James Stock, Raw in Northern Israel - Video

Dec 14, 2015
by Pinkbike Staff  

If you love nothing more than the sound of a buzzing freehub and tyres on dirt, this rad little number will be right up your street. British enduro pinner, James Stock, shreds the trails of Mishmar in Northern Israel for Tal Razow from Sababike MTB Adventures. Anyone else in the Northern Hemisphere missing fast and dusty trails right now?

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 come on guys this website is about freaking mountain bikes not your bullsh*t politics opinions !
so lets just focus on our love to mountain biking and save the "free palstine" cooments to a stupid facebook post...
hope you all have a great day and enjoy your bikes !
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flag eseloco515 (Dec 15, 2015 at 12:37) (Below Threshold)
 Free palestine!
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 what are you 5 years old or somthing like that ?! grow the fu*k up !
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You 17 year old little Douchebag , WTF do you know about anything ? obviously ZERO !
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flag eseloco515 (Dec 15, 2015 at 17:10) (Below Threshold)
 I actually know alot. My father was born in palestine where he experienced and learned alot which he taught to me... Thanks mr. Close minded
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 When the blind follows the blind ...should have figured out you learned that fiction in the Masque you go to..
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flag eseloco515 (Dec 15, 2015 at 17:33) (Below Threshold)
 Actually, im a church go'er. You cant call me blind after you said you cant find a map with shrinking palestine on it...
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 Are you guys angry at someone for promoting the end of the systematic killing of innocent people who are essentially trapped in squalid conditions with little means to defend themselves against a nation with cutting age weaponry? And then you manage to spell mosque wrong?

I think you need to look at who is blind here...
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 @hitmansam - spelling remarks, really? cutting age?
Have you ever been in Israel or Gaza?
where do you get your info from? the BBC? palestinan friends? your mosque maybe?
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 I get my information from many disparate sources, including a British-Israeli friend who is an aid worker in Gaza, and then make a judgement based on that, as all opinions should be made. If indeed you are Israeli then you are hardly in a position to make accusations of impartiality are you?

The Gaza situation is not one i would claim to know the solution to. It is far too complicated for the to be a right and a wrong side. Both have their merits and errors depending on your viewpoint.

The danger comes when people, as is obviously the case here, mistake their own view and opinions as an absolute truth rather than a perception of the truth

Also i'm an atheist, as a result of the logical rigor i outlined above, strange that...
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 I see it from a point of view of a parent that spent too much time with his kids in a bomb shelter...
what would you do if someone would shoot missiles on your house? or stab you in the back?
what would your country do?

well, if you are really form the UK - good luck with the muslims in Europe!
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 Then why would you not want peace? The current situation suits nobody.

I would campaign for reconciliation not escalation.

My government would irresponsibly rush to war as it did recently. Are my opinions not valid as a consequence?

Some blatant racism to finish, well done.
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flag eseloco515 (Dec 16, 2015 at 6:48) (Below Threshold)
 Theres to many zionist on pb. Lets not argue with them. Once Israel takes over Jordan than we can prove how evil Zionisr israelis are. Im not saying all israelis are bad.
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flag saruti (Dec 17, 2015 at 4:51) (Below Threshold)
 actually, we all want peace.
and our goverment try time after time to make peace with the people in GAZA.... but again and again, they say they want peace, and a day after, they shoot on us.
so 5uck them!!
why dont you make peace with ISIS? ah?
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 Are you just willfully misunderstanding what i'm saying?

Whatever helps you sleep at night
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 great video, amazing trails in Israel.
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 great trails and riding
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 Can't say I'm missing the fast and dusty trails at the moment. Smile

Sweet video.
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 James is a ripper!
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 Looks like SoCal. Big Bear maybe.
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 Amazing video..כל הכבוד!!!
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 Great riding Israel is a great place to ride in all year round.
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 The slow-mo hub sound makes my ears bleed. Aside from that, sweet riding! I had no clue there was MTB in Israel.
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 There's a lot! and pretty good too, variety of terrain and good weather most of the year ( this was shot just a few days ago so good example).
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 Autumn, winter and spring... you can always find dry or rain friendly trails to shred, within an hour drive from Tel Aviv. Forests, plains, mountains and desert.
Summer is hot, but early rising or proper lighting, no problem. 47/48 rideable weeks a year.
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 There are 52 weeks Smile
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You little turd ball , you joined PB few months ago just to push politics in a mountain biking forum ? where the f!@# are the moderators here ?
You turd first need to grow up and educate yourself ( and from other sources that don't include the masque you go to or your father) so at least you have some valid points and not slogans empty of all content ...
You shit are probably an ISIS supporter plotting against the only country who ever gave your father refuge since no other Arab country would ...don't be surprise if the FBI knocks on your door soon.... this is how you pest start ...and " hitmansam " you probably too are a damn radical Muslim ...you turds took over Europe and now everybody there regrets ever letting you in ...British you are not for fu@#$ sure !
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 Redburn And I am for a world without retards like you...I am sure you would prefer the so called Palestinians ....it's been few days since your country was under a complete lock down because of your buddies.... p.s You forgot to sign with Allah who Akbar....
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 Sigh (shakes head).
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 רכיבה מעולה שפווו
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 Amazing riding James!
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 Great video
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 Great rider!
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 Nice! Well done
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