Jolanda Neff Breaks Hand - XC World Cup Leogang 2021

Jun 13, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

It was great to see Jolanda Neff back to the podium in both Short Track and XCO this weekend with a third and a fourth place, after she struggled to regain top form after her life-threatening crash of December 2019. After an excellent weekend of racing, it looked like she was heading into Tokyo in great shape, but she has just announced another setback. A fourth lap crash that was not caught on camera has left her with a broken hand.

We wish Neff the best of luck with her recovery and hope to see her back on the podium again soon.


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 Finishing 4th after breaking a hand on lap 4… riders at this level are hard as nails.
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 very-very unfortunate of her, this looks a lot like a Rio 2016 Déjà vu. I really hope she can recover in time this time

(the crash was a little after 57:11 (race time), when the camera switched to focus on Laura and Pauline, but it can be heard in the background)
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 Mind control is a powerful tool to have in the backpack..... but lap 4 with that nittiest? Just wow.
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 @dolores: She's got 6 weeks from today.
After all she's been through this constitutes piling on.
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 @Augustus-G: let's agree to disagree. Looking at the second picture, a metacarpal base fracture will take at least a month to heal (usually takes about six to eight weeks to heal), which will undoubtedly take away some of her energy.
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 @dolores: Time will tell. I've broken several of them. Each one was different. We'll see in 6 weeks won't we?
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 @Augustus-G: I took a look at her legs at the Tour de Suisse Razz
She definitely has the power muscles for a medal at the Olympics tup
My point is: this fracture is a setback 2 cents
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 @dolores: Won’t stop her from training on the trainer.
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 @jclnv: it can be done, but it is not the same
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 @dolores: What @Augustus-G means is that the Olympics start in 6 weeks, so that's how much time she has to recover.
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 @dolores: It's a set back no doubt, I didn't say it wasn't; but the extent of it could range from very minor to a major blow. When I broke my pinky finger metacarpal I couldn't do jack squat for 5 weeks. When I broke my Middle finger metacarpal it hardly slowed me down. Too little information and too many variables to get worried just yet.

Yes, I've seen the pictures of her from the TdS. Smile
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 @dolores: You're not confusing my comment about Kate Courtney's Olympic situation with this one are you?
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 @Augustus-G: sorry, I have not read your comment about Kate. But what I tried to say from the beginning is that Jolanda is racking up injuries before Tokyo just as she did before Rio 2016 (Déjà vu) Cry
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 @Augustus-G: pinkies are the most useless finger. They hurt like a mofo when broken...more than they should. And it makes you feel like a pansy when you tell people you cant do something because your pinky hurts....
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 @takeiteasyridehard: mine didn't hurt much when i broke it, even after the adrenaline had worn off. Nearly passed out when the doctor grabbed it and straightened it out to put a splint on though lol.
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 yeah, this kid is a tough one
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 @dolores: "a metacarpal base fracture" now thats a language normal people do not posses, so is Dolores a doctor who wins free bikes?
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 @dolores: No worries. Déjà vu indeed.
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 How many laps are there normally?
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 @winko: so.. people who pay attention on biology class in high school does not constitute as normal?

I teach high school biology and those kind of "language" is part of the curriculum.
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 She must have had e Neff of these injuries.
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 Jolanda on your hand hard e Neff you will break it.
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 @pink505: LOL. Priceless!
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 Well played @pink505, well played.
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 Must be so frustrating especially after finally getting back after a big injury. Heal up quick. XC needs desperately needs people like you. Or just race DH you know you have the skills
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 Or Enduro
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 It happened when she was attempting a break away too. She was pulling away from the chase group to secure 2nd and was doing a good job of it. Amazing she could recover and then fight to finish the race.
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 I wouldn't call her performance since 2019 "struggling to regain top form". Always a contender fighting for great results. Well done Jolanda, very badass!
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flag Mntneer (Jun 13, 2021 at 10:33) (Below Threshold)
 You white knight’in?
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 @Mntneer: You under the bridge'n?
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 @50percentsure: she was at the very top. Sure, it’s nice to say “omg you’re so great don’t worry about it.” In her mind, however, I can guarantee you that she wants to be back up there.
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 @Mntneer: Totally, and agreed. Probably should of said that instead of the misogynistic BS above.
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 She just won the Swiss National Championships and got 3rd place in short track at Leogang. She's definitely a contender fighting for top results.
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 @mobiller: Just because he wasn't fawning over her, doesn't make what he wrote, in any way shape or form, misogynistic.
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 What a bad ass
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 Dammit! Guess being the gutsiest descender in the field has a price. Healing vibes Neff.
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 Right? Looked to me her inside line on that rough descent was faster than Fluckiger's outside line.
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 Oh, no! What a badass. She’s my favorite rider. Incredible skills all around - xc, dh, road, cx. She exudes love for bikes.
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 Neff is hardcore.
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 She attacked and disappeared after that from cameras and appeared behind second group. And after that didn't look injured at all, what a ride! Best of luck recovering.

Also, again TV camera setup on course is lacking, similar to last WC event. There are cameras on places where nothing happens and sometimes even overlapping (same place different angle) but so many interesting blind spots...
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 She was only one I saw in either Women’s OR MEN’S race today send it straight fall line over roots/rocks on the Leogang “A” line descent. She also has one of the best dropped heel descending techniques. Every rider XC or Enduro could learn from her! Top men riding the “A” line but taking the dog leg right-left line arouns those roots...on a dryer course!
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 I saw that too. She was the only rider on the A line all day
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 Jolanda did a great race, before the crash, and a truly badass effort arter.
But Jolanda, it's ok to be pissed off över an injury that will, at a minimum, disrupt the plan and preparation for the olympics.
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 Positive mental attitude (PMA) is often what separates the greats from those with unrealized potential. I applaud her good cheer in the face of challenge.
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 On a side note: Continuing a race with a broken hand is so badass! That takes a lot of determination
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flag entrecerros (Jun 13, 2021 at 16:07) (Below Threshold)
 you do not feel any pain until it gets cold, thats it
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 @entrecerros: depends on the break, at times you just want to roll up and die.
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 Not good. Two of the top women out (for the moment) with hand injuries. She might be able make the Olympics, but it will be super tight and her training will take a hit.
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 She's one of my favorite riders and it's terrible to see her constantly be injured. Hopefully she can come back next year at 100%
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 Gutted. Just hope she's able to be back at 100% for the Olympics.
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 Get well soon JN! you always show true grit and grace. You will recover in time to hit the goals you want. What a race you did today!
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 Yolanda again proves that power over pain is very powerful tool Hope all is good and you know we are all sending you healing vybz.....
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 Oh man, I don't follow XC closely, but from recent news I've seen on Pinkbike it looks like they have just as many injuries as DH racers.
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 There are more racers competing in XC and obviously they've also got to deal with each other during a race so it may be skewed, but indeed in absolute numbers I think more riders are getting injured during WC XC races than in WC DH. And I don't think a rider ever died during a DH WC race (but Kalvenhaar died during the 2014 XC eliminator in Meribel). The thin clothing and minimal protection riders wear in XC and road cycling might trick you into thinking it is the safer kind of riding. But at the top level, it is pretty gnarly.
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 Looks like she just can't catch a break. Breaking her back at the beginning of last year and now after the slow and arduous revovery process, when it almost looked like she found her form again, she breaks her hand.
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 She broke her back?
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 Ruptured spleen, a fractured rib, and a collapsed lung. Frown Probably just as bad.
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 @Thirty3: No, you're right. It was "only" broken ribs and a collapsed lung. For some reason I thought she also broke a vertebrae but I must have confused that with someone else...
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 @BenTheSwabian: I did google it because maybe she did. I did learn she broke her elbow and collarbone in a cx race. Regardless well wishes to her, kate and the other injured.
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 My 2 favorite xc women with broken hands ugggggggh
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 yolanda, be cool!
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 We still just talkin
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 On her Instagram account she posted that she actually broke two bones in her hand...
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 So many injuries this early in the season....more than the last few years.
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 Top riders too. Frown
Her and Kate have a month and a half off to heal before Tokyo, hope it plays to their favor.
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 These hand injuries! Im sorry Jolanda (╯︵╰,)
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 metacarpal sucks to heal, will definitely be a month in a cast
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 Wishing Jo a speedy recovery!
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 Shame we didn't get to see it. Hooe she's back even faster soon.
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 No!!! Not JoJo!
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 I like your yoga tights! heal quick
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 argh! Heal up girl!
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