iXS Release New Xult DH Helmet

Jun 29, 2021
by Henry Quinney  
Adrien Loron with the new helmet.

Swiss clothing and protection brand iXS release a new full face helmet - the Xult DH.

Although it shares a name with a helmet you may be familiar with, the Xult DH is a redesigned and different helmet. The new helmet has a slightly different and more angular design and new protection technology.

The helmet is available in black, lagoon and red, which is in keeping with the wider iXS apparel range.

The helmet uses fiber reinforced polymer, which is claimed to be an environmentally friendly alternative to carbon and requires less material to make the outer shell. Because of this, a medium helmet can come in under 1KG.

The helmet uses iXS’s X-Rail and X-Matter protection technologies. This is where inserts are positioned across major impact zones between the EPS and outer shell. These inserts are designed to deform on softer impacts and stiffen on harder impacts, a similar technology that is seen in other forms of protection such as knee pads. IXS claim the technology enables the helmet to absorb impacts and promote multi-directional movement in the event of a crash.

Venting runs through the protective foam layer there is a goggle-gripper on the rear of the helmet.

The helmet has what IXS' calls "Integrated Vortex Ventilation" channels to try and create airflow within the helmet. The channels run through the EPS foam with exhaust vents to keep air running through the helmet.

The helmet uses a double-d closure system and a silicone strap to keep goggles in place and secure. The helmet also comes with washable padding and an adjustable visor. Price: 299 Euro.

The Xult DH is built to EN1078, ASTM, CPSC standards and weighs a claimed 995g for a size medium.

Please visit iXS.com for more information.


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 iXS trigger FF is the lightest and most comfortable full face I've ever run. Hopefully this works just as well
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flag sayrius (Jun 29, 2021 at 12:13) (Below Threshold)
 its not not a proper DH fullface, just a half shell of foam with jaw added.
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 @sayrius: well, it seems to be ASTM certified, so actual testing results seem to disagree with you
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 I had the original xult. I loved it. Unfortunately the padding packed out too much after half a dozen rides so I had to sell it
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 @Mac1987: That is a common mistake - to trust marketing and labels on a boxes, rather than common sense. You'll never see pros wearing this kind of helmets on proper DH-tracks of WC. It's just a trail helmet with more secure feel, and that feel might be dangerously misleading.
Its all regarded to trigger FF, Xult is still a proper DH helmet with proper weight.
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 @sayrius: "proper weight"?

Why is adding weight going to make things safer? Would it not just increase the amount of force applied to the head?

Do you really believe adding weights to a helmet increases safety?
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 @sayrius: it’s not marketing, it’s an actual test rating.
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 @sayrius: it's also a common mistake to trust 'common sense' over science. The weight of a car used to be a reasonable indication of crash safety, until they started to actually crash test cars. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. I therefore trust actual crash test results (like ASTM) over 'gut feeling'. No need to use some indirectly related metric like 'weight' when the actual thing you're interested in is actually tested.
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 iXS trigger FF in M/L available in my buy and sell.
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 @wburnes: Yes Sir.
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 Ixs logo is ugly
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 Scrolls to see price... yep I'm still poor
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 Roughly in line with many other full face helmets. Expensive but it beats blowing up an eye socket.
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 @Peally: I think Gee demonstrated that the two are not mutually exclusive, no?
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 @Peally: Don't forget the teeth. I'm about two grand in the hole on a tooth replacement (post and falsey) and I still haven't got to the tooth part yet. Mind you, now I have more titanium screwed into my bones, so, kinda worth it.

Reminds me of an issue of the comic strip Wizard of Id:
Sir Rodney (presenting a peasant to the king for sentencing): This peasant robbed a dentist.
King (to peasant): Why did you rob a dentist?
Peasant: Because all the banks were closed.
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 @iamamodel: I really expected the reaction to be 'because he robbed me first'...

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