Jenny Rissveds to Miss World Champs

Aug 15, 2017
by Matt Wragg  
News broke this week that Olympic Champion, Jenny Rissveds would not be competing at the World Championships in Cairns, Australia next month. We spoke to her team manager, Thomas Frischknecht, to find out more about the situation.

Back luck on the start for Jenny Rissveds meant staying about mid pack for her first race back.

So can you explain your side of the situation with Swedish Cycling?

Swedish cycling signed a contract with POC for the whole kit: jersey, shorts, helmets, eyewear, gloves and socks. The athletes have to wear all these products while competing for the national team. As Jenny already has a contract with her trade team Scott/SRAM to wear Scott helmet and she also has a worldwide contract for all competition to wear Oakley eyewear. So she didn't sign this agreement with the National Federation. Short term, talking with the president of Swedish cycling last year, I solved the problem saying, "Okay for the European Championships in Sweden we let Jenny compete in a Poc helmet as this is was on Poc's home soil. For the rest of the year - World Championships and Olympics - she'll ride whatever she is sponsored to ride, and he agreed to this. In the meantime, we asked the UCI to take action to actually define more precisely what national federations can ask the riders and what they can't because we saw a potential conflict there. This could go even further, say Swedish Cycling signed a contract with Specialized and their riders have to compete on Specialized bikes when they are competing for the National Federation?

So, we asked for some help from the UCI. This, unfortunately, didn't really result in any action from their side over the last year and this year. Swedish cycling came back and said if she wants to join the national team she is obliged to sign this contract which tells her then to wear POC products. This is asking someone to violate a contract, so it's against European law. As Jenny has already signed a contract with the team. This is not a common for national federations to actually sign contracts for personal equipment. We advised her to not sign this contract and this resulted in the Swedish Cycling Federation saying, "Okay then we're not sending anyone to Cairns." So it's now at the end and it was Swedish Cycling who took the decision to not send any athletes to the World Championship, which is a shame.

So every athlete who would be on the Swedish national squad was not in a position to sign this contract?

Yeah. Well, the same is for Alexander Engen and another girl that also didn't want to violate their existing contracts. Swedish Cycling put them in a position where they would have to violate an existing contract. From the team's side, we stayed firm and said that the UCI or Swedish cycling has to solve this problem. If that contract is signed then we would have our back against the wall to turn things around. So we said hey we are going to stay firm. Hopefully there will now be a big shitstorm over Swedish Cycling's actions. They just pushed it too far and now the Olympic champion is not competing at the World Championships, which is a shame. A shame for Jenny, a shame for the sport in general and a much bigger shame for Swedish cycling.

There have always been special kits for Worlds, right? For instance, in DH there were always the national skinsuits.

This has always happened. It's been the history of cycling at World Championships on the road, cyclocross, mountain bike - it's the national federation that supplies shorts and jersey to be raced in. This is fine. This is also where they get some revenue from sponsors and it has always been that way. But, in the UCI regulations, there is not such a strict definition stating that it is only jersey and shorts. Swedish Cycling used British Cycling as an example. Their riders were not just wearing the jersey and shorts through the year, but were also riding the bikes and all the kit. But the big difference between Swedish Cycling and British Cycling is that the athletes from British Cycling, this not only on track it's also the under-23 team of great Britain in cross-country, they were out but they were actually registered as a trade team. They were travelling to World Cup races as a trade team under the British Cycling flag, the athletes were actually paid a salary and bonuses and all of that made it possible for them to make a living with their national federation. Whereas Swedish cycling doesn't have a dime. Jenny doesn't get a cent from them. She lives only from what she makes with her trade team we make sure she has 99 percent of the support to bring her to all the World Cup races and we are responsible for all her equipment. Now they're basically taking away something that we believe belongs to her.

Scott-Sram MTB Team Launch - Nino Schurter Thomas Frischknecht and Jenny Rissveds
Jenny with her team manager, Thomas Frischknecht, and teammate Nino Schurter.

That doesn't seem fair to the athlete, surely it is you, the team who are there for her week-in, week-out?

Yeah. They just put her under the pressure. At the end of the day, it is the cycling federation that nominates an athlete to go to the World Championship. So they took this leverage to say, "You know what, you sign this contract or you we're not going to send you to the World Championship." So we remained firm, they remained firm and that's how we're now at a point where Sweden isn't sending a team to the World Championship.

To play devil's advocate, what if someone says, "Well why aren't you guys not more flexible?"

Because this eventually turns into a much larger issue where, in the future, a national team sees the potential to sign a lot more contracts. It can result in shoes, bikes, whatever and it kind of becomes an uncontrolled thing. Let's say it's then not only Swedish cycling, maybe we have the same issue with Swiss cycling and every other national team. If this kind of becomes a rule, then the national teams can do whatever.

The sport as it exists right now works by the industry paying for the whole sport. It's Scott, it's SRAM, it's Specialized, Trek, you name it. We are supporting cross country racing by putting the budgets together to send trade teams and athletes to World Cup races, and then the most important races, such as World Championships and the Olympics. For example, maybe Nino has to ride a Specialized bike because Swiss Cycling signed a deal with Specialized that requires all Swiss athletes that compete at the Olympics to ride a Specialized bike. So if we agree to Jenny riding in a POC helmet, it would be the beginning of the end. It could then continue to become a much larger problem.

This whole thing is a big part of the reason why Jenny didn't compete much this year. First, both her grandfathers died within a short period of time, then she had to fight against her own federation. Jenny is proud to be a Swede. Facing this issue and feeling the burden of an Olympic champion has taken the wind out of her sails. It’s actually not correct to talk bad of Swedish Cycling in general, it is basically only one person, Swedish Cycling marketing manager Anders Bromee, who has been terrorising Jenny for more than a year now. This has become a big, big issue so at this point, she would not feel comfortable to travel to Cairns with a team where everybody hates each other because of what happened. Right now she has zero trust and respect for Swedish Cycling. She does not feel she has been treated well enough to see how, in these circumstances, it would result in a good performance for her.



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 Theory: Sounds like Swedish Cycling marketing manager Anders Bromee really wants that commission pay cheque for signing POC to the national team... How about fire him for depriving Jenny to compete in the biggest race of the year! The redundancy payment should keep him happy given all he seems to care about is the cash.
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 Just in case they can't find any non contract bound rider, I'm up for it. Just forge some papers for me will do.
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 How about Jenny and all other affected athletes sue the Swedish Cycling Federation?
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 @Kiwi19: That's sounds like a pretty good ikea.
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 @endlessblockades: How about sending Anders Bromee competing himself the World Championship in women POC kit if he like it that much ???
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 @gnralized: Best ikea so far!
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 Get rid of the guy.
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 So, POC will get no representation either and good for Jenny for stadning by the sponsors that provide a liveing for her. Shame on Swedish Cycling for signing POC and funny that POC will not be getting the world's top Swedish Riders representing them (which I guess they never would have but perhaps would've got their name on some clothing and perhaps bike stickers. A loss all around for everyone
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 @MMOF: Not a loss for the federation, they still got a load of money from POC and save up on travelling costs and accommodation.
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 From what I've read on a swedish forum the whole board on swedish cycling was onboard with this. To pinpoint it solely on Anders Bromée is a bit strong if that is true. It does not make Swedish cycling look any better though, rather it makes swedish cycling look worse.
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 POC should be pissed. Effectively, their reputation is being smeared by the seemingly money hungry Bromee in the SCF, in the eyes of the larger cycling community. Good move by Frischy: free access to the cycling base and puts the SCF on defense. So SCF, are you going be a*sholes and send no one or demand like petulant children that athletes break their contracts?

Welcome to the politics of cycling where it's all about the power clowns jostling for control (AKA $$$) and less so about the athletes. Always has, always will.
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 @CaptainSnappy: You think POC was unaware about the olympic champion being under contract, I would think not.
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 @CaptainSnappy: "Welcome to the politics of SPORT where it's all about the power clowns jostling for control (AKA $$$) and less so about the athletes. Always has, always will."

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 Although this thing seems clear I'm still not sure about it. Providing sponsored gear is the usual in national squads. And this also could be another piece of biased information by Matt. Just to play devil's advocate, I'd like to know the views of the Swedish federation.
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 @Benito-Camelas: same here, the whole situation seems ridiculous. How it ends with jenny not competing is absolutely beyond me - both parties should be ashamed to have let this occur.
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 @Benito-Camelas: Yes, but from my understanding its not the norm that it goes beyond the clothing and going by that it was a mistake by SCF trying to break new ground with athletes ending up in the middle of a conflict. They should of chosen another route if they wanted to challenge the norm

UCI was weak as well.
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 @russthedog: Yeah, but this seems really simple. POC can simply choose not to enforce the helmet and sunglasses provision of the contract.... While it's easy to throw the Sweedish Fed under the bus, POC is the one enforcing their contract and could easily just ignore that Jenny is wearing a different helmet and shades...
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 @dhx42: Really good point, you'd hope scf pushed that avenue as well
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 @russthedog: I hope so, the whole thing seems dumb. If I were POC, I'd pay what was agreed upon for a really good chance of having your jersey logo next to a World Champs gold medal.
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 @Kiwi19: Yeah, probably Mr. Bromee never heard of tortious interference, unless they don't have that principle in Europe. Jenny should be allowed to join World Champs. Business interests should not, nay NEVER, prevail over their country's.
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 @CaptainSnappy: Maybe POC is not so innocent here. Just playing devil's advocate here. Hope it ain't true. POC should amend its contract with SCF or make new one allowing Jenny to participate.
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 @dhx42: Yeah, pretty simple solution. Also, this would be good for POC and its brand image.
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 @endlessblockades: I see what you did there.
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 @MendelMu: Probably not, but they will not be pleased with a the SCF getting their reputation dirty, especially in their own country.
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 @rcexsequor: Maybe not, but what manufacturer of outdoor hardgoods wants negative publicity on an international scale? Not impossible, but highly doubtful.
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 Actually sickening... UCI should step up and intervene so maybe they too can win back some credibility
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 The UCI knew about the issue for over a year and did what the UCI is good at, i.e. nothing.
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 The UCI really are clueless, this whole debacle is in part the UCI's fault as well since as Kiwi19 said they knew about this for a year. Some of their rules are ridiculous as well.
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 @Callum-H: Don't expect much from the UCI, really. There are good people within the UCI, but the attitude of the organization as a whole is a disgrace towards the sport and the athletes. All those twats care about is road cycling and the associated money. Let's all recall the ”Syndicate - not a trade team” saga of yesteryear! Or how 4X almost became extinct. Or that fcuking shady Rocky Roads situation of 2011. It's really no surprise.

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 Good on them for standing up for what they believe in and having valid principles. National federations seem to cause more harm than good to all forms of MTB in so many instances.
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 Man... those are some rather crisp and clear words right here... This is something you don't see everyday. What a shame for Jenny. From an athletes point of view it must be really tough to be in that position and have one guy just completely screw it up. Also, the decision from Swedish Cycling not to send anyone over to Cairns must affect not only Jenny, right? That is some grade A BS behavior right there. Also, I think it's good to see someone who's not afraid to point out deficits in an organisation, as well as not being afraid to pinpoint it to one person in particular. Most of the time you get that 'Not going to call someone out, blabla' line, but not with that guy. Seems like emotions are running high, this time. Still, hopefully this can be resolved, all the best to Jenny and the team! Also, a word to the UCI: Get your heads out of your a**es and do something about this, what do we even have a governing body for cycling for, if not for something like this!
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 did you think it odd that he said they cover 99% of what she needs to race - surely in her position the team would cover 100% and say it clearly in something like this? Agree this situation is a disgrace - both parties involved should have resolved this. Neither party is flexible at all and that doesnt help anyone.
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 @russthedog: Indeed, you'd think that, right? On the other hand (I'll admit that right here, right now, ok?): I don't know the first thing about what it actually means (payment wise) to be a professional XC mountainbike racer, so something like that does seem plausible/possible. Speaking from a triathlon perspective (something that I have slightly more insight) I can say, that the amateurs from where I live are dependent on every last cent they can get from wherever so in my mind it wouldn't be unspeakable to clash over something as mundane as money when it comes down to who gets to race Worlds and who doesn't.
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 @LaserEule: You must be right, I just thought a gold medalist and top ranking racer would get complete support
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I guess she has to get herself to the airport.
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 @russthedog: maybe pay for dinner and beers?
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 @Ride12: Haha lol and toothpaste and toothbrush too I guess
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 Good call, I'd refuse to race too if I had to wear a POC helmet
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 And ride a Specialized bike too!
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 Swedish design but worst Chinese materials...
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 @homerjm: the majority of your current bike is most likely made of chinese materials.
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 @cuban-b: Some of their stuff has actually been of supringly poor quality, despite the high price. My body armor, kneepads and shorts are falling apart.
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 @homerjm: still sounds better than a SEAT mate.
@racerfacer: what does POC have to do with it? It's the Swedish fkng Cycling Federation which have always been a bunch of cnts. Sad to hear about that, I have no idea what were they thinking.
@matadorCE: you say that because you haven't seen a Swedish mountain bike. At least it's not like they are making her ride a fkng Crescent...
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flag homerjm (Aug 15, 2017 at 7:00) (Below Threshold)
 @cuban-b: POC & 100% helmets are a joke,worst thing you can wear to protect your head. All things are made overseas,but it does not mean that product must be a sit.
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 @WAKIdesigns: Orbea,BH,Mondraker,MMR sound better than nothing?cos we are talking about bikes not cars. But that is not the focus here,Your best rider is f*ck up now by stupid money thing,I hope all the national team said no like this girl and make them free to wear/ride whatever they want.
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 @homerjm: "POC & 100% helmets are a joke,worst thing you can wear to protect your head". Aaaaand you are talking straight out of your arse. Go get in an argument about Real Madrid vs Barcelona...
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 @homerjm: whys that? I don't like the look of POC but I'm sure that both brands pass safety regulations
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 @WAKIdesigns: Waki you are taking this to personal,but I don´t want to fight you. OK if that POC thing I said makes you angry, I´m sorry mate,are you OK now?
We are here talking about bikes, not f*cking football. I don´t care about SEAT or Madrid vs Barsa, I don´t have car and hate football,but maybe if you still looking at your good request "arse" you find something to touch me the balls...yeah thats your way Wakidesingns. Hahahaha you are a bad guy...
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flag WAKIdesigns (Aug 15, 2017 at 7:45) (Below Threshold)
 @homerjm: because you talk sht out of nowhere, having nothing to show up for it. POC used to be overpriced junk like another Swedish company "Peak Performance" which currently changed interest from outdoors to fkng golf. But these days, with POC, the quality went up a lot, while prices of most things dropped. Cortex helmet was a fkng joke, Coron is a state of art equipment. Also POC dropped MIPS, and I respect them for that. Yes I am a POC fanboi, just like of Evoc, TLD and few others. Looks wise... huh, there are tons of ugly arse sht out there from other European companies. POC is probably the best looking Euro helmet/apparel company.
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So you mean this zip t-shirt is sewn by a Swedish artisan with threads of silk to be worth $160?

On a serious note though, why do seemingly all national federations royally f*ck up the sport with a complete lack of common sense. This sucks.
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 @WAKIdesigns: you read the same thing I read? POC as a sport brand for me now is DEAD, what they are thinking about this situation? It´s name is the conflict cos they want to be the sponsor of those athletes but they don´t care about what is going on whit those girls&boys. I think if POC people love the sport more than the money this stupid thing never happen. POC helmet looks like a Playmobil helmet IMO, but that is a personal thing. Being a Fanboy of anything is a sit , that´s why you react like an ambush Taliban?. That´s why I hate football,Cars and stupid "fanboy" people like you.
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flag WAKIdesigns (Aug 15, 2017 at 8:38) (Below Threshold)
 @homerjm: again you are talking completely out of your arse, you have no idea how POC or Specialized is involved into this but all you see is a dude from POC telling Jenny to ride his stuff while the main culprit, the person/organisation who actually profits from the deal is Swedish Cycling Federation which as any sport federation of any kind is surely filled with little people who compensate lack of sport results with political power. Also I don't think any company could actually be sad by having a few trolls dropping out, tear their short open shouting "this company is dead for me" because your loyalty is worth absolutely NOTHING. And whatever company you are into, you can pay them money for their products, they don't give a flying fk about you. Why? because they know, that your dedication is a load of bullsht and you will chose whatever is cheapest from available prefereable choices, when the time to make that choice comes. If you want a caring company chose Kali.
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 @homerjm: dude, lay off the blow you are ranting and yelling way too much. Plus your jumping from idea to idea and without any blow in my system today I'm finding you hard to follow.
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 @WAKIdesigns: PeakPerformance is actually a Danish company , has been for ages.Owned by IC Group who also owns Tiger of Sweden.Do belive IKEA still swedish though :-)
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 cocaine is a hell of a drug
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 @caspar: is it? huh that's a relief!
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 @cuban-b: RICK JAMES BITCH!
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 Holy crap, link to this Pinkbike article is on one of the main Swedish News sites... it was nice to know you guys but my online footprint is currently working against me. Byeeeeeee... remove account Jesus fricking...
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 @WAKIdesigns: este waki cree que se las sabe todas, actitud arrogante y pedante.
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 @javijavi: let me be even more arrogant: SCF Swedish Cycling Federation is 100% responsible for that mess because it is them choosing the sponsors. They could have acted like Skiing federation and try to attract cycling-neutral sponsors like Vattenfall, Volvo, Helvetia, whatever. But no instead they reach out to Specialized and POC which CLEARLY stand against EVERY single Swedish athlete because chance that there is one sponsored by both Spec and POC is very low.

So how could you blame either POC or SPec for wanting something for exchange for their cash after being asked to lash out some is beyond me... "POC is dead for me" you fkng twat...
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 @homerjm: from Jenny's FB feed

"Hello, it's me. Messy times at the moment, no, actually not just at the moment. This has been an ongoing thing since February last year when my name got sold and contracts were unluckily signed above my head. I don't wanna hang out anybody or throw shit on anybody, that's not who I am. I'm the last one in this war who should excuse myself or apologize, but however I wanna apologize in advance to you who actually are innocent, but will get in trouble because of politics, people who are weak and people who are too proud to swallow their pride. Please, I beg you all out there to not throw shit at POC, UCI or anyone else who actually TRIED to solve the problem and who TRIED to help myself, my team and my Swedish riding colleagues out of this. It's not about which products are the esthetically nicest, it's not about my team making money out of this, it's not about the Swedish cycling federation in general and it's not about me. This is about so much more. Either way we are all gonna lose in the end of this story, but it's fair to say I'm the one who lost the most the last one and a half year. I feel sad, I feel used and if it wouldn't be for the people around me, who's fighting day and night for my rights, I would have been deeply worried about my future. Either you take your part, you stay natural and watch it from the outside or you don't give a shit about this whole mess. But what's the most important for me to know is that all the people who brought me all the way here will bring me even further and I know that they will always keep my back, no matter what. I'm sure the each of you who had the time to read all the way down here also know who's having my back and who's not having my back in this conflict.

Keep being angry at somebody mate.
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 @WAKIdesigns: You're so naive and gullible if you think POC is 100% good guys. They could easily solve this mess if they want too.
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 @reqq: well you are the gullible one if you look at those things from that angle. Witch hunts are rarely performed by intelligent people...
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 @WAKIdesigns: Ye buddy because your fanboy company and swedish cycling federation are so smart right? Lets come up with a deal that hinders mega stars that won olympic gold not to enter the biggest race of the year. Sounds smart to me.

You can spare your own time trying to belittle me, because i dont give a flying crap what you think about me.
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 @reqq: me neither, I give as much crap as your existence as 7.4 billion humans on the planet. I just learned you exist...
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 get a room you two
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 Switzerland should step up and give her the swiss citizenship so she can start at Cairns. Except for Switzerland and Sweden no one will get the difference. We get anyways always mixed up. cough cough
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 True that but the flags are too different so it wouldn't really work hehe
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 I was more joking about the fact that the US People always seem to mix up our two countries. Tell them you are from Switzerland and they think we talk Swedish.
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 I think in all likelihood there is something wrong going on with the cycling unions. In general, the professional bodies governing sports have proven themselves multiple times over to be corrupt. Having said that, this a single source and the writer is not actually a journalist. Journalists are supposed to look at all sides to a story before publishing something. Or at least attempt to do so. THere is no "UCI/Swedish cycling declined to comment" written that I can see.
I am an old man now so want to impart some old man wisdom. Question what you read. Again, in all likelihood this person is being greedy. However, there have been multiple multiple times on here when the rhetoric has been "I wonder who paid them to write that article" about a review or whatever. This site is totally full of product launches pretending to be news. In this instance the manager of one of the biggest bike brands comes on here and his answers are typed up in a nice bland way and all the sudden we are ready to send hate mail to this Anders guy. Even if he is wrong (and again, likely he is) you can't do that to someone. It is morally incorrect to write an article and put someone's name and accuse them without facts. I am not a lawyer, but if these facts are incorrect I believe it was also be in the whole area of liable and slander. I don't care either way, what I am trying to say is that I feel we should be more discerning readers and know when something is a well written journalist piece, when it is an editorial, an opinion piece, advertising or what have you. What this is is not cleear. It appears to be an attempt to get the internet on the side of Scott cycling with less than perfect facts and with only one side fo the story.
I also do feel a need to add that whatever is happening here it is very sad that such an amazing athelete and wonderful person is being caught in the middle and as a result having to miss out on a premier event. Having dedicated her life to Mtbiking it likely is a great solace to her just to be on her bike. After she lost so many loved family members it is a tragedy that her chance to race and in so doing achieve some form of release is being denied by this dispute. Warm thoughts to you Mrs Rissveds. Thank you for your inspired riding.
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 yeah the first thing i thought after reading the article was that if this was written and published in the US, there would be a libel and slander lawsuit about to get started.
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 + 1 for reading between the lines. I am going to get neg-propped into oblivion for this, but...

Frischknecht did not actually confirm that Jenny's current sponsors would respond punitively through EU law if she wore the POC gear, only hypothesising that " would be the beginning of the end...", "Lets say if..." and "...this could go even further." etc etc. All of his positioning is merely conjecture, although not without logic.

So, Frischknecht himself is protecting his OWN sponsors interests over Jenny's right to compete with the Swedish cycling team at the world championships. He is the one that advised her not to sign the SC equipment contract, to protect HIS financial (and team) interests over her opportunity to represent her country.

If she hadn't followed Frischknecht's advice, she'd be booking her tickets to Cairns.
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 Only side of the story is Rissveld is not going to compete in the second most important race of the year, a highlight of any cycle proffesional. I mega star that young people are looking up too cant show their skill and strenght. This is the only thing we should care about, thats the only thing retarded Swedish Cycling Federation and POC should be thinking about.
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 @Feideaux: Fair point but those sponsors also sponsors jenny so they are here as well and thereby she protects her financial interests too.
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 Probably a good idea to get a counter-point and Swedish Cycling's point of view, if even for the sake of balanced reporting?
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 I second this.
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 I agree, but if Swedish Cycling have taken a contract with POC, in the knowledge that all the top Swedish riders would have to violate their pre-existing contracts to race at World Champs, what justification could they even give for the POC contract?

I think it would actually be more interesting to get POC's input - could they really have been completely unaware of the potential confilt these stipulations would cause? Are they willing to ease those stipulations so Jenny can race?
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 @Smevan: Really anyone else's point of view would be helpful. While on the outset the decision seems foolhardy, the article comes across as very one-sided and even a little bitter. The principle of news reporting (which this could be considered) demands a more balanced approach.
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 @twozerosix: I third it. Surely to f*ck they must have something to say. What a mess!
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 Well, "not sending anyone" will make POC very happy with the agreement they've signed with Swedish Cycling: zero exposure = zero value. (+ what seems some negative exposure too) Apparently Anders Bromee thinks that professional athletes still race for a free kit/glove/helmet?

When UCI is aware of this situation for over a year, that's a severe case of negligence, but also not something new.
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 Wow.. I hope this Bromee guy won't be staying in charge of terrorising some of the world's best athletes for very long. These guys and gals like Jenny work years and years to be the very best on earth; they should wear the kit and ride the bikes from the guys who allows them to make a living out of our great sport.
Well, Jenny you probably won't be reading this but, we support through these tough times. The pro XCO circuit is kind of missing a little something when you are not around. I am sure you will come back stronger than ever!
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 Piss on these old man roadie organizations. A non UCI related series would be a very welcome change. With more rounds Smile
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 CC and Downhill should team up with the EMBA (EWS) and make mountainbike great again!
  • 9 0
 @squarewheel: Damn right. Why do we even need the Uci and all the other tax payer money leeching national federations anyway? The EWS seems to be running super smooth!
  • 4 1
 Swedish cycling appears to be the problem here, not UCI.
  • 3 0
 @dthomp325: But to be fair UCI could and should step in here and in general what do they do for mtb? EWS is a great example that shows that mtb doesn't need UCI
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 Somehow the national federation has to provide shorts and shirts for every one of their riders when they race for the national team. This includes the men's and women's races in seven different disciplines. The last deal was about to expire and despite months of delicate negotiations with all the available suppliers the only deal they were offered was the one with POC. But to get that they had to agree to helmets, glasses, gloves socks and exclusive rights. The SCF face fines if POC helmets and glasses are not used at national team level. The alternative to signing the deal was no deal.

The position of the Swedish Cycling Federation (SCF) is they fund youth training programs and lay the foundation for young cyclists to blossom into professional riders. The deal with POC aids the investment in the next generation. So when riding for the national team they don't feel it's too much to ask that their own sponsor's equipment should be used. The trade teams do not have to fund youth cycling programs and can simply sign the riders the federation have produced without compensation. As the Swedish Cycling Federation paying for their riders and backup team staff to go to the Worlds they feel they are in a good position here.

Why should trade teams get the exposure for their products when the riders are on national duty? Even if there has been a tradition of trade teams' helmets and glasses being used it does not mean they had that right. And of course they have not had the cost for those cyclists attending those races where they then received free exposure. According to a board member of the SCF there was an unsuccessful attempt at the UCI Congress to allow trade teams to have the rights for glasses at national level. I understand the trade teams are worried as other nations may now follow Sweden's example. Whilst some people have made comparisons to football players' boots they have forgotten that the boot manufacturers often have to pay vast sums of money to the national football associations.

The trade teams have their cyclists for every other race throught the season. Isn't that exposure enough? One would assume trade teams would like to have the added value of having a World Champion on their squad for the coming year. And therefore should not stand in their way. If Jenny had won the Gold Scott could have dressed her is their own equipment for publicity shots with her in their helmets and glasses complete with medal.

I attended the AGM of the Swedish Cycling Federation in March 2017. The rules surrounding the national team were presented as part of the plan for 2017. Every delegate was made aware of the implications; that if Scott (and other teams) did not allow Jenny (and other riders) to compete with POC helmets and glasses then Jenny (and others) would not be riding in the World or European championships.

The plan won approval with 100 % support without opposition or reservations. So directly (or indirectly by non-attendance) it is actually 460 member clubs and 20 district Federations that stand united behind this in Sweden, (... and not just Mr Bromme as suggested in the article). Jenny's mother club in Sweden did not send a delegate to the meeting. The POC deal can be stopped democratically at the next AGM in March 2018. The AGM is the highest and final decision making organ we have. Any decision made there has to be abided to by the staff and board. For that to happen any Swedish member club can submit a motion for the AGM by December 1st 2017. Then there will be a discussion and a decision.

On a final note one has to wonder if the men in charge of the trade teams would have been as harsh on a male Olympic Road Gold Medallist?

Garry Jones
Cyclist from London, emigrated to Sweden in 1988.
Delegate at the 2017 SCF AGM

Footnote (question) for Matt Wragg
Any reason you did not contact Anders Bromee before you published? Frischknecht makes some pretty damming libellous accusations about Bromee and lays the "blame" solely at his feet. As I bare witness this is not true and were Mr Bromme now to grant an exemption he would be in breech of his own employment contract which locks him down on the plan and decisions taken at the AGM.
Has the fact that some of the companies involved in this "on the other side" advertise on pinkbike influenced the decision to publish this one-sided article?
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 Written like a true sesselpupser.
  • 12 1
 the information above really should have been posting as part of the article. As @cameronbikes said above, this article is not journalism, whatever the truth is PB should have at least tried to cover both sides and been a bit critical about the information.
  • 4 0
 @russthedog: Remember the Gwin-gate. They did cover both sides, just not at the same time.
  • 16 1
 Fair play and appreciate the details/insight of your comment. That said: "The position of the Swedish Cycling Federation (SCF) is they fund youth training programs and lay the foundation for young cyclists to blossom into professional riders....." Sounds a bit arrogant doesn't it? I read this as, many others may read as well, that SCF thinks without them, the sport doesn't exist. What about youth's parents who shuttle their kids to all the races, buy the bikes, gear, feed them etc.? Surely riders/racers can workout and train without SCF's (or any other bureaucratic assembly's) oversight? Surely there are trainers and coaches out there who work with the riders who are not beholden to the SCF. I take nothing away from any/all efforts SCF puts into whatever youth program they may have. However, the arrogance of the SCF (and many other federations around the globe) to think that it's their way or nothing is a STRONG reason series like the Enduro World Series started from scratch and worked directly with series sponsors and told the federations and UCI to pound sand.
  • 8 4
If truth be told I am the President of the local district federation where Jenny has grown up. Our District opposed the National Federation when the news first broke in February 2016. We are part of a democratic organisation and as such we wondered what the fall out would be from this at the AGM in March of this year. When no other club or district had any objections to this being passed we fell into line, majority rule and all that.
UK Cycling was in a bad way in the mid-90's with lots of opinions, multiple governing bodies and lots of bickering. My Grandfather held national UK tandem records in the 1920's but was always at loggerheads with the powers that be. About 20 years ago more people realised that they need to be part of the process if UK Cycling was going to get out of the 19th Century. The results speak for themselves on what has happened in the last 20 years.
There has a history of squabbling, discontentment and disarray in Swedish Cycling. Now we are starting to see the signs of a more ground approach to how things are run. Varying opinions are tolerated and discussed in a variety of ways. The fallout of Jennygate has made national news. This very article on Pinkbike is the national sports headline this evening.
The Swedish cycling discussion forums are on fire. Three board members, other district presidents,Anders Bromee and myself have taken part in these discussions. There is no name calling or accusations and discussions are open with solid debate on both sides of the argument.
I find it refreshing when board members spend time on social media debating this and other questions.
The hope I now have is people from around the country will wake up and get involved in the future of Swedish Cycling. I hope they can bring their very valid opinions to the democratic process. There is room for them, the door is open. Pen-pushing? Possibly, but sometimes you need to push pens to get wheels turning.
As for the SCF position on this. I can expand. Even if Jenny has had a lot of help from those close to her over the years there has been a complete race program in place for her to take part in. There had to be other riders for her to race against. Some young riders without willing or able parents needed a lot of help from the federation. Somebody had to train and pay for those commissaries, marshals, medics, mc riders, trainers, race organisers, masseurs and mechanics.
And it's still going on as the SCF look to finding and raising the Jennys of the future.
I can actually understand the arguments behind the POC contract. When faced with POC-deal or no deal what should they have done?
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 Are you seriously suggesting that the cause of Jenny's non-participation in this years world championship race is because she is a women and racing a mountain bike?

...and that the Swedish Cycling Federation shoulder none of the blame?

"On a final note one has to wonder if the men in charge of the trade teams would have been as harsh on a male Olympic Road Gold Medallist?"
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 @GarryJones: Do SCF members race for free? Or do they pay for membership and or a race licence? I pay an annual local club fee, national body fee, and a UCI fee, and then I pay race entry fee every race. And the same goes for junior riders. If all this happens in Sweden too, then Jenny owes no moral or financial debt to SCF. Junior development has always been about the people who volunteer their resources. If governing bodies disappeared tonight I'd have a grassroots race organised within the month.
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 Ok... Do you think Nike would say to USA Basketball that if Steph Curry (Under Armour) or James Harden (Adidas) would say that they would have to wear Nike shoes to compete for the national team?

The answer is unequivocally no.
  • 1 0

I see your point, and obviously the SCF needed to sign a deal - however, they must have expected at the time of signing with POC, that this potential issues would come about?

It's highly unlikely that the Scott team would ever allow one of their riders to race in competing products to those they are paid to ride in?

Did the SCF not consult the Scott team (who have the biggest MTB Swedish Cycling star on their team) beforehand and ask for their opinion on this? Maybe if so they could have come to some sort of agreement that Jenny would be exempt from the deal in return for Scott providing the team jerseys/paying for their team members travel?

Obviously this is only one side of the coin, and I'd be interested to hear from the SCF - but now it will be at a he said, she said point.

Also, I don't think it's fair that you bring the gender issues in cycling into this when asking about their view on male Road gold medallists as we're not talking about that here...
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flag reqq (Aug 16, 2017 at 3:23) (Below Threshold)
 Hey idiot she already has a contract that she cant brake according to EU law, maybe you should understand that you fat cow.
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flag reqq (Aug 16, 2017 at 3:33) (Below Threshold)

  • 2 5

"I can actually understand the arguments behind the POC contract. When faced with POC-deal or no deal what should they have done?"

Quit your job and this Bromee should quit too because you're doing an awful job. If you had any proud and if you are working for the right reasons anyone would never agree on a decision that would remove the possibility for a mega star to go the WC. Thats the utmost importance that you and this other idiot doesnt get. Who do you think young children are looking up to? You or Rissveld?
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 @reqq: stating the obvious: the shouting and name calling is unnecessary.

Imo, Rissved's trade team Scott has more to lose from their star not racing worlds than does SCF. POC knows this and negotiated accordingly.
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 lost me at "deal was about to expire". Forward planning?
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I do not work for the SCF. I am an unpaid elected official who works with cycling in my spare time.
Let¨s recap. I am President of the local district federation.
The deal was signed in December 2015.
At the European Championships in May 2016 Scott allowed her to wear Poc.
We - the district where Jenny has grown up - opposed the SCF. I went to the AGM this March year with the agenda of stopping the poc deal. When the plans were announced I turned to the delegates and made it clear what we were voting for. 460 member clubs and 19 other district federations have voting powers.
Not a single person in that room agreed with me. We have a democratic organisation with a yearly vote on the plans.
To now be told that I should quit my job because I have explained things and how all this came about is a bit much. I could quit as district president, but what would good would that do? I was the only person in that room who did anything about it. It is not easy for an Englishman in a room full of 100 Swedes to stand up and tell them they are wrong.
I took exception to the article's attack on Anders Bromee because he is not the one who has voted for the deal. The previous person walked out on his job having not been able to get a clothing deal. Anders was on the national board at the time and quit when offered the office job. He came in and tried very hard with all of the available suppliers. Many different solutions were discussed. In the end we ended up with the poc deal.
I was told about this in February 2016. I hit the roof and went ballistic at the board. After a year of protesting we finally came to the AGM of 2017 when we had a chance to break the contract. And it was voted in.
I was the only delegate in that room that has actively tried to avoid arriving at the situation we are in today.
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 @GarryJones: Gary, as none of us really know the details of all the contracts involved, in what way is this contract different to, let's say, a football player waring a different sponsor when playing for club or country? I now that there have been conflicts in other sports too, but they usually could be resolved? Currently my take is that Jenny is prevented by her team to sign the contract with SCF, as they want her to start with their sponsors, despite the SCF sending/nominating her.
  • 3 1
 @reqq: she is not sent to the WC by Scott. Because of an athelete's contract the SCF should not have sponsored deals? Really? Whose fault is it to sign a contract that in effect prevents her from going to the WC? Clearly the athelete must ensure that should he/she be good enough to be nominated that he/she can also start. So if the sponsored contract says she can only start in purple but the national kit is blue it's the federations fault? We know too little about all the contracts to be name calling people.
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The SCF and POC have now presented a proposition to the teams involved.
Watch this space.

Google translate might do it for you, if not, "We and POC love cycling, bla bla bla, therefore POC have given us the possibility to propose a solution to the teams involved".
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 @GarryJones: ye ok im sorry for calling you out, you seem to be the good guy. Its unbelievable that 100 swedes as you said come up with this bullshit that hinders their own countrymen to show up on WC. Clearly they work there for their own good and couldnt care less for the sport. I hope they realize that if no swedes show up thats means probably alot less swedes will watch WC, that a big loss for swedish cycling aswell as the sport in general, less views = less money. Less hype.

By the way its dumb to force people change gear for WC anyway. These proffesionals are extremely meticulous off their gear, just read last article here from whistler. Sam Blenkinsop added a gram weight to his rim to change the feel on high speed sections. Its just an annoyance to change from gear they used to. We want them to feel home to perform the best.

Ye that link was garbage, i only care about the results, that was just sugar coating each other.
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Here is a radical idea.
Skip the national federations for MTB. The teams seem to be able to fund their riders, the best riders in the world.

Why do we need national teams getting in the way twice a year (Europeans and Worlds for us here)?

The only team event in the worlds is the road team time trial where riders now ride for their trade team and not for their country. Conflicts arise here about which hotel to stay in and who is paying for the journey and hotel.

The Swedes could still cheer for Jenny, just that she would not be in a national jersey. A professional road cyclist values about 15-20 events higher than the Worlds, but within MTB the Worlds are the major goal for most riders. So why not for the team as in Tour de France and other major races?

It's not like team sports such as soccer/football or ice hockey where the national teams have weeks together in their national colours.
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 I've only ever had problems with the national body here. It seems to run like a mafia that is most interested in money. In order to get an international licence I had to first join the national body CHF95, then join a local club CHF80 and then pay for the licence CHF 185. That's CHF 360 just so I'm allowed to ride in international races. Why do I need a licence to race, why do I have to be a member of a club and why do I have to be a member of Swiss Cycling? I don't mind paying for a service or supporting organisations that do a positive good for my sport, but in this case, I couldn't see what I received as a benefit and what Swiss Cycling does for DH/Enduro. The DH cup consisted of three races that year, there was not a properly unified enduro series in the country and I couldn't even find a club for DH/Enduro, I was forced to join a road riding club, travel to france to go racing and was politely told where to go when I complained.
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 Because Switzerland. Can collect 100'000 signatures and hope that a referendum would change this. Hahahahahahahhaah
  • 2 1
 Sounds like it's time for you to emigrate...
  • 3 0
 Is there anything not expensive in Switzerland? But it's too nice to not go there..
  • 4 0
 @SmashedFungi: CHF just depreciated 3%. You better come while it lasts. And yes, there are cheap products as well. For instance, home appliances are same expensive as in EU or even cheaper. So come ride in Switzerland and get yourself also a new fridge!
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 @edmundsg: i need to bring a full fridge for the next trip, i wanted to get some cornflakes and they were like eight bucks haha anyways i'll always come back
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 They are professionals who need to earn a living so they can ride more and thus improve, becoming more of an asset for their country. Doesn't make sense they are band to ride for their country because of ther sponsorship conflicts. Maybe she shouldn't wear anything and keep everyone happy
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 POC has now made an official comment on the issue.

"Without hesitation we are willing to consider all possibilities and avenues to ensure that Jenny Rissveds and other athletes are free to compete at the Championships and welcome the chance to support our athletes."
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 Until we see a result its just sugar coating.
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 Interesting read (Matt Wragg's story and most of the comments and points of view), here's hoping there's a happy ending to all of this.
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 This situation is not that uncommon in sports sponsorship deals. Normally you would include a caveat in the athlete's sponsorship deal allowing the athlete to wear the national kit (even if it is provided by a different brand). Equally, the national team's sponsorship deal should include caveats to allow athletes to use their own kit where they are contractually bound.

Alternatively, where you have a star athlete like Jenny, you often make sure the national sponsor is the same as the athlete's sponsor to avoid a conflict.

I reckon this is a question of agents or lawyers getting the sponsorship deal wrong.
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 And here I thought Swedish Cycling had XC's back.....all the while they just wanted to f*ck them too! Ha who would have thought that!

Bunch of god damn roadie crooks!
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 Jenny should just agree to wear the POC gear but then change into the Scott gear when she shows up at the starting line... It's then too late for Swedish Cycling to do anything and she can go and win the race!
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 Please someone fire the entire board of the Swedish cycling federation
  • 9 1
 just finnished the article ... please just fire Anders Bromme
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 National federations across ALL sporting disciplines have been doing this for YEARS. Surely lots of folks on here are old enough to remember the original Dream Team at the 1992 Olympics (Jordan, Bird, Magic, etc) having to cover up all of their logos because the US Olympic Team was sponsored by Reebok. Charles Barkley was quotes as saying, "I got two million reasons not to wear that sh*t." USA Track and Field has long been sponsored by Nike, and Nike strong armed the organization so badly that runners competing for rival companies are losing out on thousands of dollars in contract incentives because they are not able to plaster their brand all over social media, etc while representing their country at the world's largest competitions... The governing bodies have got to stop seeking dollar signs and start supporting their athletes (isn't that why the organizations exist to begin with??)... SMH...
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 I feel you, man! Not to mention the f-ing International Olympic Committee and their draconian branding rules. There have been thousands of pages written about this issue and things are pretty hardcore. In the last Olympics it went as far as athletes not being able to tweet about a victory in relation to their personal sponsors, in order not to ”rob” the sponsors of the IOC of their ”deserved” exposure. Oh, and in case someone noticed the special goggles in skiing, snowboarding, BMX and wherever they may have seen use, those are not casual special editions, no-no-no, those are Olympic editions with a special diminished logo, so the eye-wear brand would not generate too much exposure at the cost of the IOC. We had a downhill skier in Torino in 2006, a local from here where I live, and he was preparing to do a training run and putting on his goggles. An official stopped him and asked what he was doing. He didn't understand and he was pointed to the strap of his goggles and then offered a free pair of goggles with a little logo, so he would avoid a hefty fine worth a few hundred CHF. So this is how it works, pretty much...

But hey, let's end this on a positive note! Since you mentioned the Dream Team, I need to mention the Lithuanian Basketball Team from that period, one that had a few awesome players ans were in charge with beating the USA in 1988, but in the colors of the USSR. Well, because of the chaos of the dissolving USSR, they had no money for the Olympics, so Sarunas Marciulionis (who played for the Warriors before it was cool, wink-wink) put some sponsorship deals together. The best part is that The Grateful Dead read about his struggles in the San Francisco Chronicle and ended up sponsoring the entire Lithuanian team. The best part? Their official gear included a tie-dye T-shirt with a slam-dunking skeleton and they wore it with every occasion. This is probably one of the best story in sports and a total opposite to the greed we are debating here.


Have a good one! Big Grin
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 "Okay then we're not sending anyone to Cairns." – There must be a loooot of money sad to see that you can ruin a great career with bullshit like this. Shitstorm needs to happen NOW!
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 Nothing has been written so far as to how much money the POC contact is worth for Swedish cycling, the sources i have seen indicate to an equipment only deal- that is the federation gets free equipment but no money and has to pay for crash replacement items. If this is true, the attitude on the issue from the federation is only to hide its gross incompetence.
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 Seems like this could have been easily avoided by the Federation charging a licensing fee to the athlete/sponsors. You want to ride Worlds? Then wear the kit we signed up with or pay up to wear your personal sponsors. That way the federation makes money and the athlete and their personal sponsors get the exposure too.
  • 3 0
 certainly a better option that the current situation
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 Lets just say that not everyone has been happy with Swedish Cycling in the past either..

(Google Translated)
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 sounds a bit like blackmail...If you don't wear this we won't let you race world champs. If this is actually violating any law or contract riders are not even allowed to race dressed in other brands. Well or they'll lose their sponsors and therefore their main income.
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 In the Netherlands there was a court case between the judo team and the national judo federation. They had to wear a judo suit from a certain brand picked by the federation (also sponsored of course) and were not happy with that. The judge ruled in favour of the judo team, so they could use their own suits.

In this case the judge argued that the judo suit is 'technical equipment', which the athlete should be able to choose freely. Apparently the judo suit has a big impact on the athletes performance. This is of course a judgement call. In football the jersey is not considerd technical equipment, but the shoes are. In biking surely the bike is technical, but the question is if the helmet is as well. I would say it's difficult to prove that it has a big impact on performance, so probable Jenny just has to wear whatever they give her. With the sunglasses I can actually imagine that she would be able to wear her own. In any case, if UCI doesn't do anything, she should go to court and try to get it resolved there. Would be a real shame if she can't take part in any world champs/olympics any more.
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 @cvoc the judo gi is the only real piece of 'equipment' in the sport, so the jacket and belt would be pretty essential to how an elite athlete might perform. For instance, the sleeves and lapels are grip points, used in grappling and most throws.
I could imagine giving the athletes the gi ahead of time so it could be custom-fit, or allowing the athletes to use their preferred gi with official branding.

Imagine asking a Crankworx Joyride competitor to change his grips!
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 Ashamed to be a Swede regarding this! :/
So f*ing frustrating knowing we have a great spearhead of the sport and also would give the sport a great push forward if participating.
It's allways mony and that sux!
You are a hero Jenny!!!
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 I dont see what all the fuss is about. In most sports the athletes where the national team kit provided by the national team sponsors for those races and their own personal sponsors kit for all other races. There are plenty of examples such as Mo Farrah, sponsored by Nike but races in Adidas kit when he is part of the national team.
  • 7 2
 Great capitalisation in the title, changes the context quite a bit. Good luck in the swimwear section, tell them you want world peace and an end to animal cruelty.
  • 2 1
 Same thoughts as well. If they put in 'will miss' instead....
  • 1 1
 Add Frischknecht's Swiss English and Wragg's overwrought punctuation, and the overall effect is disorienting. I read so much bad English on here, its hard to peddle my breaks.
  • 6 2
 @ceecee: The writer should have let Frischi speak in German to avoid using such "bad English"... would that have been better?

By the way, how many languages do you speak PERFECTLY?

PS - Your American "English" grammar isn't any better!
  • 2 0
 @billreilly: I didn't say TF's English was bad, but Swiss. Yes, I'd have preferred German, though mine is thoroughly rusty. I speak no languages perfectly. Remark was aimed at reportage. Not sure what your objection to my grammar is.
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 Just returned from a three week trip through Sweden. Amazing country, ski resorts really seem to push the MTB thing. They just need to get rid of that Anders Bromee apparently. He's single handedly destroying what so many people are trying to establish.
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 As if jenny hasnt had a hard enough year, some idiot is trying to make a name for himself by denying her right to ride at world champs. Swedish cycling is a disgrace for standing by this, UCI is a disgrace also and POC are a disgrace for being affiliated with it.
  • 3 1
 This is totally ridiculous. In big UCI events they must ban all trade marks or be at least the minimum like in the Olympics games. If you want to send a POC athlete,pay it,training it and make your team of only Swedish people. Maybe there they only have POC to be proud. This girl year is bullsit already,then this thing . I hope Swedish guys face being so red that they must go back and eat their sit.
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 Anders Bromee how much did poc pay you?
  • 6 0
 UCI doing their thing once again
  • 1 0
 As usual their 'thing' is 'nothing' (unless you are an elite level roadie, in which case they'll move heaven and earth!)
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 Just being devils advocate here: why is she signing a contract with her private sponsor in advance, where she might knew already that this conflicts with the SCF sponsors which follow? Shouldnt her private Sponsor contract foreseen this and allow different Sponsor for the worlds?
It might be similar to football stars have to play in advertisement when playing Worldchamps.

As said, just devils advocate and more the question, if she didnt force SCF into this via a private Sponsor-contract, which counts including the worlds. So I am on her side, It´s a brave call to take that fight. I just think she has foreseen this.

In general I find UCI and all national Federations in Enduro and DH useless and hindering the sport. They do close to nothing for their athletes! And are they really fighting vs.the biggest enemy of sport at least for CC, which is Doping? At least on road-cycling the UCI closed their eyes over year, just for money.
So lets get "inofficial" Worldchamps and riders might want to ignore the official. It would just need Red Bull to support that (If Red Bull is any better, that is another topic, I guess)
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 Bit of a mess by the Swedish governing body....making their athletes wear the whole POC kit is overkill. Surely the sensible way was to just allow them to wear jersey, shorts & socks made by POC; enabling each athlete to wear their sponsored helmet & shoes.
No different to a footballer wearing an adidas club kit, but then wearing Nike for his country - while still wearing his personal sponsored Puma boots.
  • 2 0
 It is a little different in that an international footballer has a main contract with a club, and then secondary contracts with different brands; Jenny´s main contracts to make a living are the brands´ones (Scott/Oakley), and she has much less appearances in where to sell her image... I would feel like a traitor wearing POC at the Worlds when Oakley/Scott are who pay my bills...
  • 1 0
 Agreed it goes on already where riders will use non sponsored equipment, with the logo's removed. Usually things like tyres & stuff.
  • 1 0
 But remember who sends the athlete. For the WC it is not the team, so the kit sponsor has nothing to say. In some cases, such as track cycling, the country also provides the bike, yes, but that is not the case here and equipment i.e. bike, was not required. I would argue that shoes are also equipment necessary, but Helmet and glasses, I am not so sure. It should be open to debate whether she really can't ride with someone else's helmet. The team should not be in the position to enforce Jenny to wear their kit during WC, they are not sending her. LEt's hope that they will be able to find a compromise, because the sport should be at the centre, not contracts (although they are an important part of Pro sports).
  • 2 0
 ...not just British Cycling then :O IMHO it is the trade teams that support, train, pay the riders throughout the year to allow them to get to the standard they are. The 'obligation' for riders to use National bodied clothing/equipment should end at jerseys, shorts & socks. Glasses, helmets, gloves, bikes etc are all personal preference, what suits one rider may not suit another.
This robs not just the riders, it also robs the fans, World Champs should be best riders from the Countries competing against each other, not bullshit Commercial branding & politics. We all know that a lot of sponsered riders will use manufactures equipment, such as tyres but with the logo's removed.
I can see this from Jenny & her teams side and fully support them. Otherwise what next we will have Rachel Atherton & Danny Hart competing at World Champs on Halfrauds Carrera Specials or Aaron Gwinn on a Walmart (insert make here) special.
  • 2 0
 Can the UCI sort it out for the future for athletes to compete under a neutral flag? Just like at the recent Athletics World Champs. Or under the UCI banner like some athletes compete under IOC Flag at the Olympics?
Just such a shame that one knobhead can ruin it for the entire team.
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 Any chance POC can help put here and back out of the contract with Swede Cycling? Perhaps an opportunity to be the bigger person?

I'd love to hear POCs take on this and why they thought it would be a good agreement/partnership in the forst place.
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 Thank you UCI for .... awe heck, can't think of a thing.
  • 5 1
 Unbelievable stupidity bordering on criminal neglect by this Bromee idiot. Fire him!
  • 6 1
 That is a terrible way to treat your Olympic champion.
  • 1 0
 I feel bad for Jenny and all Swedish riders involved who just want to ride their bikes. I hope these Federations can get their $hit together so that the riders don't lose out on a race they've certainly earned the right to take part in.
  • 1 0
 well said. that's the crux of it
  • 2 1
 Another prime example of the perfect Swedish society.

"I will get personnummer. I will que with ticket. I will go on holiday the same week as everyone else. I will holiday in the same location as my fellow swedes. I will not ride a bike without POC equipment. POC IS GOD"

Ever been to a Swedish bikepark? It's like POC & Specialized puked everywhere.

Shame for Jenny. Shame for cycling.
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 Not sure what your point is. Your Personummer is your government number. You want to be illegal here? So sweden is the only place you queue? Ever waited for a bus in the UK? Or a bakery in Germany. The loudest shouter get's served first. Holidays are taken in accordance with school holidays, just as everywhere else in the world, and Swede buy Swedish and drive Volvos, just like Germans drive BMW, VW or Audi and Brits drink english beer. Is there an underrepresentation of bike options in Sweden? Completely agree, and Specialized is very dominant in this small market, but coming back form a large ride yesterday, I would not say that Specialized is overrepresented.
Yes, it is a shame for Jenny, but it is her sponsors that are telling her that if she is sent by the SCF to represent Sweden at the WC, she is breaching her contract. She should not have a contract forcing her to wear clothes at a race, where she is representing someone else.
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 Glad I supported Scott by buying a Spark; also for not owning anything POC.
I don´t understand how POC´s PR does not revoke their contract with SCF as being accomplice on this f*ck up is not the best image for the company... although there is no such thing as bad publicity...
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 I am really rather neutral here, but why on earth should POC not make that contract? Was the SCF silly to sign it and not include exceptions like shoes, helmet or glasses? Yes, but nobody is would agree with Ronaldo, if he refused to play for Portugal (Nike), because Madrid has a different kit sponsor (adidas). She is still riding a Scott bike, and Ronaldo is not forced to wear adidas shoes at Madrid. The SCF could have said, ok, if we don't get these things included we will not sign and then there would have been the option with no contract. It would have hurt Swedish cycling a lot, and what would have been better in the long run we will not know, but it seems that the PR this story is now getting, should help them to negotiate better with sponsors and teams that provide the riders alike. Nobody wins if Scott and POC do not have an athlete at the WC.
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 @mitochris: Like I wrote in another comment: "It is a little different in that an international footballer has a main contract with a club, and then secondary contracts with different brands; Jenny´s main contracts to make a living are the brands´ones (Scott/Oakley), and she has much less appearances in where to sell her image... I would feel like a traitor wearing POC at the Worlds when Oakley/Scott are who pay my bills..."

Regarding exceptions, she may still ride a Scott bike but, what about Oakley? glasses are their only product...

Regarding POC´s PR, they are now trying to fix their image with a news release... we will see if it is all fake...
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 this is what happens when you allow professional athletes to compete in 'Olympic'-type events.
Way back when only amatuers(well, the Russians and East Germans used 'Pro's', but we beat 'em anyway) could compete in WC/Olympic competitions, they used whatever equipment the team supplied, end of story
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 Glad that everyone involved is focusing on what is really important for the sport.
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 Could you imagine Ronaldo or Messi missing the World Cup because their shoes brand is not the same has their team jerseys brand ? Shame on POC for forcing such an exclusive contract (adding helmet and glasses to the jersey). #boycottpoc
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 Shame on her personal sponsors. Mo Farrah runs in addidas branded kit when he runs for the GB team but wears his sponsors Nike kit the rest of the time. Its the same in most sports. Footballers where the national kit whoever sponsors it irrespective of what their team or personal sponsors arranagements are.

In all other sports it is perfectly acceptable for athletes to wear team kit when representing their country and their sponsors kit the rest of the time. Why have her sponsors got a problem with this?
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 @chrismac70: Except its not the clothing that is the issue in this case. It is helmets and eyewear. With track and feild athletes such as Mo.... usually they will be wearing their personal footwear and eyewear still.

Helmets and Eyewear in the case of cycling are argueably the most prominent (and therefore valuable) pieces of kit in film and images.... and likely to be in media circulation for a long time after Worlds. So it is a major issue for an athletes personal sponsor.

Shirt/Shorts/Suits? Not so much. They are clearly national uniform and accepted as such.
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 Same thing happened in Italian volleyball team, best player out of team for European Championships since we was not going to wear team's sponsor shoes due to his contract with another brand.
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 What a shame for sweden Frown Very sad instead of give her any help she needs to get strong again...
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 From watching a few marketing videos I think jenni is crazy (in a good way that dedicated athletes must be crazy), and Thomas sure came across well in some coaching vids, seemed really down to earth and a good human.

Is hard to blame them. But Jeese, gotta have serious butt hurt on all sides to have no representative for the world champs.

I really hope this ends well for jenni and Thomas but I have a sad suspicion they are out of their depth. Probably the best would have been to suck it up and let the horrible Swedish commission to win, at least she'd get to race. Now no matter how the legalities are decided there is no racing.

Wouldn't it be more effective to force the Swedish team to pay for consequence of illegal rule?
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 The problem with signing the SCF contract is that it would have conflicted with her personal sponsors and resulted in a breach of contract with Scott/any of her other sponsors, which would have most likely affected her income and relationship with those sponsors going forward. She did the right thing.
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 @kjjohnson: Hopefully this press announcement is just part of the long war? Embarrass the federation, dude gets fired/reprimanded and Sweden and its people get representation at the race. Can't see politicians being pleased by this behavior.
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 @kjjohnson: would it really breach her contract? Surely the contract supports her for the races the team sends her to. This is not the case for the WC.
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 Why not compete as a defending neutral champion?
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 This is so unbelievably f-ed up, on POC and Swedish cycling. Federations are good at ruining cycling. And POC should be ashamed.
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 No they shouldnt. Her personal sponsors should be ashamed. You dont see the roadies or the XC racers missing the olympics or world champs because they have to wear team kit even if it is made by I rival company. Its just the way it is.
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at WC/Olympics roadies do use their national federation jersey (and sometimes bibs) but wear their own shoes/helmets/glasses.

WorldTour(Professional teams are just another story. But it's not the case.
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 Why are so many here hating on poc? Of course you'd like to be the sponsor of a National Team. Seems like the Federation messed it up by being stubborn.
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 sounds like someone is getting some serious kick backs
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 Seriously, I can't see how this got to this point. Robbed! Sorry, Frishi, and Jenny.
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 Michael jordan wear a reebok suit during the dream team olimpics... remember he cover the logo with the american flag?
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 This sucks for everybody. Damn. If we could only just get along and didn't give a shit about money.....*sigh*
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 Can't they go to the Court of Arbitration for Sport?
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 So shitty. Can't they just wear the POC stuff, but black out the logos?
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 I'm surprised nobody is at her team to forcing her to ride in Scott/SRAM? Why does she have a contract including obligations at WC? There are two sides to this and Frischy to claim she would have to ride a Spesh is BS and hyperbole. They are equally to blame. It's the federation that send her, not the team.
And for those sending the necessity of the National Federation should consider who else is going to send an athlete? This does not work on a grassroot base.
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 Being accepted in the national team should be considered as a major achievement of your previous performance. You are the face of the sport and you will represent the country in the best possible way. This article is major propaganda from Jenny's team and, most likely, agents and managers behind her, most likely not Jenny herself. It is sad to see all of the "professionals" comment without comments or information from both sides. This is an utterly ridiculous discussion, if you represent Swedish national team, you accept to wear the appropriate team kit as long as it is not personal kit. Shoes or bikes are the only, as I see it, components that could have an effect and/or impact the performance during competition and where Jenny has the option to have her own gear. I suspect that the team behind Jenny is behind this kind of propaganda and as a result enforcing their contract upon her and also trying to press the SCF. Unfortunately for Jenny, this would affect her careeer and future income, but the sole blame is her own sponsors and team. I for one, would never buy a Scott bike or Oakley with this information at hand.
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 The $$$ will always be mightier than the pen!
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 Time to change nationalities.
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 Never buying anything from POC again. P iece. O f. C rap.
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 POC is small DI**ck in Russian.
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 What a stupid thing! Jenny, come here, I will be your sponsor,you can do everything ! Smile )
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