if the course was by and large the same?
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 Yearly progression may have happen and almost everyone moved up in terms of technic & physical ability.
If you trained hard, rested plenty, and even then took 15th place, imagine your position without any of those things

Do you feel adapted to your bike?
I take some rides to come close to my Strava PRs with previous bike(s) and only after some confidance and knowledge on geometry/suspension I can make it faster.

I started training (gym), early March 2018. Raced late May, and also ended in same place as 2 years ago.
But while 2 years ago, I uplifted on 1st day, this year I did everything by pedal, reaching one of my goals in a weekend Enduro Race: 93km (60km 1st day & 33km 2nd day) +3.500m accumulated climb.

Focus your Energy and Mind on getting fitter, slimer (less body fat), and on technic&knowing your bike - and results (of all the above) will show up. Try to enjoy, while your doing it, at least while your recoverying Wink
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 Great content PB, i like very much the idea behind the series, and wait for next episode lol btw i agree that music is too loud and the narration is sometimes too much seriuos Wink cheers
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 Adam I have a Scott genius, I have beefed mine up quite a bit, 200mm rotors front and rear, magic Mary front and rear , much more confidence enspiring than the hands dampf, finally I put a 170mm air spring in my fox 36. You look much taller and heavier than myself (I say that in a nice way) but I found these mods to most definitely make me quicker, also feels like safer ride and I have yet to find limits of the bike. Just a thought.
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 Maybe the trainer is sh*t. Doesn't look like he's doing a lot of stuff that would translate to being faster. Just general conditioning. He doesn't need to get faster pedaling, he needs to go faster downhill.
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 To be honest, this Enduro Race looks more like a Freeride race
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 Love the Video but the volume of the musik is way to loud.
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 Get on Pinner - you just need to go faster !
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 Yoann's advice at 3:18 is so awesome.
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 Awesome!1 As the frenchy said: Follow your dream!
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 Very cool and can't wait to see the footage from Idaho!
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 Great riding.
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 He might of got 30th without PB...who knows... more Data required... Race on!????
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 Keep these up. Super cool idea and really makes you wonder what makes the pro riders separate so far from the rest.
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 Awesome! Nice work Adam and great content @pinkbikeaudience
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 I think what I would really like to know is that is the training and improvements making him enjoy the riding more?
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 Stick with it!
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 Surely fitting some more appropriate sized bars might help? Unless he’s 6ft 9 or something I can’t see how riding your bars that high can be a good thing?
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 I'm sure the next episode will be about how he dropped his bars 10mm and got 5th in his next race.
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 @emarquar: honestly wouldn’t be surprised. It looks like he’s riding dirt jump bars and a load of stackers. Can’t weight that front end.
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