Jack Moir Out With Broken Collarbone [Update: Official Word From Jack]

May 22, 2018
by Alex Evans  
Jack Moir has suffered a broken collarbone whilst training and won't be racing at the Fort William World Cup in two weeks time. Here's what Jack had to say:

bigquotesYeah so basically I got hooked up in a rock garden and had a slow, shitty little over the bars while training with Deano and Muddy last week. I'm definitely gutted to be missing Fort Bill in a couple weeks, but I am over the disappointment now and am focused 100% on my recovery and being back at the races ASAP.

I’ve had a solid last 2 seasons without any issues, even though I had a few decent crashes. I think sometimes it just comes down to luck. I wasn’t pushing hard or trying anything gnarly this time, but that's just the way it went. The break wasn’t too bad and doesn’t require surgery, so hoping to be back racing in around 8 weeks. Might be a bit of a push for Val di Sole or Andorra as I’ve learnt from past experience not to rush these things. I will just have to see how I’m healing up.

I’ll be at Val di Sole and Andorra hanging out regardless, so come by the Intense pits and say hey!

Massive thanks to Intense for riding the roller coaster with me. We’ve been through some shit together and they always have my back 100%. Also a big thanks to Muddy and the team at Urban Base Fitness, and Newcastle Float Centre for aiding my recovery. With the help of these guys I’ll be back in no time!
Jack Moir

Jack Moir broken collar bone

bigquotesFort Bill was a special one for me last year. Devastated i’m going to miss it this year, due to a broken collarbone, AGAIN. Disappointed, but ready for the challenge. Feeling so fit, and good on the bike at the moment, and 8 weeks off isn’t going to change that. Thankyou @intensefactoryracing for having my back through the ups and downs.Jack Moir

We're gutted for Jack and hope he heals up soon.

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 Definitely not Yeeaahhhhhh...
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flag Oscarorozco (May 22, 2018 at 4:02) (Below Threshold)
 I made his yeahhh! couple of times while reading this post lol
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flag scott-townes (May 22, 2018 at 6:07) (Below Threshold)
 As far as breaks go, this is one of the best to yeahhhhhh
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 *Changes Downhill Fantasy league line-up*
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 yep...he was second choice behind minaar for fort william
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 Damn I hate it when riders get injured. Nothing like everyone firing on all cylinders at the races. Heal up Jacky boy!
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 Gutted! One of my favourite riders on the WC circuit, Hope for a speedy return!
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 Thanx to Intense...keep this boy on board, he's going to the top soon!
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 Seriously though, that's a bummer. Been awesome seeing him crust it lately. Heal up quick bro
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 @regdunlop38: Questionable autocorrect there, buddy...either that, or you're on some next-level lingo...
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 hey jack, can i borrow your bike and ride in your place instead?
i will even do some training on my yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!! Big Grin

heal up quick mate, hope to see you soon on the WC tracks!
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 Sucks, he was ready to step on the top.
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 Injuries are especially bad at the beginning of the season. Heal up quick!
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 Still coming for the banter?
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 Fuck. 4 weeks after I broke mine, going to heal, but I thin 8 weeks is a bit earlier to be back on track. Possible, if he gets plated, wich I suppose is going to happen.
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 You really dont want a plate unless you have to
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 @imho4ep: I love my plate. I was back on the bike in 4 weeks. That was 7 years ago and I still think its neato.
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 @LOTCP: plates can speed thing up if they go smoothley but surgery always has risks such as verve damage and infections. I've had buddies who's plates went great and buddies who needed to have them redone only months after getting the plates.
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 @nismo325: Canadian healthcare :/
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 Total bummer ! Dean LUCAS going pull one out of the bag for Jack !
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 Sucks Moi Moi, heal up quick brother !!!
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 Nooooo, he was really on the pace over the last year....
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 Dear wc dh riders, please make sure not to be too extreme when riding your mtb on your downtime. Fans will really miss watching you after a long wait during off season.
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 Ahhhh, he's been doing so well. Heal up!
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 Yeah, Jack has always been my wild card! Get well soon Wink
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 Gutted, bloody rock must have sharked him
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 ok now 3 in my fantasy team have been injured this season, have i cursed them
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 f*ck that shit man, 4th, 5th time ? f*ckin cursed. not fair.
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 Everyone comes back stroi from a broken collar bone?
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 Noooooo! IFR is incomplete! This ruins everything! Heal up quickly bro!
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 Float center...sounds like some water therapy?
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 Attack some tahoe bull sharks in your downtime?
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 I have heard he is getting an e beik to speed up his recovery.
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 Healing vibes !
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 Yeaaahhhhh, bummer...
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 yeah it sucks
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 Nooooooo my damn fantasy team
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