Jerome Clementz Takes New Role as MTB Coordinator Europe for Cannondale, GT & Fabric

Jan 17, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

It turns out that our article back in December during the height of Racing Rumours fever stating that Jerome Clementz wouldn't be riding for Cannondale anymore wasn't entirely accurate. It turns out that the iconic Enduro World Series rider will still be able to ride on Cannondale bicycles. However, he's taken a step back from racing and is no longer a professional athlete for Cannondale.

Instead, he's transitioned to a different type of career within the mountain bike industry and has taken a new role with Cycling Sports Group as the MTB Coordinator Europe for Cannondale, GT, and Fabric.

We wish Jerome all the best with his new role.

bigquotesHi everybody

It's time to tell you what's new for me in 2020. After my post in December, many people understood that I would leave Cannondale as I was thanking them for the amazing 11 years of racing as a pro athlete.

In a way, it's true as my new contract is not with Cannondale anymore but Cycling Sports Group.

When I stop racing EWS at the end of 2017, I was looking for a transition. My plan was to show that I could do something else than ride fast.

My ultimate goal was to find a job in the industry where my experience of the MTB world could be useful.

Since the 1st of January, Cycling Sports Group gave me this opportunity as the MTB Coordinator Europe for Cannondale, GT and Fabric. @ridecannondale @gtbicycles @fabriccycling

I'll be "on the ground", in relation with media, events, ambassadors, and everything related to the riding experience.

As my love for riding is high, I'll keep racing here and there and running few media projects on my "down time", so you can still expect to see some content from my side.

I'll keep a role of ambassador for some of my sponsors.

I'm happy with this new chapter and I would like to thanks all the people that made this happen and who trusted me.

I'm looking forward to support the brands and all the great people working at CSG.
Jerome Clementz


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 He's a great leader! Awesome news!
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 Awesome!! Cheers Jerome.
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 Jérôme Clementz, born May 31th 1984 in Mulhouse, France.
So he`s something like 35y-o, more or less.
Mtb makes young retired. Jérôme didn`t seem rusty yet.
I wish him a good second life though...
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 i don't think this is retirement..hahaha
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 @panchoy: retirement... from competition. Greg Minnaar is older and keeps on smashing things as far as I know Wink
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 To be honest, id be looking for a transition too... hear that nre sentinel is da bis-nis
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 What is a mtb coordinator
  • 32 2
 Coordinates mtb.
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 @makripper: Thanks for your brillant intervention. Everybody felt lost without you.
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 @softsteel: everyone is lost
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 Way better than McDonald's.
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 Best of luck on your new venture Jerome! It's not easy, making the move from doing the familiar to holding a new role, but I'm sure with your experience and will that you'll succeed Smile
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 2020 dream job.
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 If Lopes and Kabush can still race, I can't see why JC can't anymore.
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 I think it's just like any job, only you can know when it's time to move on and change careers or employers (unless you get fired/layed off). Everyone is different.
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 I will add that business opportunities do not wait for when you judge it is time. Maybe he was planning to keep racing for some time but the job opening came up and he thought he wouldn't get it twice ( which I agree on).
Anyway, it's good to see a pro managing his post-racer life well.
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 Maybe he just doesn't want to. That's a perfectly valid reason to not do something.
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 It's not my age or level that made me take this direction. It's just that for me Mountain Bike is not only about racing. If you race as a pro you need to commit at 100% and I did not have this will. I like doing more things around Bikes than just focusing on being the fastest to win. This new challenge is what's motivates me and where I want to give my best, but be sure I'll do some races to show people that I'm not done yet ????????
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 Live to ride, ride to live.
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 Now that makes sense
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 Make GT and Cannondale enduro bikes great again!
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 Learn from Gwin.
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 get that $!

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