Jill Kintner's Mind Maintenance Art Contest Returns

Nov 15, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

In 2020, Jill Kintner launched her Mind Maintenance project, which encouraged fans to stimulate their creativity and step back from the daily grind for some brain care. Now, Mind Maintenance is back, and over the next few weeks, Kintner will release three design templates that can be downloaded to serve as starting points for all kinds of art projects.

You surely know Kintner as a badass mountain biker, but it's worth noting that she's a passionate and talented artist, too, who has studied illustration and design at school in New York and San Francisco. Art is a major part of her life, she said, that helps her express ideas, customize gear, map trails, and more.

All participants are encouraged to share their work online. Those over 18 in the US can enter for the chance to win a Bell helmet custom painted by Made Rad by Tony; a custom kit courtesy of Wht Lbl, SockGuy, and Handup Gloves; and a Norco Range frame hand painted by Made Rad by Tony; plus extra prizes from Rapha and Ground Keeper Custom. Remember this custom hornet bike painted with last year's winning design?

For the first week, participants are asked to create their dream helmets and submit their designs by November 21.

bigquotesI know there are many angles to take on mental health, and the past couple years have been unsettling in a million different ways. My approach to this contest is to give people a creative outlet through art. Doing quiet little activities like drawing, coloring, sculpting, putting a puzzle together, etc. always helps me process my feelings and get expressions or ideas out of my head and on paper. The simple act of moving a pen to create something makes me feel better, so I want to share this therapeutic strategy with others to jumpstart their imagination, lower anxiety, and connect in a fun way with people who share a similar passion for bikes and the arts.Jill Kintner

To learn more, visit the Mind Maintenance webpage and stay up-to-date with the project on Jill's Instagram.


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 Forever the one true QUEEN!
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 It's really sad that basically all those contests nowadays only work if you have instagram. I see the reasons why it might be only in the US, but the Instagram thing by now just annoys me.
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 I am a teacher and did a design then realized my account would have to be public. I don't want students adding me.
No contest for me since we can't submit it any other way. ):
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 Awesome contest! Too bad it’s only open to US residents Frown
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 A wee reminder for those that suffer from panic attacks and haven't gotten help yet.

It often is nearly to imposible to be able to even focus on a singular thought/feeling alone.
So to get your feet back on the ground, either eat a bit of a spicy something (just a bit) or put an ice cube on your neck/ wrist.

The point of this is discomfort, a physical distraction, so strong that it forces your primitive instincts to focus on something else.

It may take a while, and that's ok.
Working on yourself is much like learning to ride a bike, it takes years to be able to do tricks on one.
So expect nothing less.
Cherish your progress like we all do when a beginner lands something. After all, we are often, very much like beginners to knowing how to treat ourselves correctly.
Every step, is worth a celebration, trust the process.
And hang on your journey with champion level grip strength, you've got this!
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 That hornet bike is one of the best all-time custom MTB frame paint jobs. Can't wait to see this year's submissions.
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 Reminds me of this one a bit too. I think this is GOAT or close too. Even has custom texture!


from PB: www.pinkbike.com/news/bryn-atkinsons-snake-bike-paint-process.html
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 WOOWOO Psyched for this years contest!
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 YOU MUST HAVE A PUBLIC INSTAGRAM® ACCOUNT TO PARTICIPATE. Really? Why is this a necessary part of participation?
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 Rad, humble, and beautiful!!
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 Excited to see what comes out this year tup
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