Joey Foresta meets the TILT Industries' Balance Trainer

Jun 6, 2019
by TILT-Industries  


Whether it's his local trails or the World Cup circuit, Joey Foresta rips. This is made possible through his dialed bike control and years of experience. He has been riding since he was a kid and has become recognized world wide as a force to be reckoned with. When schedules aligned, we caught up with Joey to find out what helps him be fine tuned.

Watch as he walks us through his thoughts on the importance of balance - regardless of skill level - to better your ride.

Balance Trainer Service Stand combo


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 Hate to rain on their parade but these things are useless. I built one similar to this based on some popular IG posts, spent a whole winter balancing perfect wheelies on it, thinking I was short-cutting my way to full Wyn Master's wheelie status, only to get out in the driveway and find I'd not gained a spec of progress once the bike's wheels were free to roll. There's only one way to train for wheelies, and riding in general, and that's to just ride your damn bike.
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 I built one and it helped a ton! I went from never being able to get into the sweet spot to being able to most times. I'm faster in the turns as well. Did you have your chain off and not use your break at all? That gives it more of a trail feel... In terms of riding your bike to get better, what are your thoughts on many pro Trainers saying that just riding won't make you stronger? They say you have to dial in the time off the bike to get to where you want to be. Why not have a tool that helps to get better? Even if you just use it to workout on. This product seems cool though, if you're getting a service stand anyway, why not get a product with multiple uses?
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 @gfaws: Oh, as for a bike stand it's primo. Having the ability to hang the bike or put it on the ground is a bonus. I actually use my balance stand now to hold my bike upright while I work on it. It's just silly to put such an emphasis on it as a "trainer", when you could have just sold it as a great stand with an added bonus.
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 Glad you guys like the setup.
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 @chriskneeland: This is great to hear, i just justified ordering one because i was in need of a new stand and was curious about the balance training...but was nervous about receiving a good trainer with a poorly added on stand feature.

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