Johny Salido Receives Red Bull Sponsorship

Sep 3, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

21-year-old Johny Salido from Mexico has just received his Red Bull wings. Salido was the silver medalist at Marzocchi Proving Grounds in 2019, back when the event was a qualifying event for Red Bull Rampage. Salido crashed and punctured his spleen on the Thursday evening before finals in his first Rampage appearance, but we have no doubt that the freerider whose personal hashtag is #holytoledoitsjohnysalido will make it back to Utah again one day soon.

Salido has made a name for himself as a talented freerider and also for organizing the Freeride Fiesta in Guadalajara, Mexico and we've no doubt that he is well deserving of the Red Bull sponsorship that he's just received. We look forward to seeing what Salido and Red Bull can accomplish together.

bigquotesDefinitely a life dream come true, I’ve always looked up to Red Bull as a company and brand and I’m speechless to now be part of the family. Immense thanks to everyone who made it happen.Johny Salido

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 Hey @sarahmoore, you might want to correct the spelling on that #
The correct one: #holytoledoitsjohnysalido
Cheers from Mexico Wink
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flag 8tom8 (Sep 4, 2021 at 3:00) (Below Threshold)
 There’s no difference...
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 @8tom8: Mandela effect
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 Except now its Holy Tororojo, it's Johny Salido
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 @ctd07: i see what you did there
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 Just for my benefit, what does redbull sponsorship bring? is it money? They can then make films and do what they want and so on? Do red bull control what you do and your output ? Why is it seen as desirable? No beef, just curious
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 From looking at athletes currently sponsored by red bull i assume its a significant pay increase and it seems that red bull really cares about athletes health (ironic right) such as paying for medical bills. Like any sponsor they will control their athletes a little bit and control what they are putting out on social media to make the investment worth it. Red Bull also has very large media channels (the red bull bike youtube channel has over 1 million subs) and will most definitely help you get your name out
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 free helmet, duh.
probably get a coupon for redbull too (based on how often you see their sponsored riders drinking it).
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 @jackheat: RB is often described as a media company that sells soft drinks which, when you look at how much content they put out, is somewhat appropriate. No mistake, they make a lot of money off their energy drinks but I'm confident we'll still be watching old RB videos in 10,20 or 40 years long after tastes have moved on to, let say... carbonated heroin.
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 Redbull is a media company so yes money and support to make videos would be the main things. They actually have tiers of sponsorships that riders are placed in and the level of support changes depending on which tier you are in. Matt Jones talked about it in one of his videos like a year back.
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 Hell yeah. Congrats dude,
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 These videos have me stoked for Rampage. Stoked for Johny too of course. Just generally stoked all around.
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 didn't watch the video to the end; so the RedBull dissolved his spleen, or cauterized it?
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 Does he get some sweet goggles?
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 I spect it’s part of the deal.
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 But no news announcing Harriet Burbidge-Smith also now on Red Bull........
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 Did he survive his punctured spleen?!?
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 apparently he did my norwegian friend...
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 Good news that.
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 Congratulations - but now he has to drink that stuff.
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 No true athlete would drink that chemical sugar crap, most likely water in the can.
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 Saw this coming!! Congrats man!
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 So rad!
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 So, he had to come out as a Red Bull rider? ¬‿¬
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