Join Rebecca Rusch on the Giddy Up Everesting Challenge Benefitting COVID 19 Relief This Weekend

May 21, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

7x world champion and endurance cyclist Rebecca Rusch is challenging herself to ride an “Everest,” or 29,029 feet of climbing in 24 hours, by doing as many laps as it takes up and down the most punishing climb of her gravel event, Rebecca’s Private Idaho, in her home of Ketchum, Idaho.

Fellow Pros and participants can sign up to ride one of four event-specific climbing challenges wherever they live, either from the comfort of home or outdoors close to home, whichever day of Memorial Day weekend they choose.

Ride/run must be completed in one attempt (i.e. no sleep!). Stopping for meals and breaks is fine, but remember that these breaks add to your overall time and add up quickly! You may complete this format over any terrain you want until you reach your vertical goal.

In traditional "Everesting" format, choose one hill for this challenge and repeat as many times as necessary to meet the elevation requirement of your category. You cannot ride/run different routes on the same mountain. Your chosen climb can be of any length.

Sign up, join the Strava club and check out the Beginners Guide to Everesting at

Rebecca Rusch

JOINING ARE: (From their own home base) Professional cyclists Kate Courtney, Kaysee Armstrong, Ted King, Jay Petervary, Colin Strickland, Payson McElveen, Josh Berry, Dylan Bowman, Isabeau Courdurier, Katie Holden, and more!

PROCEEDS TO: Registration fees, donations and fundraising will support Be GoodTM Foundation partners to provide: public health & medical resources deployment (CDC Foundation), bikes for frontline healthcare workers (World Bicycle Relief), and cycling infrastructure for transportation (People for Bikes).

WHY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND?: The Be GoodTM Foundation is named for Rebecca’s father, Capt. Stephen A. Rusch, USAF (KIA, Vietnam War). In his letters from the front lines, his watchwords to his young children were always, “Be Good,” and it’s the credo by which Rebecca lives her life. To honor her dad, all veterans, and all who serve and sacrifice in this immensely challenging moment, Memorial Day weekend is a perfect time to dig deep, challenge ourselves for a common cause and “Be Good.


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 Am I just an idiot, or does it make no sense that it has to be the same hill over and over and over, other than to just make it far more boring?

Don't get me wrong, I respect the crap out of anyone doing this and it's for a good cause but that seems like a bizarre caveat.

EDIT: Well that was a quick self answer, I'm an idiot there's two categories, though I still don't understand the single climb thing.
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 Look up the history of Everesting. It's all because the grandson of George Mallory was going to climb Mt. Everest (on foot obv...) and to train for it, he did 8 laps of a local mountain that was had 1000+ m of vertical gain per lap. Some cyclists had the great (?) idea to do it on a bike, so he thought the same rules should apply: one hill & repeat it until you get enough elevation gain to equal the elevation of Mt. Everest above sea level.
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 @PAmtbiker: do you know if a repeated loop is acceptable or if it is simply up and down the exact same trail?
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Should help, looked at it a while back. But I'm just not man enough. :/
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Cheers! The answer was no! Must descend the same track!

Give it a go! Why not?
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 No problem, Bob. Embrace your idiotisms. They may even become points of nostalgia for ya as time flows on by.

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