Johannes Fischbach Wins Big in Valparaiso

Feb 23, 2016
by Joost Wichman  
Your top 3 riders of the City Downhill World Tour in Chile. Credits Lars Scharl

Your top 3 finishers.

It’s a pleasure to tell you that Johannes Fischbach, of the Radon Magura Factory Team, took the win during the 1st stop of the City Downhill World tour in ValParaiso Chile.

Johannes crossing the finish line Credits Lars Scharl

Johannes stopping the clock at 2.53.302.

Over 25.000 spectators saw Johannes shredding down the stairs on his Radon Swoop 200 DH Bike. Faster then al other riders, he stopped the clock at 2.53,302 seconds, over a second faster than runner-up Filip Polc.

Johannes Fischbach performs during Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo in Valparaiso Chile on February 21 2016 Fabio Piva Red Bull Content Pool

Dropping into the crazy crowd.

bigquotes"I made some mistakes at the top, and knew it was gonna be tight. I gave it my all, and at the end, it worked out. Man, this crowd is crazy! Congrats to Filip and Bernardo for making it on the box." Johannes Fischbach

Johannes Fischbach performs during Red Bull Valparaiso Cerro Abajo in Valparaiso Chile on February 21st 2016 Claudio Olgu n Parra Red Bull Content Pool
100% commitment.

Mick Hannah was not so lucky and went over the bars hard on one of the many stairs. Luckily he walked away without an injury.

Results: City Downhill World Tour Chile:
1. Johannes Fischbach GER - Radon Factory Magura
2. Filip Polc SLO
3. Bernardo Cruz BRA

Johannes Fischbach performs during Valparaiso Cerro Abajo in Valparaiso Chile on Feb 21st 2016 Alfred J rgen Westermeyer Red Bull Content Pool

Photo credits: Lars Scharl & Red Bull Media Pool.

MENTIONS: @redbullbike / @RadonFactoryRacing


  • + 19
 AM just wanna say that Filip Polc is Slovak DH biker and not Slovenian, so Pinkbike you should rewrite the country of origin.
2nd place - Filip Polc SVK (Slovakia) not SLO (Slovenia)....

But we are all used of being confused for each other by international public... (I mean SLO and SVK people, not me and Filip:-))
  • + 33
 Slovakia and Slovenia are like Canada and the United States. Totally interchangeable.
  • + 22
 and like Switzerland and Sweden
  • + 11
 Or Swedenmark
  • + 5
 or Scandawegians
  • + 2
 Like Downhillers and Enduruvians Big Grin
  • + 6
 Austria Australia
  • + 16
 "i knew it was going to be tide"- that is how you do product placement!
  • + 13
 Why must this urban DH beast have a lip ring
  • + 16
 cause its punk/metal/hardcore/edgy/rebellious/independant/freespirited etc

where I come from, if you failed any class in grade 9, you probably had a lip/eyebrow/ear piercing/ring
  • - 1
 Not as big as I thought. I was expecting a 5-9sec gap.
  • + 1
 thats pretty edgy
  • + 7
 What is this, the 80's? Ya'll sound like an after school special..

Brb, got an appointment to have my eyeballs tattooed.
  • + 31
 judgemental fucks all of you
  • + 20
 Fischi is a really nice and down to earth guy. Don't judge a book by it's lip ring.
  • + 20
 Come on pinkbike crowd, this guy just won an urban dh race against some guys that are much better known and experienced than him and all you guys can think of is his stupid lip ring. You can do better, give him some credit.
  • - 10
flag somismtb (Feb 24, 2016 at 7:29) (Below Threshold)
 His mom probably has nipple piercings and they just get down like that brah
  • + 1
 live and let live braaaahs
  • - 3
 @chyu as far as I know Fischis qualifying time was 10 sec faster than his race run. He remarked that he made some mistakes at the beginning of his run....
  • - 1
 hipster ....
  • + 3
 correction: just finally found the official results, he was 10 sec slower....
  • + 12
 That must be Manitous first win for a long long time!
  • + 2
 i was thinking the same thing!
  • + 10
 "100% commitment." and 80% handlebars... those stairs are narrow!
  • + 3
 So, serious question, why are these guys running knobbies? It must be they can't find semi-slicks with tough enough carcasses. Some dude is going to slick out his magic mary's and drop the field by 2 seconds at least.
  • + 1
 If you watch the video there's some nasty dusty bits in between all the pavement. And when knobbies slide they can be controlled, slicks give out and you go down...maybe its for that reason. But I'm sure none of these pros or their mechanics know what tires to race on...ams always know better than the experts...wait a sec....that's just silly.
  • + 1
 G0ho has got a point and so does takeithard. fast rolling tires would increase your speed on the smooth straights, however its correct that nobbies are easier to control. thats why they say you need to use a dirt bike to learn to handle a street motorcycle properly.
  • + 8
 That's why riding a road bike always freaks me out. The tires feel glued to the concrete.. Until they aren't. Then not even jehovah himself could save you!
  • + 5
 Rock razor?
  • + 1
 they cut the middle knobs way down though.
  • + 6
 something seems fischy
  • + 2
 nice for him and RADON !!!! Smile
  • + 2
 I think i'll retire in Valpo. Open a nice little spray paint store.
  • + 1
 HAHAHAHAHA The best comment!!! Bet they are expert rackers, tho! The graff scene is SA is stupid maney!
  • + 3
 "Faster THAN all..."
  • + 5
 No no no. See, first he was faster.. THEN he was all.

  • + 2
 What bike is Polc on now?
  • + 1
 Evil but looks like he's not sposored anymore, not sure
  • + 1
 evil fitted with 650b
  • + 3
 Who's al?
  • + 2
 Congrats Johannes. You weapon!
  • + 0
 yep, probably the Magura brakes boiled the Roayal Blood so he couldn't brake enough
  • + 1
 100% commitment, with an ADIDAS goggle :-)
  • + 2
 Congrats Fischi!
  • + 1
 Jesus mik
  • + 1
 Be Cruz = Legend

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