Video: Joey Foresta Gives A Taste of Utah Spring

Apr 6, 2023
by Tannus Tires  

Words: Tannus Inserts

2022 was dusty, loose, and hot in Utah. We spent a few days with Joey riding some of his favorite spots. Cheers to rideable alpine trails, coming soon. Don't waste your summer with a broken bike, get ready now to protect your tires and rims.

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 Utah alpine trails are currently under 30’ of snow….
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 and counting...
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 And then half the trail associations ask not to ride if the trail is wet so you don’t make ruts after it does melt
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 Yep, they could have spent 30 seconds researching before going out with “coming soon”… I’m in Sandy and we just got another 16” with this last storm this week.
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 @gnarlysipes: We're based here in Utah, right in the thick of it. Just trying to spread some hope that someday we'll be riding good trails again
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 @Tannus: We’ll take all the good vibes! The snow will eventually melt. It may be September before the higher trails are open but I’m glad we have the water!
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 @Tannus: Spreading the stoke with a deceiving title?
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 @Bushmaster123: hang in there Bushmaster, the whambulance is on its way
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 @FarmerJohn: Phew! Hopefully your Mom's driving. She always knows how to "cheer" me up!
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 @Bushmaster123: it doesn't say a taste of what year.
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 No such thing spring in Utah this year.
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 Snowing this week, and 70 degrees next week…Sounds like we’re going to have floods.
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 @FranzMuhr: Buckle up. I may be helping sandbag my neighbors’ yards next to a creek.
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 Coming soon aka August
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 Crest GTG?
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 Couple downed trees, should be G2G after Slyfox does a run through
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 @Tannus: I hear he is digging it out as we speak
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 I'm sitting eating lunch at Brighton right now. The snowpack is insane. Mill D isn't going to be rideable till August
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 Lol Guardsman trails not rideable till 2024
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 880" at Alta. That's 73' of snow in case you're wondering. Should be good to ride August and part of September then the snow will come back. That's Utah, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. Should be a great year.
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 Heading to southern utah next week. Hope it is melted and dried out by the time I arrive.
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 Southern Utah should be fine. Almost everything is already good to go now. It will be 80 next week.
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 It’s great so long as it doesn’t rain more. I’m in St George right now and the rain has made the trails about as good as they get down here. Not wet enough to make mud (except in a few low spots) but damp enough to keep the dust down.
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 Should've done a fat bike edit. Would be more fitting for our Utah conditions..
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 RIP Crest 2023
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 Wow didn't realize snow was brown! Very impressive to ride frozen ground this fast. Also nice work Tannus on a sweet edit. Joey Foresta is rad.
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 How did he survive riding the lower end GT frame? I was told a bike had to be AT LEAST 5k for the frame in order to be ridable in my local blue flow trails...
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 Gotta love the alpine quakie riding in Utah!
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 Just moved to the Wasatch, good to know what I have to look forward to in August.
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 Anything about Joey's awesome riding? Or is this the weather channel. Wink
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 If one is not from UT and an article has UT in the title, one expects Rampage terrain!
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 And we’d like to keep it that way. All mtb tourists can stay down south. lol
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 This isn't my Utah right now...
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 Spring riding? Just got more snow overnight in Colorado
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 Anyone know who filmed / directed this? It's nice!
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 This was clearly filmed last year.
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 Any relation to Tony from municipal waste? Wave of death!!!!
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 ur annus

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