Jeep 48 Straight Launches new Environmental Awareness...

Aug 19, 2008
by Jordan Holmes  
Jeep 48 Straight Launches new Environmental Awareness Initiatives as part of Inaugural summer cycling series in New Jersey, Utah, and California.

As Jeep 48STRAIGHT, the largest sports, music and entertainment event in the U.S., prepares to launch its summer mountain bike series on August 22-23 at Diablo Freeride Park at Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon, N.J., the outdoor lifestyle platform will at the same time unveil a number of carbon footprint-reducing initiatives designed to raise environmental awareness on a local and national scale.As the ultimate celebration of the outdoor experience, Jeep 48STRAIGHT credits the outdoors as a place to test the limits of human performance, if not sanity, as well as source of a more healthy, responsible and progressive lifestyle. This message is reinforced at three events taking place from August through October across the U.S. In addition to the kick-off in New Jersey, Jeep 48STRAIGHT will visit The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah, on September 19-20 and at, and The Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo, Calif., on October 24-25.

During its inaugural winter season, Jeep 48STRAIGHT hosted a series of “Green Your Scene” environmental symposiums featuring a diverse line-up of guest speakers at the forefront of the sustainability movement, including Mariel Hemingway, Michael Franti, Aimée Christensen, Auden Schendler and Rocky Anderson. More than 700 residents from across Idaho visited Sun Valley to take part in the discussion and the issue of climate change and the mountain lifestyle.

This summer, Jeep 48STRAIGHT will promote “Green Your Scene” tips at each event, as well as weekly tips on its newly expanded website,, beginning on August 15. The tips will offer outdoor enthusiasts of all ages ideas on how to reduce their carbon footprint at home. For example, “If 20,000 Americans took one less paper napkin at a fast food restaurant, in one year we could conserve the total annual paper use of 50 Americans.” (

Jeep 48STRAIGHT also is seeking partners to help implement a new “Less Trash – More Rewards” program. At each summer event, attendees will receive green corn-plastic garbage bags for use in collecting recyclable materials such as aluminum cans or plastic bottles. Once the entire bag is full, attendees return the full bags in exchange for a free bag or beverage of their choice in reward. This initiative was recently tested at a music festival in Europe and 97 percent of the cups used at the festival concession stands were brought back for recycling as a result. Those interested in partnering with Jeep 48STRAIGHT on this program may contact event representative Kate Danaher at

The action-packed Jeep 48STRAIGHT weekend is headlined by the Jeep 48STRAIGHT Mountain Bike Series, featuring top ranked racers battling in dual slalom format for the richest payout in professional mountain bike racing. Local professionals and semi-pros also have a chance to earn a spot in the competition through an open qualifier competition. For non-elite amateurs and club riders, Jeep 48STRAIGHT offers an Indy-Cross competition allowing participants to earn prizes and test their mettle while trying to beat a blistering time set by one of the world’s top ranked professional racers. Off the dirt, spectators are treated to a Sponsor Alley, with free gear from partners including Jeep, Paul Mitchell, Trikke, Michelin, Rossignol and Adidas Eyewear, as well as free concerts from top musicians and other cross-cultural initiatives celebrating the unique cultural flavor of each host site.

Full event information, including dates, times, and locations, as well as registration for the cycling competitions, may be found at

Each event of the Jeep 48STRAIGHT summer season will receive national broadcast coverage on CBS Sports, representing the most visibility of any mountain biking event in the sport. The event from New Jersey will air on CBS Sports on September 28.

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 jeep? environmental awareness? hahaha thats a good one
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flag waxyfeet (Aug 19, 2008 at 4:02) (Below Threshold)
 What's so funny about a company that is acting on Environmental issues?
They are aware they are a car manufacturer of course, however it's a good thing car companies taking a bit of a stand and responsibility for their actions

ps: yes.. I hug trees on a weekly basis... it hurts Wink
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 A car company trying to be green is a joke ... only thing they can do is close the busiess to help really , V8 4x4's are as far away from green as you can get...
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 at least they're making an effort. theyre not going to close down the company or stop making cars because people would lose jobs, loss of earnings etc..
they could be arrogant and just say "f*ck it, its not our problem"
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 yeah mike-v10 has a point. you have to take society into consideration.
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 jeep manufactures bikes as well, or atleast their name is on a bike. I would not own one, but it is cool they do recognize other things other than the normal car manufacturer... atleast I think so.
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 This could easily just be a way to excuse what they are doing, by saying "we put money here" doesn't show genuine care and givashitness. It doesn't mean that they've stopped manufacturing gas-guzzling 4x4's that are probably going to shred up the environment. But still, props for trying Jeep, even if it is just a BS marketing scheme.
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 A car company trying to be green is a joke. Actually its not. Theyre running a business. Theres no reason you cant have good business practices and be aware of the need to go green at the same time. Sure the products they make might not be the best for it, but theres alot besides cars that are bad for the earth. Like others said, theyre at least making the effort which is more than many companies regardless of what industry theyre in. This sounds great in my opinion
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 jeep has done nothing for the environment with their vehicles, and they show no sign of changing that, as for the employee of jeep who decided to bring forth the idea of "Environmental Awareness" I would be embarrased
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 "carbon footprint", what a load of horse shit. all that those words mean is that the government has finally found a way to tax the air you breahte. and the fact that the government is placing 90% of the "global warming problem" on automobiles, thats a load of shit too. and the alternatives, electric and hydrogen vehicles, those aren't solutions, those are just bandaides. the amount of energy needed to produce the hydrogen, means building new coal and nuclear powerplants, which only mean more polution. as for electric vehicles, the current power grid couldn't hand even 1 electirc vehicle for every 500 homes, so obviously that means making more power generation stations. think i'm full of shit, heres something for you, carbon dioxide and monoxide, ask a science teacher, or college science professor, or even an automechanic that does emissons testing, all forms of carbon ar heavier than air, so someone please explain to me, how does carbon and hydrocarbons get 300 miles above the earth and into the upper atmosphere, which is where all this damage is? IT DOESN'T. The govoernment isn't going to tell you, but, on 9/11, when every plane in america was grounded, it was the first time in 30 years that san fransisco, los angeles, and many other major cities in america could be clearly seen from space, why does this matter, put 2 and 2 together, our polution problem, our "global warming" problem, isn't created by our vehicles, its caused by our jet planes. hydrocarons come from raw, unburnt fuel, and oxides of nitrogen are produced at very high tempuratures. a jet engine does both, it burns fuel at around 3000 degrees fahrenheit, and isn't the most fuel efficient either. and what is the average flying height of a jet plane, 30,000 now that you think i'm a retarded conspiracy nut, go research every FACT that i have put down, and see for yourself, talk to your teachers, your proffessors, and even your local mechanic, ask them about the things i have said, and see what they say.
  • 1 0
 Plus all the so called solutions with "green" fuel from grain is driving up food prices world wide. The "green" movement is just one more step to control what we can do as people. It will make us into sheep cause we think we are doing the "right thing" by going green. The message is being pushed by the same idiots who tried to sell the 911 attacks, and W.M.D. in Iraq

Think about it.
  • 1 0
 Thank you for explaining what I was probably going to explain anyways. Man made global warming is not true. Global warming is true, the earth goes through cycles. But think about this. The out of all the chemicals in the atmosphere, CO2 is incredibly minuscule. The amount of human-emitted CO2 is also just a fraction of a percent of the CO2 in the atmosphere. To believe that we are the single problem to global warming is comparable to a car not working and blaming the 4th lug nut on the back left wheel. Watch "The Great Global Warming Swindle" or just google "global warming truth". Educate yourselves.
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 This is nothing but an over elaborate PR stunt, period. Jeeps sales have probably plummeted because they make some of the most un-efficient gas guzzling monstrosities on the road. So they orchestrate this cooperate circle jerk to make it seem like they actually give a shit about you and the environment. If they really want to make it look like they care then lets see a car that runs on something other than gasoline, until then to me there still the same a*sholes they have always been. Just look at there site (, flashy pictures of action sports, concerts, a sustainability link gracing the top of the page, dates for there environmentally conscious events and oh look a Jeep Grand Cherokee add at the bottom... yup, nothing says I care about the environment like a Grand Cherokee. What a bunch of ass hats.
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 an elaborate pr stunt? You are all joking right. first of all most jeeps are either 4 or 6 cylinder vehicles the only jeeps with big motors are the grand cherokees and srt versions. second if you have been paying attention to the last 10 years of 4x racing jeep has sponsored every thing. by doing the 48straight thing they are not only hosting a wonderful event but are telling ppl that they are trying to become more efficient.
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 @ yeti

Heat maybe? your theroy makes sense...but you forget that an engine is usually sitting between 150-220 degrees F. heat rises.....

hydrogen vehicles are impractical at the moment, but if you give it time it could be possible to seperate hydrogen from water more efficently today...

theres always gonna be a compromise.... its a question of what we are going to trade off.
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 Yeh car companies should make a difference by maybe using hydrogen based motors instead, do they though? not do some silly gig to make it look like they've made up for years of juice guzzling beasts. As beautiful as they are.
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 Heres the problem with hydrogen fuel cells though. They're costly. For PEMFC systems youve got: proton exchange membranes, precious metal catalysts (usually platinum and last i checked that wasnt "cheap") and more. And thats just to make the cell. Let alone the rest of the components needed to make the car, or to get enough power out of them to really travel the distances and speed that people want.
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 Back in the 50s there was big thing on how to stop global cooling.... The gov wants to keep people scared and under control. Now it is global warming/terrorism. A few years back it was the Cold War. Anything to make people react and get angry. Problem/Reaction/Sulution which always results in more control for big brother and less freedom for us.
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 "This is nothing but an over elaborate PR stunt, period. Jeeps sales have probably plummeted because they make some of the most un-efficient gas guzzling monstrosities on the road. So they orchestrate this cooperate circle jerk to make it seem like they actually give a shit about you and the environment. If they really want to make it look like they care then lets see a car that runs on something other than gasoline, until then to me there still the same a*sholes they have always been. Just look at there site (, flashy pictures of action sports, concerts, a sustainability link gracing the top of the page, dates for there environmentally conscious events and oh look a Jeep Grand Cherokee add at the bottom... yup, nothing says I care about the environment like a Grand Cherokee. What a bunch of ass hats."

He had a ver valid point and you all negative propped him...come on
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 I like how all you bitch and complain about the gas guzzlers, but in real fact most of there vehicles are more fuel efficient then most of the old beasty peices you guys drive, and for the fact that im sure that more then half of you drive your pieces on a daily basis.... yeti87 makes more sense then any of the babbling ive read here so far....


P.S. every goshdamn car company is doing the same bullshit lajkonick cant stop them and atleast they try and help the enviroment what do you do to try and help the enviroment go take your chainsaw and cut down some trees to make some sweet new jumps ladders etc?
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 quickfinger, i hope you weren't talking about me driving a piece of crap gas guzzler, my truck is a 4cyl 5speed with the tranny and rear end re-geared with fuel efficiency in mind, i'm not racing my truck around, i'm a mini trucker, low and slow is the way to go, lol

and as for Cata1yst, you are correct about an engine running hot, but even with the average tempurature of todays vehicles, the way an engine is designed to run, it still doesn't make anywhere near enough hydrocarbons or oxides of nitrogen to make even a small dent in the ozone, which is what all the worlds governments are claiming, which is what my original point was all about, i'm not saying that automobiles have absolutley no effect on our climate or ozone, but it is such a small fraction, that, putting all this time and effort into building "green, environmentally friendly, fuel efficient" vehicles is a load of shit, and a huge waste of time..some may argue that every little bit helps, but like i said before, the "green solution", isn't really a solution at all, even with the ability to extract hydrogen staright from water, the power plants needed to do such a thing, will have such a high intial cost, as well as a rediculous operating cost, which could completely swap the economy of both canada and america. someone else said that it will have to be a trade off for something either way, but it will never be a good enough deal to risk the strength of our countries power grids, and economy, thats not a worth while trade.
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 This is assuming that the system is designed to work. It is not.
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 Yeti. Look up compressed air cars. theyre an alternative solution to taking the hydrogen fuel cells youre hung up on. The compressed air cars simply need an electric (or small gas) motor to fill.

Now before i get "*GASP* theyre not 100% self sufficient so theyre not a real solution" yes. Theyre not. Theyre a new concept. There are companies though that have already lisenced their cars to india and mexico city to help reduce car emissions and pollution. They run on nothing but compressed air. Take a look around before you discredit ALL green solutions.
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 what system, emission's testing, thats another joke, it was originally only supposed to be in effect for 5 years, as a sample of how vehicles are actually doing compared to what the manufacturers said they would, but when the goverment realized how much money it brought in, and that everyone started to jump on the idea that it was helping our evironment by allowing manufacturers to develope better emissions control systems in an attemp to correct "global warming", the government decided that it was "in our environment's best intrest" to keep the test going and make it manditory to register or insure any vehicle
  • 0 0
 thats where you have been scuked in to the publicity stunt, the problem that they are "stepping up to", isn't really the problem that needs to be fixed, and the "solution to the problem" is all a load of shit too.

TC-BMX, man that thing is awsome, i have never heard or seen that before, that thing would change the way our world gets around. but, like all the other good inventions, our governments will never let it come into play, that type of an engine design requires no gas, and very minimal oil for lubrication. if it is a solution that will take away our dependance on gasoline, it will never happen. the oil companies are making to much money and have there hands to deep into the goverment for there to be any end all be all solution to gasoline powered cars. they will look at that car, pay off the creator, and it will never hit the road, and if it ever does, it will be in a limited supply of temporary prototypes that will be picked apart, and eventually they will find some "unsafe" aspect about the car or the engines design and it will never hit mass production...if you want to see proof of what i'm saying, go look up a movie called "Al Gore: Who Killed The Electric Car". probably find it in a university or college's movie library, maybe in a regular library...but the problem with that, there are too many ppl that are too lazy to look for the REAL truth, its out there, but they have to track it down for themselves. ppl let the gorverments spoon feed them all this crap, and they may not believe it all, they may have a voice, but the don't have the mind and the drive to find the real truth...someone said that i better watch out for the fed's or something, all i am is a person with a voice and a mind to find the truth. can't be called a conpiracy nut if everything i've said is factual truth..

and to clearify something, someone else said something about there being a difference between naturally accuring global warming, and man made global warming. global warming happens naturally. it happens in cycles. watch the discovery channel more often and you'll see what the REAL scientists have to say. scientists have drilled into glaciers of both the north and south pole and take core samples, and discovered unusally high levels of sulphuric acid, deposited in layers of the glacier core sample. they have determined that the earth goes through cycles, and at some point in the earths time, there was volcanic activity really close to the north and south poles, and based on their calulations of the cycle times, this whole global wraming thing, is normal, and is starting. the reason why the gorvernment is freaking out, is becuase we are a species that is too smart for its own good, we see a problem, and we spend billions of dollars trying to fix it, and not enough effort on trying to find out why it happens. case in point, everyone jumped on this global warming band wagon, chalked it up to humans being the problem, and have tried everything we can to "fix" the problem with solutions to causes that don't exist, and now we're spending money to find out why and how this is REALLY happening. but the gorvernment will never admitt that they were wrong, they've spent to much time and effort on this topic to turn around and say "well, we f*cked up, we were wrong" they will slowly develope another way to use what they have created to solve another problem that doesn't exist. global cooling, the second part of the cycle, i'm 21, i may never see that part of the cycle, but when it happens, and it will, the same government structure and ideals will try to "fix" that problem too
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 all i know is i love my jeep, and i love to bike.
  • 2 0
 A-men bmxracer
  • 0 0
 well if you actually read yeti87 you'd know that your not exactly on the same page as him

P.S. your "quickfingers" have gotten the best of you, you're babbling away just as much as everyone else
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 i think its a step in the write direction
at least one car company is steping up to the plate and saying that theres a legitamnet problem and they trying to do something about it
go jeep =]
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 exactly bro, i wasn't sure if anyone who commented on this thread knew about the term "Big Brother"...and when people find out what that term really means, they look at the show big brother a little differently lol
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 Wow... People who actually know the truth about global warming... I thought I was the only one... Automobiles on make something like 2% (If I recall correctly) of carbon emmissions in the world
  • 7 5
 another marketing scheme...makes me sick
  • 1 1
 I own a Jeep, and am very fuel efficient. I won't even take the thing over 80 on the highway usually. Glad to see they're trying to give back in an eco-friendly way.
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  • 4 2
 Good for them.
  • 0 0
 The whole economic set up that we are trying to make work is designed to not. IMO
  • 0 0
 Yes, the Global Warming crisis is no crisis at all really. People live off of FEAR. FEEEAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!! ahhahaha
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  • 2 2
 every little bit counts
  • 0 0
 thats new for jeep :L

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