Jared Graves to Return to the EWS for the First Round of 2020

Nov 13, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Jared Graves has posted on Instagram this morning that he intends to return to the EWS at rounds 1 and 2 in Colombia and Chile next year.

bigquotes2020 fast approaching and can’t wait to get back here. EWS round 1 in Colombia here we come! (Yes, I know this pic is from Chile but I’ll be there too)Jared Graves

Graves stepped away from racing at the end of the 2018 season and announced he had been diagnosed with brain cancer. Shortly after, it was revealed that he and Richie Rude had failed a doping test at round 3 of the EWS in Orlargues. Richie Rude returned at round 4 this year after an 8-month sanction and it seems that Jared has also served out his sanction too - although no official verdict has been released by the AFLD about either rider.

Jared announced he was cancer free in June of this year and has been hard in training for his return. The season kicks off in Manizales on March 28 & 29 an then hits Lo Barnechea the weekend after on April 4 & 5.

We have reached out to Jared and the AFLD for further comment.

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 glad to hear some good news! fuck cancer!!
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 Yeah, fantastic news!!
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 in a sea of bad news..Garvey and Bulldog's news are the once putting a smile back in my heart..
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 too soon...
  • 40 4
 Too easy.
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 As a cancer survivor myself and 2.5 years clean, 500+ hrs of chemo, bone marrow transplant, and now living well... I can truly feel a little bit of what a middle aged guy like jared may have felt and say congratulations and very happy to see successes...

In my experience, I didn't feel I beat cancer as much as I was so grateful for the doctors and nurses who knew their shit and did what they did...

2.5 years later it feels really amazing to be able to go climbing, or biking or just hang with my high school kids. I can only imagine that Jared here feels excited to be healthy again... again, well done.
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 So happy for u man, ride strong.
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 That's huge man, way to pull through.
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 middle aged? sh*t the boundaries are moving, what does that make me at 42!?
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 @djlucas: it makes you middle aged... lol
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 Awesome! One of the best bike handling racers of all time!! Stoked to see him back healthy!! Go Gravsey!!!
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 Gravy stains.
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 I'm undergoing the same treatments (chemo + radiotherapy) for a cancer in the same area of my brain. Initial symptom was a seizure as well... Jared is a very big source of inspiration to help me fight through the treatments and hopefully come out as healthy and strong as him for next season. We all feel helpless when we hear the diagnostic but it's all about your entourage, friends and family, the variables you can control (mindfulness, sense of purpose, diet) and inspiration coming out of hopeful stories like this. f*ck cancer indeed and I hope to see you on the EWS podium in 2020!
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 Good luck with your fight man!!
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 you can do it maxgod
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 @maxgod...You got this man!! I can see the smile in your face going down the trail happy to be health and alive and had beat the F@cking Cancer!! It will happen and you will be and example and inspiration for everybody around you just like Jared is been for us. Good luck my man!
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 great to see him back between the tape! Legend!
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 Sweet - all that cussing at cancer really worked
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flag SillyTorque (Nov 13, 2019 at 5:40) (Below Threshold)
 cussing!? what are ye!? seppo wannabe.....
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 Something I will never understand
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 Those Queenslanders are built bloody tough
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 F*ck cancer
  • 12 1
 Next a special edition bike , JG fuckcancer
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 And funds for Cancer reaserch!
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 Woth double water bottle carrier...
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 Amazing news, go get'em Jared!
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 This is nothing but completely awesome. Welcome back fella!
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 What an inspiration! I am 2 months post op from patellar tendon rupture repair. I look for positivity and inspiration wherever i can find it. I don't know if I will ride again but I won't stop trying either. Top step Jared.
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 You will dude, patellar tendons are a real bitch, but do the physio and it will heal.
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 The King has returned!
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 "Sam is the King. Give him a crown." -Steve Peat
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 So stoked!
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 Yeah buddy!!! Nice to have you back!
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 Great news. I’m sure they’ll let him race. There’s no way the anti-doping authorities would kick sand in his face like that. Go JG!
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 They are too occupied with planning expedition to Colombia to get research samples for UCI and Olympic committee... tests, off course tests! I am not suggeating corruption, protecting star athletes and scape goating less important ones, God no.
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 That's one piss test that will mess with the UCI doping numbers.
Best news this year, go get that #1 plate back.
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 It's always makes me feel better to hear that someone has beaten cancer. I'm pretty sure I've beaten mine, but I got a few more treatments just to be sure. All of youse outdoor lovers should get checked by a dermatologist every year or so. The sun is our 'frenemy'.
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 Man, I've been waiting a while for this! Glad you're back on the bike man, go get 'em!
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 Best news all year
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 Great news! Nice to have you back JG! F*ck cancer!
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 You fucken champ Gravy!
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 Get in, will be good to see you back on the scene!
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 Really hope he doesn't push himself to hard too soon, any way really good news
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 Yeeees Jared!!!!! Fuck this cancer, youre stronger!!!
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 This is the best news I’ve seen on here in weeks!
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 Maes tested positive for a masking agent and came back after just a few races. I expect Graves has been out more than long enough.
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 If he starts winning again, he could copy-paste some parts of Lance's autobiography and save himself some work.
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 I watched Jared Graves race xc in Adelaide on a blown-out fork fully compressed and still shred fast downhills and gaps. It was mind blowing. So glad he's back on the bike.
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 Great news Jared !!
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 Massive news
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  • 1 1
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 Amazing news! Can't wait to see him back in action.
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 Today has been a rough day and this news is what I needed. Awesome to hear!
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 Full spesh support? Where’s the new enduro
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 Not in a pic from the last season he raced EWS
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 I have a feeling he will be back at yeti next year.
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 @harrybrottman: Thats what I heard, lots of Specialized pictures on his insta lately. I guess the contract runs out soon.......Amazing that he is back, great news!
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 Best news all day. good luck Jared!
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 f*ck cancer!!!! Hell of a job to beat that monstruosity!
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 congrats Jared, good to have you back!
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 Great news! Jared Graves = Bas Ass
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 Yeah boi! Another thing to look forward to! bring on the 2020 race season!
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 Fuck yeah Jared. Good on ya!!!! Glad to see you back on the circuit.
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 Fuck yes! Awesome news - welcome back JG
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 Some of the best news to come out in a while. Go Graves!
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 Yeah man! good news at last.
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 Great news indeed. I wonder if Curtis is joining him...
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 That is incredible, best news I've heard all week.
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 yeeeeeeah!!! the Hero is back!
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 great news ! happy to see him back at full speed.
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 Grubby is back! Congrats man. All the best to you!
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 Brilliant Jared ????
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 Great news! Go Jared!
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 Yee yee!!
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 Hero!! so rad
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 Yeah man!
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 Great news!
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 Fuck Cancer
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 L E G E N D!
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 Ride on !!!
  • 1 0
 FUCK YA!!!!
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