Joe Smith Joins Vitus Bikes

Apr 22, 2020
by Vitus Bikes  
Joe Smith Joins Vitus

Press Release: vitus Bikes

We are excited to announce that Joe Smith will be joining the Vitus family. One of the UK’s most experienced Downhill riders with a host of top 10 WC results and a 3rd at Red Bull Hardline we’re excited to see Joe onboard his Vitus bikes this year.
bigquotesEveryone at Vitus is super excited to welcome Joe to the team. I’ve known Joe for a long time from back when I raced DH, when I saw Joe was looking for a bike sponsor I reached out to him as I knew he was the perfect fit for Vitus. Joe just loves riding his bike and has that same passion for the sport that everyone at Vitus HQ has. We all follow the DH scene, and it’s always exciting watching Joe race in various events, so we are stoked to have this opportunity to see one of the top UK riders on our bikes. Joe will be riding our Dominer DH bike when it’s safe to get back between the tape and our Sommet and E-Sommet enduro bikes to train on.Chris McGlinchey – Vitus Marketing Manager

Joe will be riding our 2020 Vitus Dominer with some upgraded components

bigquotesI’m really excited to be joining the team at Vitus Bikes for 2020 and hopefully beyond. This offseason has been a big challenge for me trying to bring together my own program and I can’t thank the guys at Vitus enough for stepping up and giving me the opportunity to continue chasing my goals. When I first received a message from an old friend who works for Vitus I jumped at the chance to work with him and the World class engineers behind the brand. I’m still working on finalising some of the aspects of my set up but I’ve felt really comfortable on the bikes from the start and can’t wait to go racing when normality has resumed.Joe Smith

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 Having owned a few vitus bikes. I think they ride really well.
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flag honda50r (Apr 22, 2020 at 11:18) (Below Threshold)
 *Nobody* : "Dude despite what everyone says I love my Vitus and it rides great"
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 Absolutely loved my 2015 Sommet. Super capable bike.
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 wouldn't dare to comment about Vitus. They are ridden by Lords and Lordess.
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 I have had the Sommet CRX both 2017 and now the 2019 model, great enduro capable bikes. I also picked up the Sentier VRX 29 last month. They are such good bikes in terms of value for money!
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 @honda50r: I rode a Sommet for about a year and a half and it was a pretty rad bike, rides every bit as well as much more expensive bikes.
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 I've always assumed you pronounce Vitus in the same way as Titus, but I noticed Levy calling it a Veetus. Is he right or should he get a job commentating on Rampage?
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 Levy is correct Smile it's pronounced Vee-tus.
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 @VitusBikes: Well there you go, I learned something new today.
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 Maybe I should see if I can get that Rampage gig myself. Looking forward to seeing what Joe can do when racing resumes.
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 @VitusBikes: Everyone this side of the pond pronounces it wrong then lol!

Where does the name come from?
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 Fetus with a v
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 It's Levy pronounced as Leh-vee or Lee-vee or Lef-i or lee-vi
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 @excavator666: there used to be a brand called Vitus who made very well respected road bikes, not sure if it’s the same brand that was bought over or if it is just coincidental?
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 @SonofBovril: If I remember correctly they took over the rights of the name. Vitus used to be French, but now it is part of the CRC conglomerate.
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 @excavator666: Vitus was a French brand with rich heritage in road cycling building frames for many of the teams competing in the TdF. Vitus went out of business in the 90’s and for many years the brand name was neglected. In 2008 the house brands department within the Chain Reaction Cycles group were developing a range of bikes that yet had a brand name. During the research phase we discovered the Vitus brand was for sale. With the connection the Vitus brand name had with Ireland through the road cycling legend Sean Kelly we thought it was a great fit for the vision we had for the line of bikes we were developing. A brand rich in heritage that’s focus was to build high quality performance driven bikes.

Fast forward to now we have over 20 passionate people working for Vitus, we are a young team with a passion for all things two wheels. We have everything from national DH champions, XC racers and road cyclists working in the team. Our staff are at the core of everything we do and that passion helps drive the innovation behind the brand, at the end of the day we are making bikes that we want to go out and ride outside of work. Vitus is a direct to consumer brand sold exclusively through our retail partners Wiggle and Chain Reaction Cycles.

And don't worry some people in the office still pronounce it wrong too haha!
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 @VitusBikes: not to mention Colin Ross winning Master DH World Champs on a Dominer.
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 Stoked for Joe and looking forward to seeing him racing the WC races! Whenever they start again.
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 Dope! Been reading great things about this brand and decided to purchase a Nucleus 24 for my 8 year old daughter. Pumped to bring another family of bikes to my garage.
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 Stoked for you Joe!!
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 Astro co-engineer some of the best frames on the market and manufacture them for Mondraker to name at least 1 big name. Well done on the new ride Joe Smith
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 Looks like a sick bike to me! Glad Joe finally got a ride!
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 Glad you got a deal joe, would have been criminal if ya didn’t
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 Like this brand, I think damping schemes of the frames are very valid. Only regret is difficult find them here in Italy :-(
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 That second sentence is a mouthful and a half. Still, hooray for Joe!
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 The bike isn't a looker but I am happy for Joe!
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 I love my Vitus hardtail but honestly ...the dominer is ugly as sin. Sorry.
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 Astro Mfg frame
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 Looks like a Haibike.
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 Looks like a KHS
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 @pasales: you're right, now I can't unsee it.
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 @pasales: could possibly also be produced by Astro, but the KHS is a dual link design while this is Horst.
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