Jolanda Neff & Anton Cooper Unable to Take to the Start Line of Short Track

Apr 8, 2022
by Sarah Moore  

Two of Trek Factory Racing's heavy hitters are feeling unwell and will be missing the Short Track today due to an undetermined illness. Both Jolanda Neff and Anton Cooper have shared on Instagram that they are testing negative for Covid and hope to recover in time for Sunday's XCO.

bigquotesUnfortunately after yesterday‘s training I started coughing and feeling unwell. I’m testing negative for covid. I will miss the short track tonight and try to recover in time for Sunday‘s xco world cup race.Jolanda Neff

bigquotesUnfortunately I won't be taking to the start line of the Short Track race this evening as during the night I've become unwell. Currently testing Covid negative so hopefully it will be gone shortly but for now the best course of action is to rest up in hope of being fine for Sunday. Time to put the frustration aside, be patient and see how things progress.Anton Cooper

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 Shit, get better soon! Thank you for posting that in time so I can update my fantasy team. Ah wait...
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 I still won't be able to afford her.
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 @Vudu74: Maybe there's an option to take on a SkiptheDishes job to make extra income for the fantasy team
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 When did we get to the point that people think covid is the only thing that makes us cough and feel unwell? The common cold has always been fairly...common.
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 I think the common cold got covid and died, I haven't had a common cold since 2019
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flag Rider656 (Apr 8, 2022 at 16:26) (Below Threshold)
 You can still compete with common cold. Shit is the vax period. These idiots probably boosted. Why would any one healthy take a clot shot? Very ignorant sheep people out there.
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 Unfortunately a large percentage of people seem to circle jerk to CNN and the MSM (including Faux News) and have thus turned into a herd of brainwashed sheep. What's more unfortunate is there seems to be an overwhelming majority of them on pinkbike.

We are all too busy fighting eachother to realize our real enemy is the political elite. Which is EXACTLY what they want.
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Triple boosted and quadruple masked!
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 The common cold is for people who ride aluminium bikes. Us carbon riders get the extraordinary cold. It can only be cured with private health.
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flag Themissinglink83 (Apr 8, 2022 at 23:48) (Below Threshold)
 @mtnbikermaniac: almost one million dead in the US, but we're brainwashed sheep lulz
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 @Rider656: Yeah, you and I both know it. These people's whole identity and worldview is now wrapped up in what they need to believe to feel "safety" and belonging. 108 FIFA players dropped dead on the spot after being vaxxed. It's just too scary to not be afraid anymore....and it's all their own fault.
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 @mtnbikermaniac: Preach it kid.
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 @Themissinglink83: Seems like a lot without comparing it to any other cause that's somehow not important at all anymore. It's like all other causes of death are now ALL from COVID!! It's like magic!!
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 @KeithShred: don't you know the doctors get paid more for covid deaths? It's a conspiracy!
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 @mtnbikermaniac: then there’s people like you clogging up planet earth with your boring diatribe.
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 Oh non! I lose a member of my fantasy-fantasy team
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 The update will come tomorrow, when they've both subsequently tested positive for COVID, despite the initial negative test. ba.2 is here
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 I think you're right, I didn't test positive until 3 days after I started feeling shitty.
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 @riderofmarin: Same, just tested positive today even though this is the first day of feeling better...
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flag Themissinglink83 (Apr 8, 2022 at 10:43) (Below Threshold)
 That's cuz noone follows the testing guidelinesSmile
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flag OnTheRivet (Apr 8, 2022 at 10:47) (Below Threshold)
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flag aaronjb (Apr 8, 2022 at 10:52) (Below Threshold)
 @OnTheRivet: Maybe you didn't hear about KYLE WARNER!?!?!
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 @Themissinglink83: what are the testing guidelines?
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flag DKlassen8 (Apr 8, 2022 at 12:25) (Below Threshold)
 Much like the flu shot, which you should get every year, the efficacy of the vaccine fades over time. Think of your body like a bike. You can tune it up, but after constant use it will require tuning up again.
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 @KalkhoffKiller: you are supposed to wait 3-5 days for testing, but people often come in way too soon so you can get a false negative. He'll, I had covid and tested negative 3 times.
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 @OnTheRivet: go find an alt right bike site to circle jerk in
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 @Saucycheese: I read his post as sarcasm.
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 Since Covid is "less" important politically speaking I think you are going to see more of these types of responses for people that are unwell.
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 @DKlassen8: except the body can tune itself up, and isn’t an inanimate object.
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 @nvranka: This is a biking website, I am trying to put it into biking terms. A bearing can operate without grease... for a time. You can also do physical exercise without stretching and warms ups too. Eventually it will catch up with you. All I am trying to put out there is that if we are going to treat COVID as endemic (which it seems we are) we should also try reason with the benefits and pitfalls of vaccins.

I am not a scientist but the evidence suggests that vaccines wane over time.,to%2081.2)%20at%207%20months.

Treat yo bike to a tune up. Don't blame vaccines for the duration of covid. Treat yo body to a tune up (government availability and rhetorical may apply).
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 @nvranka: Then why give vaccines to children with that mindset?
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 @Saucycheese: At the risk of this turning into a shits show, Going to the "Alt-Right" is the weak default of far left wackos. FWIW I'm vaccinated and voted for the lost senior citizen in the Whitehouse, so jokes on me.
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flag Saucycheese (Apr 8, 2022 at 15:00) (Below Threshold)
 @OnTheRivet: The majority of anti-vax are conservatives who don't want to be told what to do until they need something and then make a huge ruckus out of it. They'll say something like I'm not getting vaxxed but I still want to use modern medicine! STFU is the only response to that
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 Did the sarcasm in my post get lost?
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 @DKlassen8: dumb comments
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 @OnTheRivet: Don’t feel guilty, your vote placement was better than the alternative. Hopefully we have better options soon…but seems both sides are getting increasingly bat shit crazy.

This place is ripe for a 3rd party.
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 @UtahBrent: Trump 2024. Bad tweets vs high grocery, high gas, war with Russia,1 million illegals, corrupt family, 13 dead in Afghanistan, Americans left behind in middle east. I will take mean tweets Smile
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 @Rider656: ha ha, gonna be a lot of broken screens from snowflake sheep stabbing the down vote button.
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 @bikeetc: yup not sure how pinkbike community turned soft. I thought that was fixie bike riders only. These fags.
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 @Rider656: it all started when people switched from 26 to 29, different breed.
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 @Saucycheese: not sure why we are tbh.
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 @Saucycheese: the funny thing is when all those antivaxxers stop breathing they come to the hospital and want the treatments for covid that are far more dangerous than the vaccine.
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 @Themissinglink83: which ones?

When my dad got covid our surgeon buddy suggested a few things, all were basic and fully understood like MCL.

It’s hard to ignore the rushed nature of this vaccine. I still got it as I don’t really care and didn’t want the hassle of not having it in this environment.
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 @nvranka: remdisivir, decadron, and all the Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs we are giving all can have pretty significant side effects.
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 Lots of sickness and unexplained lack of performance in pro road riders now too.
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The illegitimate, mumbling, child sniffing potatoe Joe says the "vaccines" are safe and effective!
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 @mtnbikermaniac: even if he was a "illegitimate, mumbling, child sniffing, potato" it has nothing to do with the debate. This logical fallacy completely devalues any point you make. leave grown-up conversations to the grown-ups.
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 @Jmtbauckland: Says the guy under total government control now....
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Remember when Pedo Joe said something along the lines of "you cannot catch covid if you've recieved the vaccine," and that the vaccines are safe and effective?
Well, that didn't age very well considering neither are true.

When the alleged leader of the "free world" is pushing this crap, and his regime is rolling out federal vaccine MANDATES.. I'd say that is 100% relative.

But hey, maybe you're happy with your government dictating what goes into your body. Get in line for your bi-annual booster. To each their own I suppose.
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 @mtnbikermaniac: before omnicron only 1.7% of fully vaccinated Idahoans got break through infections, but let's not let facts or science get in the way of anything.
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So let me get this straight. Your argument is to go get the jab so it can "protect" you for 6 days before the virus mutates and you turn into a covid zombie from the next variant anyways? Then repeat the cycle? The pharmaceutical industry thanks you for being a loyal customer.
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 @mtnbikermaniac: the covid vaccines have a date of serious complications in the range of 1:10,000 to 1:6 million. Blood clots with covid is 1:4, endocarditis is 1:10. Just fyi, I'm taking care of a patient tonight who is 4 months post covid and requires 30L oxygen . Don't expect me to be impressed with your uninformed right wing bullshit.
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 @mtnbikermaniac: That's not what I'm talking about I am talking about you using pointless playground insults to formulate your argument.
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 @Themissinglink83: your argument is false. Before omni was delta and the jab didn't protect you from that as well. You can review uk publishing gov and see that vax people had more cases, death and hospitalized then unvax. Only time it was effective was for the few weeks before it mutated. Why are you pro Vax when the data is coming out on how bad this is?
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 I'm glad those 2 are sticking with the PBF community! No Fantasy, no racing! Big Grin
Seriously, hope they can race on Sunday - get well soon!
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 Must have gotten Salmonella by eating too much Kinder Chocolate
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 Lots of riders in the pro road peloton getting sick the past 2 months. Bugs now transmitting full force with people living normally again and few getting sick (unless it was COVID) for the past two years.
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 Zero covid places are getting hammered.
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 Montezuma's Revenge!!!!!!
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 That would entail backside action
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 Is it spring yet? As a pureblood i appear to have dodged the "“winter of severe illness and death” threated by biden.
Maybe that only applied to yanks?
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 Anton has really struggled with sickness when racing internationally for a few years now. I feel super gutted for him to see this happening again....
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 the 96!! dropouts at paris nice and the 15 at the miami open also have nothing to do with the vaccine
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 my fantasy team is unable to take the start line too.
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 probly sick from the vax
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 Yup. Just read the pages and pages of adverse effects pfizer released that court order. Very bad stuff.
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 the 96!! dropouts at paris nice and the 15 at the miami open also have nothing to do with the vaccine
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 That's rough, she just won the last race by 6min!
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 Crap dudes that sucks!
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 Most likely chest pain due to the experimental covid "vaccines"
  • 7 8
Experimental, irreversible gene therapy.
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 sitting at home off the bike for six weeks. Really could do with fantasy rn
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 Touch of myocardities?
  • 3 2
 This is going to completely mess up my Fantasy team...oh wait nevermind.
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 Too much time riding them fun #Ebikes
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 Trek Knockblocking?
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 Stop posting b&w photos with this kind of information, for fux sake!
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 Well it's a good thing I didn't pick Jolanda on my fantasy team...
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 South American viruses are no joke
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 seguro que la vacuna no tiene nada que ver
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 DQ'ed by the RONA!
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